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Welcome to Camelot - elegantwings - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
You dream of the ancient past, and when you wake up all the players are the same but the stakes are somehow so much higher, and mean nothing. Welcome to Camelot.

An episode of Night Vale, except Cecil is Merlin, and Night Vale is Camelot. Arthur is definitely not Carlos.
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august 2017 by aerten
Welcome to Night Shire
A Hobbit/Welcome to Night Vale crossover

With Bilbo as Cecil
The White council as City Council
DOYC as Carlos
And whoever else who can put in

Seriously if you're not listening to Welcome to Night Vale that is a problem that needs to be remedied because you are missing out. It would make the best crack crossover with the Hobbit.
#unfilled  type:au  type:crossover  fandom:welcome-to-night-vale  char:bilbo  char:gandalf  char:galadriel  char:elrond  char:saruman  char:any  type:gen 
december 2013 by hobbit-kink-meme
Night Vale: Tamika Flynn: Librarian Hunter by Measured_Words (Tamika-centric)
(3800 words, teen) Tamika is summoned to Marcus Vansten's private library to solve a problem the richest man in town is not supposed to have. This is a really great Tamika voice. I love to think of this as the next step for her, going into the future.
Fandom:Welcome-to-Night-Vale  tamika-flynn  gen  words:2.000-4.900  webcomic-and-podcast-fandoms  measured_words  rating:g-to-teen 
november 2013 by cestwhat
Welcome to Night Vale AU
Bilbo is the Voice of Hobbiton, the weirdest place in the Shire. (But a much nicer, friendlier community than Hardbottle. Those people just suck.)

Then Thorin arrives, with his perfect hair, doing geological research for the Erebor corporation. Well, trying to do geological research.

There's the Glow Cloud and Smaug the Five Headed Dragon running for mayor and the ban on wheat and wheat by-products, which includes beer which made his lab tech Bofur cry, and those stupid frickin' elves under the bowling alley and the way his nephews keep giggling whenever the radio's on (and what's that about anyway?) and the trolls in the library it's amazing he ever gets anything done!

bonus points for Gandalf being Station Management.
#unfilled  char:bilbo  char:thorin  char:bofur  char:smaug  char:gandalf  type:gen  type:au  type:crossover  fandom:welcome-to-night-vale  trope:skills  trope:culture 
september 2013 by hobbit-kink-meme
let the rain kiss you
Carlos has been out of town more than a year. Back home, he has an overflowing mailbox, an influx of freshmen, a perky new research assistant, and an awful sense that somehow, somewhere, he's forgetting something.

(Cecil/Carlos) This is absolutely lovely, and almost achingly sweet. I might have teared up but I admit to nothing.
via:ooohlemony  fandom:welcome-to-night-vale  pairing:cecil/carlos  rating:pg  fic  via:dorkpie 
september 2013 by talitha78
let the rain kiss you
Carlos has been out of town more than a year. Back home, he has an overflowing mailbox, an influx of freshmen, a perky new research assistant, and an awful sense that somehow, somewhere, he's forgetting something.

(Cecil/Carlos) This is absolutely lovely, and almost achingly sweet. I might have teared up but I admit to nothing.
fandom:welcome-to-night-vale  pairing:cecil/carlos  rating:pg  fic  via:ooohlemony 
september 2013 by dorkpie
Three Strange Men In Town
So I'm in love with the idea of Team Free Will going to investigate the strange happenings in a small desert town called Night Vale and freaky shenanigans ensuing. I'd like for the POV to switch back and forth between TFW and Cecil's radio broadcasts, or maybe TFW listening to Cecil's broadcasts while exploring the town and being amused/affronted/made uncomfortable by Cecil's description of them and their exploits.

Bonus Points:
- Everyone in nearby towns refusing to speak about or even acknowledge Night Vale's existence when the boys do their FBI schtick, terrified that if they speak they will be abducted in the dead of night by forces unknown
- Cas and Old Woman Josie's angel friends knowing each other and/or not being on the best terms
- The boys stray too close to the dog park
- The boys have a run-in with Carlos and his group of scientists doing some ridiculous experiment
fandom:supernatural  fandom:welcome-to-night-vale  pairing:dean/castiel  WIP 
august 2013 by spnkink_meme
Night Vale: paper or plastic by patho (Steve Carlsberg-centric)
(1800 words) Steve is just trying to get these goddamned doppelgangers buried before his daughter gets out of the shower; he can't deal with a gang of feral dogs - or, excuse him, street artists. Oh my god. This is *so great*. I adore Steve's voice and perspective on the town in this. And his relationship with his daughter is excellent.
Fandom:Welcome-to-Night-Vale  gen  words:500-1.900  patho  webcomic-and-podcast-fandoms  steve-carlsberg  family  rating:g-to-teen 
august 2013 by cestwhat
eir highness
A nice and updated list of transcripts to "Welcome to Night Vale" with links. :)
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august 2013 by epiphanyx7
Night Vale: what occasion could be more special? by suitablyskippy (Carlos/Cecil)
(3200 words, G) The third floor of Cecil's apartment building has disappeared, which Carlos seems to find distressing; Cecil is fairly sure this is now a date. Oh gosh, this is *the* best Night Vale voice, I want to quote all of it.
Fandom:Welcome-to-Night-Vale  carlos-(night-vale)  cecil-baldwin  cecil/carlos  slash  words:2.000-4.900  webcomic-and-podcast-fandoms  suitablyskippy  rating:g-to-teen 
july 2013 by cestwhat
Night Vale: The Phenomenon by whitachi (Cecil/Carlos)
(1000 words, G) Cecil presents a segment about Carlos the scientist's new research centre, and the Phenomenon he showed Cecil there. Well, this is adorable. Damn I love this world.
Fandom:Welcome-to-Night-Vale  cecil-baldwin  carlos-(night-vale)  cecil/carlos  slash  whitachi  words:500-1.900  webcomic-and-podcast-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
june 2013 by cestwhat
Night Vale: i laugh all the way to hell by devours (Cecil/Carlos)
(1400 words, G) The plan had been coffee: finding a soul-wrenchingly disturbing square of pulsing darkness in Cecil's kitchen was not the plan. Fairly darling, in the surreally sinister way that Welcome to Night Vale is darling. I love Carlos's outsider POV on the town.
Fandom:Welcome-to-Night-Vale  cecil-baldwin  carlos-(night-vale)  cecil/carlos  slash  devours  words:500-1.900  webcomic-and-podcast-fandoms  rating:g-to-teen 
june 2013 by cestwhat

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