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[FIC] I'll Be Home For Candlenights - Weevilo707 - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
The last few weeks had been god awful for Kravitz, and now he just wanted to go home for the holidays and forget all about it. Except it seemed that instead of that, he was just going to be stuck in this damn airport for the rest of his natural life. If that wasn't bad enough, he really hadn't meant to offend the very pretty man who was also on his flight, especially not over something as ridiculous as Tinder.

Kravitz didn't know how this could possibly get any worse, but he was sure the universe would find a way to provide.
fandom:theadventurezone  pairing:taako/kravitz  author:weevil0707  length:20-50k  fic 
march 2019 by revolutionaryjo
[FIC] vibrations - owlinaminor - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Lup is always the most comfortable in spaces she can fill, but there’s something different about filling space with Barry, about his voice and hers leaning into each other like consonant vibrations, like the mountains and the sky.

(five times lup kisses barry, and one time he kisses her)
pairing:lup/barry  fandom:theadventurezone  author:owlinaminor  length:1-5k  trope:fivetimes  fic 
november 2017 by revolutionaryjo
[FIC] because that's what love is (equivalent exchange) - teacuptaako - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Barry falls in love with Lup. When he thinks it to himself, it seems inadequate. How can you find language for lifetimes spent together? For two people who have advanced science and reality and the frontiers of emotion themselves, the difficult part is expression.

In which Taako and Barry try to understand each other.
fandom:theadventurezone  pairing:lup/barry  author:teacuptaako  length:5-10k  fic  podficced 
october 2017 by revolutionaryjo
[FIC] Commitment Issues - AnonymousPuzzler - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Late one night on the Starblaster, Lup and Taako chat about relationships. Nearly a century later, in the light of the sunrise, they revisit the topic.

In the time in-between, for better or for worse, things change.
fandom:theadventurezone  pairing:lup/barry  pairing:taako/kravitz  author:anonymouspuzzler  length:5-10k  fic 
october 2017 by revolutionaryjo
[FIC] Old Man Taako Outruns Death* and Lives Forever** - anonymousAlchemist - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
*aka "his husband, his sister, and his brother in law."
**aka "annoys his family"

Taako is supposed to die on the 18th of October, 652 A.H. Taako knows this. Taako stole Kravitz’s calendar-slash-agenda and on 10/18/52, it is marked in red: “Take Taako home.” There’s an asterisk mark with the addendum, “buy flowers maybe?”

Taako had grinned to see it.
fandom:theadventurezone  pairing:taako/kravitz  length:10-20k  fic 
october 2017 by revolutionaryjo
[FIC] the game is already lost - altschmerzes - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Five times Taako manages to get a hug from one of his friends without having to actually admit that he wants a hug, and one time he flat out cops to it.
1. Taako hates being cold and wet. He's both, thanks to an inconvenient river. Magnus is a human furnace, and thus it begins.
2. Waking up feeling inexplicably lonely, Taako tries to goad Magnus into bickering with him in a bid for some company. He gets the company, at least.
3. Angus is almost hit by a rogue cart, Taako deals with being idolized and trusted by a kid he doesn't think he deserves the faith of.
4. During a fight, Taako almost dies, and Merle gets to practice his healing skills.
5. Magnus has a nightmare, Merle nearly loses Magnus after a fight, and Taako finds himself on the other side of things.
+ 1. Merle casts Zone of Truth, Magnus is a good friend, and Taako makes a confession.
fandom:theadventurezone  gen  length:5-10k  author:altschmerzes  fic 
october 2017 by revolutionaryjo
[FIC] unreliable narrator - owlinaminor - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
The most powerful person in the multiverse was once a literature major.

Notes: The Lucretia one that is BEAUTIFULLY DEVASTATING.
fandom:theadventurezone  author:owlinaminor  length:20-50k  fic  podficced 
september 2017 by revolutionaryjo
Cycle 71 - anonymous_moose - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
A hundred years, a hundred worlds, a hundred stories. The seventy-first starts off poorly (though not nearly as poorly as some) and honesty, like violence, can be brutal.
Taako is fed up. Magnus feels guilty. Lup lashes out. Merle saves the day.
fandom:theadventurezone  relationship:gen  fic  type:plotty  type:missingscene  theme:teamfic  character:taako  character:magnusburnsides  character:lup  character:merlehighchurch 
september 2017 by Poetry
Warm Blood
“My dick ain't gonna suck itself, I don't have the spell slots for that right now.” Bounty AU.
*fanfiction  fandom:theadventurezone  pairing:kravitz/taako  rating:nc-17 
august 2017 by KIRCEE
Fantasy Netflix and Chill
Taako's Guide To Fantasy Romance – how to booty call the Grim Reaper for fun and profit!
*fanfiction  fandom:theadventurezone  pairing:kravitz/taako 
august 2017 by KIRCEE
Mornings were always hell. No exceptions.
(Maybe one exception.)
*fanfiction  fandom:theadventurezone  pairing:kravitz/taako  rating:nc-17 
august 2017 by KIRCEE
i'm your friend (don't quote me)
Kravitz isn’t great with kids, not at all, but he doesn’t hate them. He desperately wants this kid to feel better, but he has no clue where to start.
*fanfiction  fandom:theadventurezone  pairing:kravitz/taako 
august 2017 by KIRCEE

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