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Fantastic Life at adrienne maree brown
Fantastic Life
i am about radical love, actions speaking louder than words, and communication as a point of evolution. this is a space for my writing, songs, poems, experiences, a-ha moments, and documented life – my Fantastic Life. welcome.

Delicious Feelings: My list of relatively affordable places to go and get totally pampered in various cities I have traveled to.

Eat Good: Here’s a collection of recipes I have accumulated recently – some are my creations, some I learned from others, one is from a dream, and so on :).

Drink Up!: There’s nothing like creating a drink, and naming it. I will list here instances of such magic.

Transformative Books: Here’s a list of books that changed me! I will keep adding to it as a remember and read more
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december 2018 by emilyd
Fewer than 1 in 3 Americans meet the government’s new fitness guidelines
Fewer than 1 in 3 Americans meet the government’s new fitness guidelines
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november 2018 by gorillaBraun
A great example of beautiful and . Two made by studio Coldwood I…
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august 2018 by alvar
A Ghost by Midnight
It was as he sat drinking his morning coffee that the slow grinding of those pieces falling into place sent a course of comprehension through his body: the tightening of his chest, the heat in the tips of his fingers, a simple message splayed behind his eyes as he looked across the table.

Connor was in love with him.
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july 2018 by audiopilot
Where James Rhodes Imparts a Basic Fact and Tony Stark is Every College Student's Hero by cosmicocean
The way Rhodey tells it, Tony loses his shit.
Tony disagrees. He would argue that he, in a calculated way, expressed his concerns in an animated manner.
Rhodey still says Tony loses his shit.
Tony knows Pepper believes Rhodey.

Where Tony finds out how much college tends to cost, and decides that something must be done.
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march 2018 by ashtree22

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