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Don't Make Me Jump Unless You're Gonna Catch Me
Bond is in love with his quartermaster. And what better time to tell him than when they're seconds away from becoming just a splat on a mountainside?
fandom:skyfall  author:obsidienne  relationship:bond/q  sweet  funny  adorable 
7 weeks ago by little-thoughts
E-Postcards to Q
James doesn't really know why he's doing survival training in the Sierra high country, but days of hiking alone give a man time to think. And that's always dangerous.
fandom:skyfall  author:AtoTheBean  pre-relationship  relationship:bond/q  epistolery  clever  sweet 
10 weeks ago by little-thoughts
Nine Kinds of Liquor
Q is a man of many talents. Bond is about to learn of an unexpected one.
fandom:skyfall  author:AtoTheBean  relationship:bond/q  clever  sweet 
10 weeks ago by little-thoughts
Errors and Corrections
The list of people who have been counted as "dead because of James Bond" is actually longer than it should be. The inaccuracy grates.
fandom:skyfall  author:castillon02  character:bond  character:q  characterisation  sad  sweet  clever 
august 2019 by little-thoughts
Relaxation (What a Sensation)
Bond wants to take Q on holiday and help him relax. Q decides to let him.
fandom:skyfall  author:solarmorrigan  relationship:bond/q  sweet  hot  bottom!q 
july 2019 by little-thoughts
A Hunt and a Drink
While in Scotland for a boarding school reunion, Bond meets a treacherous pair of old classmates and a fang-faced new friend.
fandom:skyfall  author:castillon02  relationship:bond/q  pre-relationship  setting:supernatural-au  funny 
july 2019 by little-thoughts
Your Loving Arms (Keeping Me From Harm)
Illya stands, taking a little childish pleasure when Napoleon has to look up to keep his gaze. Illya studies Napoleon briefly before holding out a hand. “Q,” he says, expression barely changing to allow a flicker of warmth in his otherwise frosty reception. The barest of acknowledgement, but if Napoleon had read Illya’s file as he suspects he has, he would know that his acknowledgement-- even the slightest-- was hard-earned.
Napoleon takes it immediately. “004,” he says, shaking Illya’s hand. His bright smile is almost blinding, tiny lines creasing the corners of his eyes.
fandom:tmfu  fandom:skyfall  relationship:illya/napoleon  author:suqua  sad  funny  hot  top!illya 
july 2019 by little-thoughts
Having Slept, the Cat Gets Up
With how busy Q is, it's Bond who ends up taking the cats to the vet.
fandom:skyfall  author:castillon02  relationship:bond/q  sweet  funny 
july 2019 by little-thoughts
On Leave
Eve answers on the second ring.

‘Is this a ‘congratulations’ conversation or an ‘I’ll pick you up from the clinic’ conversation?’

‘The former.’

The unmistakeable sound of crockery smashing clatters down the phone.
fandom:skyfall  author:thomasin  relationship:bond/q  setting:kid-fic  sad  funny  romantic  happyending  hot  bottom!q 
july 2019 by little-thoughts
Sans Vêtements
Bond has a different relationship with nudity than most people. Of this Q is quite sure.
fandom:skyfall  author:catchclaw  relationship:bond/q  sweet  hot 
march 2019 by little-thoughts
we're all in the mood for a melody (and you've got us feeling alright) - laughtershock
"I was just thinking, you look like you give great fellatio," Q explains, because it isn't like he was staring to be weird or anything, only then Bond fumbles the glass he's holding and nearly spills brandy down his front.

(The one where Q plays piano at the hotel where Bond bartends, and the combined powers of alcohol and Billy Joel induce a reluctant, clumsy love story.)
fandom:skyfall  p:00q  c:q  c:james_bond  c:eve_moneypenny  c:bill_tanner  wc:10-25k  tag:misunderstandings  tag:alcohol  role:musician  role:bartender  tag:emotional_constipation  tag:pining  tag:relationship_development 
march 2019 by endofthyme
honour amongst thieves
The love story between the hacker and the hitman is well-known in the criminal underground. Some of it is even true.
fandom:skyfall  author:midrashic  relationship:bond/q  character:eve  setting:assassin-au 
february 2019 by little-thoughts
Locust Wind
by <user name=alphaflyer>, <i>The Avengers</i> | <i>Skyfall</i>, Clint/Natasha, ~31,500 words, Teen === Sequel to the <a href="">previously linked <i>Second Mouse</i></a>, Bond (the Craig version) ends up working again with SHIELD, with a few familiar faces. (Also, shhhh, I think there's another sequel in process, yay!)
category:het  category:gen  fandom:MCU  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Skyfall  character:JamesBond  pairing:Clint/Natasha  genre:crossover  setting:pre-canon  type:fpf 
january 2019 by topaz119
like brick, like stone
There's not much of a point showing Bond around then in that case, and yet, some part of Q still wants to introduce Bond to each room and every corner. Say his own hellos and goodbyes all in one go, too, while also apologising under his breath to these creaking walls for not bringing Bond home any earlier. He might have grown to like it here, perhaps. And in some other life, maybe even come to love it as much as Q does.
fandom:skyfall  author:skylights  wip  relationship:bond/q  hot  bottom!q  sweet 
january 2019 by little-thoughts

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