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I'LL SHOW YOU THE REAL SUPERPOWER OF TEAM WORK!! — listlesslion: Twilight is even funnier if you try...
Twilight is even funnier if you try to imagine how many people probably thought Bella was a vampire.

“You’re from Arizona, and you’re skin is STILL that pale?”

“Yeah, I can’t be around blood, it makes me…squeamish.”

“I know she keeps saying Edward jumped in front of the van and that’s why she’s okay, but that makes even less sense? He wasn’t even near her anyway.”

“The hottest guy in school was absolutely mesmerized by her after like a week”

I know I promised not to talk about Twilight anymore but the concept that after going to school with the Cullens for however long, it took a week for Bella’s new classmates to jokinglypassaround rumors that She’s The Vampire is a take I never expected and that we needed all along
fandom:twilight  meta 
18 days ago by kit12123
he ate this pussy like sunday brunch | the thing that pisses me off about 50 shades of...
the thing that pisses me off about 50 shades of grey isn’t that it’s twilight fanfiction, it’s that it’s bad ooc twilight fanfiction. the implication that edward would be into bdsm is so fucking dumb he’s a 100 year old virgin who cried and went into a week-long depression the first time he fucked bella he wouldn’t even consider the idea of fucking her until they were married because he didn’t want to compromise his virtue and you’re telling me he’s a dom? no, edward cullen has the most boring vanilla sex ever the only thing unconventional about the way bella and edward fuck is that bella tops and edward cries the whole time and bella gets fed up and goes to the other house to fuck rosalie and edward cries some more in his room alone
fandom:twilight  meta 
23 days ago by kit12123
The First Vampire Chapter 1: Prologue, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction
Breaking Dawn AU, What if Jasper was vastly older than what the Cullens believed? With the threat of the Volturi hanging over Bella's still human head, Jasper decides it is well past time to take control of the situation in order to protect one of the few people he knew was worth fighting for.
Words:Under10k  Site:FFNET  Fandom:Twilight  Character:Jasper  Character:Bella  Status:WIP  Time:TS:BreakingDawnPt1 
27 days ago by Mieeka
all the lambs grow fangs and hunt down the lions - SearchingforSerendipity - Twilight Series - Stephenie Meyer [Archive of Our Own]
The first time Dr. Rodriguez uses the words emotional abuse and manipulation and controlling boyfriend, Bella freezes. The second time she runs away.

The third time she stays, and breathes, and listens.


Bella Swan, embracing humanity one year at a time for a decade.
fandom:twilight  pairing:femslash  ~fanfiction 
december 2018 by snowdarkred
The Definition of Want - audreyii_fic - Twilight Series - Stephenie Meyer [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:twilight  pairing:bella/jacob  het  virgin 
november 2018 by as_lld_again
The Chalice of Jade
When a young stranger asks Neal to help him steal a chalice for love, Neal's romantic heart relents. The outcome may turn out to be more complicated than expected.
fandom:whitecollar  fandom:twilight  status:complete  genre:crossover  words:>1000  words:>5000  words:>10000  words:>15000  words:>20000  words:>30000 
november 2018 by Dragonflm61
Forever, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction
Edward felt betrayal course through him when he heard or saw Jacob’s thoughts on how Bella asked him to kiss him, he looked to the ground and resolved his will power, he was going to need now that he could hear Victoria’s thoughts meaning she was close. He crossed his arms around his chest, he hated the fact that he was a B-cup in bra sizes it made him uncomfortable since Male Omegas usually stayed around the A cup size when it came to breasts. He sort of envy Bella who was that size and she was an Alpha, thought a Female Alpha but still she should be bigger. // THIS WAS A WILD RIDE
fandom:twilight  pairing:bella/edward  het  au  dogfuck-rapeworld 
september 2018 by as_lld_again
a screaming romance goblin
the thing that pisses me off about 50 shades of grey isn’t that it’s twilight fanfiction, it’s that it’s bad ooc twilight fanfiction. the implication that edward would be into bdsm is so fucking dumb he’s a 100 year old virgin who cried and went into a week-long depression the first time he fucked bella he wouldn’t even consider the idea of fucking her until they were married because he didn’t want to compromise his virtue and you’re telling me he’s a dom? no, edward cullen has the most boring vanilla sex ever the only thing unconventional about the way bella and edward fuck is that bella tops and edward cries the whole time and bella gets fed up and goes to the other house to fuck rosalie and edward cries some more in his room alone
meta  ahahahaha  funny  fandom:twilight 
august 2018 by kit12123
CCW: Character Championship Wrestling - NinjaCato - Fiction Wrestling - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:twilight  gen  longfic  WIP 
june 2018 by as_lld_again
A Second Chance Chapter 1, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction
What if Laurent changed Bella in the meadow? Bella would get a second chance to be what she was always meant to be - a vampire. Would she also get a second chance at love? New Moon AU COMPLETE
Time:TS:NewMoon  Site:FFNET  Fandom:Twilight  Words:50k-75k  Status:Completed  Character:Bella  Character:Jasper  Character:Bella!Vampire 
may 2018 by Mieeka
Mood Ring - Chapter 1
When there is nothing left for Bella, she decided she wants out. Standing in front of the white house, razor blade in hand, she says good bye the only way she can think of. A bloody good bye. But who cut's there wrists at a vampires house?
Fandom:Twilight  Time:TS:NewMoon  Words:75k-100K  Status:Completed  Site:FFNET  Character:Jasper  Character:Bella 
may 2018 by Mieeka
A Place To Belong Chapter 1: Prologue, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction
Takes Place in New Moon when Bella confronts Jacob. Her heart is broken when he tells her to leave and never come back. The second heartbreak and the unlikely visitor in her room reveal the painful truth about her past. Is she alone in the world?
Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Fandom:Twilight  Time:TS:NewMoon  Words:50k-75k  Character:Bella  Character:Paul 
may 2018 by Mieeka
A Moment Changes Everything Chapter 1, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction
Bella struggles to survive on her own after Edward leaves her. A chance encounter with Jasper will alter life for both of them. BxJ. Rated M for language, adult situations, and eventual lemons.
Words:200K+  Status:Completed  Fandom:Twilight  Site:FFNET  Time:TS:NewMoon  Character:Bella  Character:Jasper  Pairing:Bella/Jasper 
may 2018 by Mieeka
A Vision Stained with Red Chapter 1: Somewhere I Belong, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction
Ever since I was born I saw these numbers and visions. They told me when and how a person would die. It was a normalcy to see these things above people's heads. Until I met them. They didn't have numbers. For them... I couldn't see anything. ExB. DISCONTINUED.
Status:Abandoned  Words:75k-100K  Time:TS:TwilightAU  Fandom:Twilight  Site:FFNET  Character:Edward  Character:Bella 
may 2018 by Mieeka
A Different Direction Chapter 1: Welp, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction
I think I am happy; I have a perfect boyfriend, a perfect best friend and maybe even the chance of forever. Problem is, I didn't realise I was viewing life through a blindfold until it was roughly ripped off. AU and vamps galore.
Site:FFNET  Fandom:Twilight  Words:150k-200K  Character:Bella  Time:TS:NewMoon  Pairing:Bella/Jasper  Character:Jasper  Status:WIP 
may 2018 by Mieeka
Acta Sanctorum, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction
I GET OFF IN VOLTERRA CONTEST: Edward left and Bella thought she would be stuck in an eternal twilight. But immediately, she's haunted by three men she swears are vampires. And once they've ensnared her, the Cullens won't be having a reprieve this time around.
Site:FFNET  Fandom:Twilight  Words:Under10k  OneShot  Status:Completed  Time:TS:NewMoon  Pairing:Aro/Bella/Caius/Marcus  Character:Aro  Character:Bella  Character:Caius  Character:Marcus 
april 2018 by Mieeka
A Beautiful Mess Chapter 1: Death Wish, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction
One night can change everything. When Jasper moves from Edward's distant brother to Bella's best friend and savior, what will become of them? A tale of friendship, fun, heartbreak, hate and love. Set @ the end of Twilight. Rated M for language and lemons.
to_read  fandom:twilight  pairing:jasper/bella 
april 2018 by mass_hipgnosis
"I'm hugging ya, ya don't need the damn bear." "It's not the same." I grumbled. "Why?" "'Cause you're not soft and fluffy, and anything from you is borderline groping."
Status:Completed  Fandom:Twilight  Pairing:Bella/Jasper  Words:100k-150k  Character:Bella  Time:TS:TwilightAU  Character:Jasper  Site:PersuingTheShelves 
april 2018 by Mieeka

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