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The Bee Grove
Watson travels to Kent to attend the funeral of an estranged friend from his past who committed suicide. Certain things transpire to make Watson wonder if his inappropriate love for Holmes could possibly be requited. After drinking a bit too much on the train home, he drafts a letter to Holmes revealing all, but isn't sure he will ever have the courage to potentially ruin everything by giving it to Holmes. Of course, things go terribly awry, and it will take a timely intervention by Mycroft Holmes to set things back on track.
fandom:Sherlock.Holmes  getting.together  pairing:Holmes/Watson  meddling  meddling!OC  meddling!Mycroft  sweet  comment.fic  author:random_nexus  complete 
november 2018 by Kehlen
The luxury of the wedding ring - nefariosity - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
51k words //

The year is 1991. Most people think that arranged marriages between young omegas and older alphas in the UK are a thing of the distant past, but John Watson is about to discover otherwise.
fandom:sherlock.holmes  theme:age.diff  theme:omegaverse  theme:au-intentional 
october 2017 by hermionemalfoy
If - Laiquilasse - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
51k words //

John Watson knew his arrangement was due to come to fruition that year, so when he found an omega in his living room one afternoon, he wasn't entirely surprised. Except that said omega was young enough to still be in school, and hadn't even had his first heat yet.

With John refusing to take advantage of Sherlock, the two of them begin a strange co-habitation somewhere between family and friends. But as Sherlock and John get older, and Sherlock begins to mature, will nature pull them together, or push them apart?
fandom:sherlock.holmes  pairing:sherlock.holmes/john.watson  theme:omegaverse  theme:age.diff 
august 2017 by hermionemalfoy
Title: Matches, or A Treatise Upon the Education of a Young Gentleman
Authors: janeturenne and rabidsamfan
Beta Thanks to: random_nexus
Pairing: Holmes (ala Jeremy Brett) / Watson (ala Jude Law)
'Verse: Smutty (book elements, but fine for movie-only folk)
Word Count: Somewhere northwards of 20k, all told
Author notes: Inspired by a fortunate conjunction of these two photographs. Neither of us being artists, we could not draw the delicious images which came to mind, and wrote this instead.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In which we postulate the existence of a meeting before The Meeting, and buggery ensues. A tale in four parts, two of which are the same part, seen from differing angles.
fanfiction  pairing:holmes/watson  rating:explicit  author:janeturenne  author:rabidsamfan  fandom:sherlock.holmes 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Of Heat and Hearts - Laiquilasse - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
24k words (pretty much just a lot of smut) //

As John takes care of the only omega in his life, he has to question how long they can keep this up, and whether there are some things better left unsaid, and if a life without bonding is truly possible for them.
fandom:sherlock.holmes  pairing:sherlock.holmes/john.watson  theme:omegaverse  theme:au-intentional 
september 2016 by hermionemalfoy
Smoke - esama - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
48k words -- this was great //

For Mycroft, the most jarring thing about V-day isn’t that it happened. It’s that he did not see it coming.
fandom:kingsman  fandom:sherlock.holmes  pairing:eggsy/mycroft  genre:crossover 
august 2016 by hermionemalfoy
Red Queen to Overwatch - BootsnBlossoms, Kryptaria - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
After returning from the dead, James Bond moves into a new secure flat, only to find that his new neighbour is either: a scruffy teenager, a brilliant computer geek, a mad scientist, or the sexiest genius he's ever met. Two of these things turn out to be true.

Well, three, once the Red Queen gets involved.
:Fic  fandom:sherlock.holmes  ship:007/Q  cat:AU  cat:crossover  cat:diplomacy&government  cat:spies 
january 2016 by extempore
Out of Time / elena_c
Tony Stark not only ends up in Victorian England but he also invevitably bumps into Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.
fandom:sherlock.holmes  fandom:avengers  theme:crossover/fusion 
november 2015 by thursdayschild
Just How This Would End
Having consulted Sherlock Holmes before, Violet Hunter knows what to expect when she takes a friend to him for help. She is incorrect.
fandom:Sherlock.Holmes  PoV:OC  au  pairing:Holmes/Watson  pairing:Watson/M.Morstan  pairing:M.Morstan/OFC  bitter.sweet  complete  very.good  author:Violsva 
april 2015 by Kehlen
Lending a Hand - mistyzeo - Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle [Archive of Our Own]
I absolutely floored a friend recently when I suggested she get her hubby to do the shaving of her, for added sexitimes, so I'm tagging this as a reminder that I'm DEFINITELY not the first person to this that shaving and sexiness can go together. This fic also manages to add in a plotty case!
Chemical experiments go awry at Baker Street, leaving Holmes incapacitated and Watson charged with being his hands. Against Watson's advice Holmes takes on a case of burglary and murder, all the...
fandom:sherlock.holmes  pairing:holmes/watson  rating:nc-17  length:10001-25000  genre:plotty 
march 2015 by SomebodyOwens
Paper Chase - copperbadge - White Collar, Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
One serial killer, two crafty crime-solves, and their attendant long-suffering coworkers. Unsurprisingly, when Neal and Sherlock get together, a wild romp occurs.
One criminal consultant. One consulting detective. One serial killer. And one perhaps inadvisable bet...
fandom:white.collar  fandom:sherlock.holmes  rating:pg-13  genre:xover  genre:plotty  length:6001-10000  pairing:gen 
march 2015 by SomebodyOwens
The Queen's Migration
When the conclusion of a case threatens Holmes's health, Watson takes him out of the city on holiday by force, expecting to spend the week dodging crockery and snide remarks. A chance encounter with a swarm of bees changes things.
fandom:Sherlock.Holmes  Holmes&Watson  sweet  complete  bees  author:mistyzeo 
march 2015 by Kehlen
Winter's Delights - Kate_Lear - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
I do love a good meet the family fic, and this one has plenty of charmingly quirky characters.
Sherlock takes John home for Christmas to meet the extended Holmes family.
fandom:sherlock.holmes  pairing:holmes/watson  rating:nc-17  genre:get.together  length:10001-25000 
march 2015 by SomebodyOwens

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