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Smallville: Wine, a Constant Proof, by LastScorpion
Summary: Lex didn't drink anymore.
Reccer's Notes: Smallville fandom had a lot of fics about Lex and Clark somehow reconciling after whatever rift would turn the two friends into enemies. This involved both predicting what would ultimately cause the rift, and then solving it. This is an interesting take on it.
fandom:smallville  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:lex.luthor  character:clark.kent.(superman)  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:lastscorpion  theme:pre-ao3.fic  theme:old.fandoms  theme:au  theme:amnesia  reccer:beatrice_otter 
4 days ago by fancake
Smallville: the Identical series, by Lanning
Summary: Lex loses everything, and finds something better.
Reccer's Notes: This was the great beloved behemoth of the Smallville fandom, and I'm surprised it hasn't been recced yet. Lionel Luther clones Lex and sets the clone up in his place; Lex goes to the Kents for shelter. Cue angst, hurt comfort, plotting, and Clexiness.
fandom:smallville  pairing:clark.kent/lex.luthor  length:80.000&more.words  creator:lanning  theme:pre-ao3.fic  theme:novel-length.fic  theme:au  theme:old.fandoms  theme:fandom.classics  theme:hurt/comfort 
7 days ago by fancake
Locked Room Mystery - rivkat - Smallville
for daria234: Smallville futurefic where President Luthor, due to threat of natural disaster, is stuck for hours with that annoyingly ethical reporter Clark Kent. Since Lex is smart and Clark is a crap liar, once they're alone in a room together, Lex figures out that Clark must know something about him pre-memory-loss. Basically, Lex is brilliant and there's loads of UST (or ST that gets resolved ;) but also suspicion or antagonism.
fic  slash  fandom:smallville  rating:pg  pairing:clark/lex  length:5000-15000  futurefic  pining  author:rivkat 
8 weeks ago by zimaya
Locked Room Mystery - rivkat - Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
for daria234: Smallville futurefic where President Luthor, due to threat of natural disaster, is stuck for hours with that annoyingly ethical reporter Clark Kent. Since Lex is smart and Clark is a crap liar, once they're alone in a room together, Lex figures out that Clark must know something about him pre-memory-loss. Basically, Lex is brilliant and there's loads of UST (or ST that gets resolved ;) but also suspicion or antagonism.
fandom:superman  fandom:smallville 
8 weeks ago by kit12123
Epic Misunderstanding - rivkat - Smallville
For jackycomelately: something on the aftermath of Doomsday killing Clark; Lex having to step in and help the Justice League when Wonder Woman asks.

((The Justice League is convinced Clark and Lex had secretly been in a relationship, and nothing Lex says after Clark's (apparent) death gets them to stop treating him like a widower.))
fic  slash  firsttime  humor  fandom:smallville  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/lex  rating:r  length:2000-5000  author:rivkat 
8 weeks ago by zimaya
Lost in Translation - rivkat - Smallville
Your soulmate’s name is written on your arm. Reading it is one thing. Understanding it is another.
fandom:smallville  pairing:clark/lex  fic  slash  soulmates  rating:pg-13  author:rivkat  length:5000-15000  au  fandom:dcu 
8 weeks ago by zimaya
Noble Son of Krypton - MoiraiThanatoio - Men in Black (Movies), Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
In a universe where the Kryptonian League is part of the intergalactic structure policed by the Men in Black on earth, the survival of a Noble House changes everything.
Fandom:Smallville  fandom:MenInBlack  Genre:Crossovers  Genre:Slash  pairing:clark/lex  10-20k.words 
12 weeks ago by silentflux
Smallville/DCU: Looking Glass Country by astolat
Summary: Where the grass is greener.
Reccer's Notes: A true classic! I read this long before I saw any DC content aside from Smallville, so some of the finer jokes about Lex Luthor from Smallville switching places with Lex Luthor from the comics were no doubt lost on me, but I treasured the fic nonetheless, and it's even more precious to me now that I get where the other side is coming from. (I've been cracking up remembering the joke about Clark's working relationship with Aquaman for literal years even though I didn't have the slightest clue who Aquaman was.) And humor aside, this is a really pointed take on the idea that with all the love in the world, sometimes you can have too much history with someone.
fandom:smallville  fandom:dc.universe  pairing:clark.kent/lex.luthor  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:astolat  theme:amnesty  theme:amnesty:round.97  theme:wrong.universe  theme:multiverse.people  theme:crossover.pairings  theme:crossovers&fusions  reccer:meretricula 
december 2018 by fancake
Smallville: Black Pond by Viridian5
Summary: When Clark and Lex go fishing, we're there with them.
Reccer's Notes: Clark and Lex are innocently fishing when a fish falls in love with Lex. A jealous fish. The narration is fun and different and it breaks the fourth wall at appropriate moments.
fandom:smallville  pairing:clark.kent/lex.luthor  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:viridian5  theme:animals  theme:old.fandoms  theme:outsider.pov  theme:humor  reccer:an0ther_dreamer 
november 2018 by fancake
Had Some Visions That Were Non-Existent
It’s been four years since Clark broke him out of Belle Reeve and two since he went completely sober. No amount of clean living or therapy stopped the nightmares though. Neither did having Superman as his boyfriend.
fic  slash  au  hurt/comfort  pairing:Clark/Lex  bottom_Lex  kink:snuggling/cuddling  PTSD  fandom:Smallville 
october 2018 by Ishara
the past is another country (one so far away) - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Written on the inside of Clark’s arm are the words ‘I could’ve sworn I hit you’. Somewhere out there, Lex Luthor is going about his business, with the words ‘If you had, I’d be… I’d be dead’ inked on his.

Some things aren’t repairable, but sometimes, Clark wishes anyway.
fandom:smallville  p:clex  c:clark_kent  c:lex_luthor  c:lois_lane  au:soulmates  tag:futurefic  genre:angst  wc:1-5k 
october 2018 by endofthyme

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