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known and unknown (spanning everything between) - myownremedy - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
daemon au verse.
fics are in chronological order.

1. known and unknown (spanning everything between)
2. some part of you on this earth
3. so proud not to feel my heart

Originally bookmarked 3/15/15
fandom:snk  status:oneshot  status:series  source:ao3  wordcount:20-30k  wordcount:01-05k  author:myownremedy  pairing:eren/mikasa/armin  pairing:erwin/levi  genre:au  genre:au-daemon  category:nonlinear  category:slowburn 
february 2018 by thirteenhours
Consorting With Alphas
Armin, an Omega, has been raised all his life to be a consort. An Untouched, deprived of physical contact, he is desperate for an Alpha to choose him as their own. When he's brought to the palace to be the only consort of the crown prince, he thinks his life is perfect. But there are dark secrets buried beneath his Alpha's kind exterior, and when they begin to reveal themselves Armin's idyllic new existence is shattered.
fanwork  fandom:SNK  pairing:Eren/Levi/Armin  rating:nc-17  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:sciencefictioness  quality:sunfish  extra:alpha/omega  extra:negotiation  extra:poly  extra:au  extra:knotting  extra:prostitution 
january 2018 by opalsong
Levi and the Beast
Maybe you can remember that one time when Aivelin drew Erwin as a dragon, banging Levi, and said that fanfiction based on the concept would be welcomed? Well, that's how it happened. Can I warn you more?
fanwork  fandom:SNK  pairing:Levi/Erwin  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Natsu_no_Kami  quality:salamander  extra:au  extra:fantasy  extra:dragons  extra:reincarnation  extra:drugs  Extra:SexPollen  extra:dubcon 
december 2017 by opalsong
all your demons and desires and dark sides
Recently discharged from the military after losing an arm during a training exercise, Erwin Smith returns to the BDSM club he once frequented, hoping to find someone willing to give him control. There, he is introduced to Levi, another former soldier, new to the scene and burdened with a past he's unwilling to speak of.
fanwork  fandom:SNK  pairing:Levi/Erwin  rating:nc-17  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Carthage  quality:crocodile  Extra:BDSM  Extra:Bondage  extra:PTSD  extra:Disability  extra:au  extra:modern 
november 2017 by opalsong
these tides of men
I took five prompts on Tumblr for Levi/Erwin BDSM scenes. Each one's five hundred words. Hope you like them! Title is from T.E. Lawrence's 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom.' As Lawrence is the model for Erwin's appearance, it seemed appropriate.
fanwork  fandom:SNK  rating:nc-17  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Carthage  extra:fivethings  Extra:BDSM  Extra:Bondage  extra:orgasmdenial  pairing:Levi/Erwin  quality:sunfish 
november 2017 by opalsong
Knot A Word
Hanji had warned him that, sooner or later, some biological quirk would be bound to show up in titan shifters. Of all the possibilities, Levi had never expected for this to actually be it.
fanwork  fandom:SNK  pairing:Eren/Levi  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:shotgunsinlace  quality:salamander  extra:heat  extra:knotting  extra:dubcon 
november 2017 by opalsong
[fic]: Touch
A nearly fatally wounded Mikasa is tended to by a guilt-ridden Eren. The task leads to a conversation and chain of events that throws the nature of their relationship into question.
type:fic  otp-snk:eren/mikasa  fandom:snk 
november 2017 by lauranio
[fancomic]: Shingeki high
Ymir was sure she would never fall in love, until a German transfer student, Historia Reiss joins Shingeki High and turns her world upside down.
type:fanart  fandom:snk  otp-snk:ymir/historia  genre:au 
october 2017 by lauranio
[fic]: Where poppies grow
Mikasa's life changes when she finds an orphaned baby in the rubble of a home crushed by titans; unable to bear with the thought of leaving her alone, she decides to raise the girl herself.
type:fic  fandom:snk  otp-snk:eren/mikasa 
october 2017 by lauranio
[fic]: Shitty girlfriend
Mikasa and Annie make an unspoken contest out of not having feelings and barely even realise when they mess up.
type:fic  fandom:snk  otp-snk:mikasa/annie  genre:au 
october 2017 by lauranio
[fic]: Backs to the wall
The apartment is her home now, that she basically lives there, that most of her closet has migrated to Mikasa’s closet, that her textbooks are on Mikasa’s shelf, that they grocery shop together, and have a Sunday morning routine. It’s overwhelming.
type:fic  fandom:snk  otp-snk:mikasa/sasha  genre:au 
october 2017 by lauranio
[fic]: Escalations of touch
Five times they touched. and then another time they touched.
type:fic  fandom:snk  otp-snk:ymir/historia 
october 2017 by lauranio
Untitled - maeve/ackermom
sex becomes a pastime for levi and his commander. it’s stress relief, nothing more, nothing less.
fandom:snk  status:oneshot  wordcount:0-1k  source:tumblr  author:ackermom  pairing:erwin/levi  genre:angst  genre:tragedy  category:characterdeath 
july 2017 by thirteenhours
Shingeki no Kyojin art improvement up until chapter ~75
Includes scene improvements and characters through the chapters.
fandom:snk  type:art  type:resource 
april 2017 by thirteenhours
Pleasure Filled
[Prompt Fill for the SnK Kink Meme]

They anticipated a size difference, but it was a bit more extreme than they counted on.

Erwin/Armin. 110% consensual. Read tags for warnings
fanwork  fandom:SNK  pairing:Armin/Erwin  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:AnonCat  quality:salamander  Length:Short  extra:inflation  extra:sizekink 
december 2016 by opalsong
Different Stars - thefangirlingdead - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
Erwin searches for Levi everywhere after he is given a second chance at life, but when he eventually finds him, it's too late - Levi not only doesn't remember him or anything about their past life, but he is also happily married. Thankful for a chance to have Levi in his life once more, Erwin tells himself that he is content with just being a friend to his past lover, but not everything goes as planned.
fandom:snk  source:ao3  status:multichapter  status:complete  wordcount:80-90k  author:thefangirlingdead  pairing:erwin/levi  status:unread  category:reincarnation  category:infidelity 
september 2016 by thirteenhours

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fandom:fromdusktildawn  fandom:multiple  fandom:pacificrim  fandom:utena  fanwork  genre:angst  genre:au-daemon  genre:au  genre:family/domestic  genre:fluff  genre:happyending  genre:humor  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:tragedy  haven't_finished  kink:asphyxiation/choking  kink:badsex  kink:bdsm  kink:blowjob  kink:bondage  kink:boots  kink:bottom!erwin  kink:caught  kink:clothing  kink:crossdressing/genderplay  kink:d/s  kink:deepthroat  kink:discovery  kink:doublepenetration  kink:facefuck  kink:facesitting  kink:feet  kink:food  kink:gag  kink:inappropriateplaces  kink:knifeplay  kink:knotting  kink:office  kink:orgasmdenial  kink:pecs  kink:piercings  kink:possessiveness  kink:powerdynamics  kink:restraints  kink:rimming  kink:rough  kink:selfcest  kink:size  kink:snowballing  kink:spitroasting  kink:threesome  kink:toppingfromthebottom  kink:toys  kink:whipping  length:chaptered  length:oneshot  length:series  length:short  loc:ao3  loc:tumblr  otp-snk:eren/mikasa  otp-snk:mikasa/annie  otp-snk:mikasa/sasha  otp-snk:ymir/historia  pair:erwinlevi  pair:jeanmarco  pairing:armin/erwin  pairing:armin/jean  pairing:eren/annie  pairing:eren/armin/mikasa  pairing:eren/armin  pairing:eren/jean  pairing:eren/levi/armin  pairing:eren/levi  pairing:eren/mikasa/armin  pairing:eren/mikasa  pairing:erwin/levi  pairing:gen  pairing:hange/erwin  pairing:hange/petra  pairing:jean/marco  pairing:krista/ymir  pairing:levi/erwin/hange  pairing:levi/erwin  pairing:mikasa/annie  pairing:mikasa/armin  pairing:mikasa/bertolt  pairing:mikasa/levi  pairing:mike/erwin/levi  pairing:nanaba/mike  pairing:reiner/bertolt  pairing:reiner/connie  pairing:sasha/connie  performer:rhea314  performer:zoebug  quality:crocodile  quality:salamander  quality:seaotter  quality:sunfish  quality:whale  rating:m  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  rating:r  site:ao3  source:ao3  source:ask-blog  source:kinkmeme  source:tumblr  status:complete  status:incomplete  status:multichapter  status:oneshot  status:series  status:unread  time:10:00-30:00  time:15:00:00-30:00:00  type:art  type:fanart  type:fic  type:podfic  type:prose  type:resource  typer:primer  wc:0-5k  wc:6-10k  wordcount:0-1k  wordcount:01-05k  wordcount:05-10k  wordcount:20-30k  wordcount:40-50k  wordcount:50-60k  wordcount:80-90k 

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