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Just got invited to the 3 beta program. is *gorgeous*! If you're a fan of by…
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september 2018 by chrispoole
My Mac randomly started showing birthdays and weird holidays even though they are off in Pr…
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august 2018 by bighowdy
Fantastical 2 for Mac Updated With Support for Sending and Receiving Time Proposals, Meetup Integration - Mac Rumors
(This looks it could be handy.)
“The updated app includes support for sending and receiving time proposals on Exchange, iCloud, Google, and other CalDAV accounts, which means users that are sent an invite and need to offer up an alternate time can click the new option to suggest an updated time for an event, with a response sent directly to the event creator.


“ integration is now included, so users are able to add a Meetup account to Fantastical to keep track of and respond to upcoming meetup events.”
fantastical  2018  macrumors  meetup 
july 2018 by handcoding

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