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Teenage Success Skills
Jensen is the high school Ice Queen. Every boy/girl/jock/nerd/cheerleader/av geek has at least tried to date him, let alone get in to his pants, but Jensen always says no. What no one knows is that under that buttoned up pure exterior live a slut who is only set free by Mr. P, Jensen's older next door neighbor. Jared has taught Jensen everything about sex -- dirty, kinky sex
lawyer!Jared  bottom!Jensen  top!Jared  kink:rimming  kink:toys  author:nutkin  words:5000-9999  fanficl  jared/jensen  au  PWP  rps  high-school  younger!Jensen  nc-17  barebacking  D/s  established-relationship  orgasm-denial  j2  dirty-talk 
april 2012 by orio

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au  author:nutkin  barebacking  bottom!jensen  d/s  dirty-talk  established-relationship  high-school  j2  jared/jensen  kink:rimming  kink:toys  lawyer!jared  nc-17  orgasm-denial  pwp  rps  top!jared  words:5000-9999  younger!jensen 

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