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The Daily Dot - How 1 question triggered a "Supernatural" fandom meltdown
"BEING GAY IS NOT OKAY. THANK YOU JENSEN ACKLES FOR BANNING GAY QUESTIONS AT CONVENTIONS," a Supernatural fan wrote on Tumblr in the middle of a fandom-wide meltdown that took place this weekend over Supernatural New JerseyCon. 

On Saturday morning, multiple fan reports surfaced alleging that a con organizer had refused certain ship-related questions because Jensen Ackles, who plays the dreamy Dean on the CW's long-running testosterone candy, was "uncomfortable" when faced with the show's enormous contingent of Dean/Castiel shippers. The problem? Dean is a guy, and Castiel is a male angel. Questions about the show's notable homoerotic subtext were first disallowed, then booed by audiences—and notably rebuffed by Ackles, a lead actor on the show.
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july 2013 by silkyluster
Main Page - Fandom wank wiki
web archive version, for reference while the wiki is down.
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march 2013 by esther_a
Fandom Wank Report: The Book of Enoch
Author: gigglingkat
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: The Angelic Hosts (Supernatural Fandom)
Author's Notes: Much of the bible is kinda wanky. I noticed.

[A mock screenshot of a fandom_wank report that never happened. -L]
Alternate URL:
supernatural  fandom_wank  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.gigglingkat 
march 2013 by lorem_ipsum
The Theory of Narrative Causality (1/5)
Prompt: Sherlock is a well-known fanartist whose online antics always land him on fandom_wank. John's a beloved BNF fanfiction author.
Sherlock  fandom  SherlockHolmes  fanfic  au  fandom_wank  RPS  meta-fic  ***  -long.fic  Complete 
june 2011 by Vascarl
Your First Time Should Be Special
Wherein Spock is the Vulcan equivalent of a teenager, and Kirk accidentally gets into a relationship with him. (*FYI - A mention of bottom!Kirk.*)
Fandom_Wank  Star_Trek  Kirk/Spock  10K+  t!Kirk  b!Spock  TBR  from delicious
december 2010 by The_Electriclady
Hollywood Crush » Blog Archive » ‘New Moon’ Star Robert Pattinson: In Real Life, Edward Cullen ‘Would Be An Axe Murderer’
“If Edward wasn’t a fictional character and you met him in reality he is like one of those guys who would probably be an axe murderer or something.” This is why the poor boy drinks; he's stuck in this mess and he knows it.
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july 2009 by The_Electriclady
vandonovan: Very purple.
the most amazing purple porn prose in the history of ever
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july 2009 by The_Electriclady
REVIEW: Knight Moves by Jamaica Layne | Dear Author: Romance Novel Reviews, Industry News, and Commentary
Note: In order to express my full opinion, I will need to share spoilers.  So beware.  Dear Ms. Layne: When Ravenous Romance first appeared on my radar,
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march 2009 by The_Electriclady
twatlight_macros - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket thtwilightmacro.jpg picture, this photo was uploaded by twatlight_macros. Browse other thtwilightmacro.jpg pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image and video hosting service.
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september 2008 by The_Electriclady

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