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love and other drugs - coffeeandcigarettesplease - Star Wars Sequel Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
38k words, author tagged it 'dead dove do not eat' for a reason //

Rey’s mom sells her to Kylo Ren for drugs. He’s not a nice man, except to Rey. That’s good enough for her.

A slow burn, dark twist on guardian/ward tropes.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:kylo.ken/rey  warning:abuse  warning:underage  warning:dubcon 
11 days ago by hermionemalfoy
Star Wars: Against Nature, by What-Ansketil-Did-Next
Summary: Palpatine keeps his promise to resurrect Padmé and he and Vader journey to Naboo.
Reccer's Notes: Ansketil writes dark, well in character canon figures, placing them in perfectly delicious dilemmas as she gets inside their skin. With Palpatine's motives as clear as can be, Vader writhes in torment inside his black suit before achieving as much peace as his master will ever allow him. I especially enjoy the imagery here, the new queen's black feathered costume rivaling Padmé's white garb at the end of Phantom Menace in its profound message.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:darth.vader/padme.amidala  character:emeror.palpatine  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:what_ansketil_did_next  theme:(not.really).character.death  theme:au  theme:amnesty  theme:amnesty:round.101-d  reccer:pronker 
7 weeks ago by fancake
Star Wars ST: Tactical Surrender by Destinies
Summary: “It was foolish of you to come here,” he says. “You won’t escape this time.”

Rey looks at him, at the Stormtroopers, at the combat walkers. She gives the illusion of thinking it over, and then says, “You’re right."

She presents her wrists to him. “I surrender myself to the authority of the First Order.”


Three years after the Battle of Crait, Rey, Resistance hero and teacher to a budding new Jedi Order, once again delivers herself into the hands of the enemy. To provide cover for a maneuver that could deal a serious blow to the First Order, she must gamble with the thing she knows its Supreme Leader wants most: herself.
Reccer's Notes: The author has tagged this with Beauty and the Beast elements and Cinderella elements and I went in with no idea what that would mean in a canon-compliant fic. Then I was like, okay, how have I never noticed that Rey is basically Beauty and Kylo Ren is basically Beast except with less fur and more patricide? (Is the Dark Side the curse? Hmmn, sort of.) It's a delicious tropey rollercoaster of sex and feelings and First Order politicking and a fancy dress ball. Two thumbs up.

(The author tries hard to keep things on the super tame side of dubcon, but Rey's still technically a prisoner, so ymmv.)
fandom:star.wars  length:80.000&more.words  creator:destinies  theme:folklore&fairytales  theme:novel-length.fic  reccer:dirty_diana 
10 weeks ago by fancake
Star Wars: Good Fertilizer, by Jane Jinn
Summary: What happens to those who are raised in the Jedi Temple, but aren't picked to become padawans?
Reccer's Notes: The prequels established that people entered the Jedi Order as very small children, and the now-de-canonized Jedi Apprentice books said that anyone who wasn't claimed as a padawan by the age of 13 was removed from the Order and sent into the Service Corps, mostly to become farmers. Which caused a lot of brows to raise among fans, because why? Jane Jinn takes that concept and does some lovely worldbuilding with it.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:original.character(s)  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:jane_jinn  theme:pre-ao3.fic  theme:worldbuilding  reccer:beatrice_otter 
12 weeks ago by fancake
Star Trek/Star Wars: Home from the Sea, by Penknife
Reccer's Notes: I love crossovers, but I also have very high standards for crossover plausibility. At one point, I believed that you couldn't believably crossover Star Wars and Star Trek because the universes are too different. However, this fic proved me wrong. It is very well done, and to say too much about it would spoil it.
fandom:star.trek:the.original.series  fandom:star.wars  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:james.t.kirk  character:leia.organa  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:penknife  theme:crossovers&fusions  theme:pre-ao3.fic  reccer:beatrice_otter 
march 2019 by fancake
Star Wars: Starting Again by GuerreStellari
Summary: An unforeseen Imperial attack has the potential of fundamentally altering the galaxy's fate. And on a human level, two people must deal with the grief.
Reccer's Notes: This story takes the flawed and human characters of Obi-Wan and Beru to carve them into a surviving unit in the Empire, each dependent on the other. Using Buddhist and Bolshevik references and showing a dark AU to Star Wars: A New Hope's premise, the author crams a lot into her story to proclaim it the one she's proudest of. This was written in 2005; due to theforceDOTnet's changes from then to 2014, the story was basically lost and it was one of the best fannish experiences ever to contact the author to request a repost of her work, which she graciously did. Yay!
fandom:star.wars  pairing:beru.whitesun.lars/obi-wan.kenobi  length:05.000-10.000.words  creator:guerrestellari  theme:pre-ao3.fic  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:pronker 
march 2019 by fancake
Star Wars: Family Portrait by FernWithy
Summary: Obi-Wan and Anakin, along with Siri Tachi, are assigned to impersonate a family to investigate a crime on the world of Malkiri, where the Jedi are hated.
Reccer's Notes: The worldbuilding is strong with FernWithy, because Malkiri just hates Jedi and the plot involves Neimoidians fanning the flames. Yoda assigns Siri Tachi, who has spent years in undercover before returning to the Temple, to fill out the family portrait of Mother, Father, and Son. I liked this story because of its measured account of the mission and the strong visuals of hoverboarding.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:obi-wan.kenobi  character:anakin.skywalker  character:siri.tachi  length:05.000-10.000.words  creator:fernwithy  theme:pre-ao3.fic  theme:pretend.couple  reccer:pronker 
march 2019 by fancake
Star Wars: And The Stars Be Our Witness by Wendynat
Summary: A conversation with Qui-Gon Jinn the night before the Boonta Eve Classic leads to something that Shmi never expected.
Reccer's Notes: Shmi deserves a good story showcasing her profound dignity and Wendynat delivers.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:qui-gon.jinn/shmi.skywalker  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:wendynat  theme:pre-ao3.fic  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:pronker 
march 2019 by fancake
Star Wars: Some Brand Of Frozen Meat by Dr FooFoo
Summary: Ferus Olin held my attention in all of Jude Watson's Jedi Quest stories, before she continued his story in other YA series because he's Good with a capital G. Earnest and pure, he's getting Anakin's attention, too, in this story set on a cold, cold spaceship.

He rather likes it.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:anakin.skywalker/ferus.olin  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:dr_foofoo  theme:pre-ao3.fic  theme:cuddling.snuggling&bed-sharing  reccer:pronker 
march 2019 by fancake
Fic: Star Wars: Death and the Dame by minnabird
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters/Pairings: Leia Organa/Han Solo, Leia Organa/Han Solo/Qi'ra
Rating: Teen
Length: 5,499 words
Summary: Qi’ra is a private investigator with one ear tuned into supernatural frequencies. When Leia Organa walks into her office, looking like an angel, she expects a simple haunting case. Instead, she finds herself on the run and on the search for answers, drawn ever deeper into Leia’s troubles, and into the path of Han, Leia’s boyfriend, who might just know more about Qi’ra than she does about herself.

Why is it the BEST THING EVER: minnabird translates the Star Wars universe into a noir AU (with a supernatural twist) extraordinarily well, and Qi’ra as the hard-boiled private investigator is absolutely inspired. I only wish it was longer!
fandom:star.wars  pairing:han.solo/leia.organa  pairing:han.solo/leia.organa/qi'ra  words:05.000-10.000  creator:minnabird  reccer:saiditallbefore 
january 2019 by bestthingever
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: Things that Never Happened to Dooku, unfortunately, by persephone_kore
Summary: Several ways Dooku's life could have gone differently.
Reccer's Notes: Every one of these little AU snippets is fascinating, and open up a whole world of what-ifs, but yet each is complete in and of itself. Star Wars fixits tend to focus on Obi-Wan or the Skywalkers, and it's interesting to see one focusing on Dooku. (Alas, the fic is old enough that it's not on the author's AO3 page.)
fandom:star.wars  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:dooku  character:qui-gon.jinn  character:obi-wan.kenobi  character:yoda  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:persephone_kore  theme:(five).things  theme:fix-it  reccer:beatrice_otter 
january 2019 by fancake
Star Trek: People Who Repair Quantums, or Five Planets The Enterprise Never Visited, by ignipes

"So you're a drug-addicted messianic cult dedicated to drinking your own distilled urine so your descendants generations down the road can grow palm trees. How's that working out for you?"

Reccer's Notes:
This is a deceptively understated piece which combines the Five Things structure with Star Trek TOS's 'planet of the week' format to make some keen observations - some funny, some poignant - about the crossover canons and about the members of the Enterprise crew themselves.
fandom:star.trek:the.original.series  fandom:alien.movies  fandom:dune  fandom:star.wars  fandom:discworld  fandom:doctor.who  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:james.t.kirk  character:spock  character:nyota.uhura  character:christine.chapel  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:ignipes  theme:(five).things  reccer:el_staplador 
january 2019 by fancake
Star Wars: Five Ways to Stop Being a Princess by igrockspock
1. Spend a night in the smuggling compartments of the Millennium Falcon
2. Learn to fire a blaster without closing your eyes
3. Get drunk and go to bed with an unsuitable man
4. Yell at people who ask if you're okay
5. Go to bed with an unsuitable man even when you're sober
Reccer's Notes: A lovely story post-A New Hope, about changing and dealing with grief. Another for the "headcanon accepted" pile. :)
fandom:star.wars  pairing:han.solo/leia.organa  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:igrockspock  theme:(five).things  theme:families.of.choice  theme:first.time  reccer:jainas 
january 2019 by fancake
Star Wars: Singularities by Luna
Summary: Five times Han and Leia said goodbye.
Reccer's Notes: A "Headcanon accepted" kind of fic, with all the banter, the fights, the choices mades that may not be the right one but were the best they could do at the time, but also all the love and familiarity one can expect from this pairing.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:han.solo/leia.organa  character:ben.solo  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:luna  theme:(five).things  theme:established.relationship  theme:family  theme:older.characters  reccer:jainas 
january 2019 by fancake
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: Balance The Force by Lilith Sedai
Summary: Obi-Wan, more attuned to the Unifying Force than his master, believes his nightmares may be a warning about the future. Qui-Gon, preoccupied by the Living Force, disregards the warning.
Reccer's Notes: Lilith Sedai writes stories set seamlessly into the GFFA, only with sex. The high concept "galactic gladiators" grabs the attention, and it gets more enthralling from there with low concept characterization, nuance and setting. Masterfully plotted, Balance The Force comprises five parts.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:obi-wan.kenobi/qui-gon.jinn  length:80.000&more.words  creator:lilith_sedai  theme:amnesty  theme:amnesty:round.97  theme:action/adventure  theme:plotty.fic  theme:novel-length.fic  reccer:pronker 
december 2018 by fancake
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: I Give Good Melon by Elocin Oco
Summary: Elocin Oco relates a shameless attack on innocent fruit. Obi-Wan is the perp, a brash Obi-Wan who is put off by Qui-Gon's taking him for granted. You'll have to guess what happens to the fruit.
Reccer's Notes: Good Melon shows off the Q/O age difference well in this PWP. The trope subversion&inversion refers to the fact that fanfiction nearly always features mind-blowing sex with partners aglow in the aftermath due to their stunning fulfillment of the whole experience. Where is the mediocre sex tag?
fandom:star.wars  pairing:obi-wan.kenobi/qui-gon.jinn  length:05.000-10.000.words  creator:elocin_oco  theme:amnesty  theme:amnesty:round.97  theme:trope.subversion&inversion  theme:humor  reccer:pronker 
december 2018 by fancake
(Star Wars) The Exiled - DarthNickles
The one where Leia brings Ben to visit his estranged grandfather, and there's family bonding, except painful.
fandom:star.wars  words:20000+ 
december 2018 by scaramouche
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Close Quarters by ruth baulding
Summary: Asajj Ventress and Obi-Wan test each other's restraint, physical, moral and mental, as they share claustrophobic quarters. This story also has a generous dollop of hurt/comfort and a surprise foe. Read it for an engaging tale filled with yearning for maybe what they get in the end, or perhaps something more.
Reccer's Notes: Did you ever enjoy an author with tremendous quality output, vitality in the fandom you love, and could never get enough of her stories? Well, this author fills the bill completely. Star Wars and in particular her Obi-Wan characterization, coupled with the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan dynamic, occupies an unsurpassed place in fandom. This story typifies her stellar prose and wicked sense of humor. Miss ya, rb!! Merry Christmas!
fandom:star.wars  pairing:asajj.ventress/obi-wan.kenobi  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:ruth_baulding  theme:amnesty  theme:amnesty:round.97  theme:action/adventure  theme:cuddling.snuggling&bed-sharing  theme:pining  theme:hurt/comfort  reccer:pronker 
december 2018 by fancake

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