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Another for working days by dachosmin
"Don Pedro’s mouth goes dry watching the way Benedick’s hands cup Beatrice’s waist as he pulls her close, the way her mouth breaks into a laugh at some quiet joke he whispers against the shell of her ear.

He aches."

fits very well
fandom:shakespeare  fandom:muchadoaboutnothing  beatrice/benedick  beatrice/benedick/don_pedro  yuletide2019 
8 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
One part honey by the_rck
"No matter which answer she gave, she would be wrong, so she hesitated. "I am not born to that, your Grace." It was all she could do not to turn to see if anyone had overheard. Her uncle would rebuke her for saying 'no' and never forgive her for achieving a higher place this day than Hero's. "I beseech your Grace pardon me."

Don Pedro's expression remained open and serene. "In the briefest moment were there need." His eyes met hers, and he stepped closer. "My heart is not engaged, so it may be a jest an you wish it."

Beatrice shook her head minutely, but she wasn't sure if she meant to refuse the proposal or to refuse the possibility of not taking it seriously."

fandom:shakespeare  fandom:muchadoaboutnothing  multi 
august 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
Queer Eye for the Tennant Guys - Mangaluva - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
OH MEME. LOOK AT THIS MOAST UNHOLY CONVERGENCE OF FANGIRL NERDISM. // Additional tags: specifically the 2011 Wyndham Theatre production of Much Ado About Nothing and the 2009 Royal Shakespeare Company production of Hamlet for David Tennant reasons Karamo I'm so sorry deaths in Shakespare alluded to but not depicted some lines from Antoni paraphrase a conversation from season 4 about his father JVN and Crowley are both nonbinary and loving it no I did not pay any attention at all to meter in Benedick and Hamlet's scenes so my old english teacher will probably track me down and take the shot any day now The Major Character Death tag refers only to Hamlet and Hamlet-adjacent character snot any of the Fab 5 Davina's only in there for like a second but there is zero transphobia in her scene I promise

fandom:goodomens  fandom:rpf  fandom:doctorwho  fandom:shakespeare  crossover  gen 
july 2019 by as_lld_again
Repentance - Zaxal - Much Ado About Nothing - Shakespeare [Archive of Our Own]
For Kinktober Day 9: Titfucking / Bondage / Lingerie.

fandom:shakespeare  pairing:benedick/beatrice  het  au  bdsm 
july 2019 by as_lld_again
Careless Talk Costs Lives - redletters - Much Ado About Nothing - Shakespeare [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:shakespeare  pairing:benedick/beatrice  het  au  yuletide 
june 2019 by as_lld_again
pavane by betony
"Relationships take time and care to develop--so why should a merry war of words be any different?"

fandom:shakespeare  fandom:muchadoaboutnothing  beatrice/benedick  yuletide2018 
december 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
I'LL SHOW YOU THE REAL SUPERPOWER OF TEAM WORK!! — cyanideending: cyanideending: ...
admittedly I don’t normally like modern shakespeare adaptations but once I went to see my cousin in a midsummer night’s dream and it opened with a high schooler saying “I don’t wanna read this play” so he sits down and eats an entire chipotle burrito on stage and then immediately falls asleep and the play begins but instead of the forest the faeries all hang out in a rainforest cafe TM and at one point in the middle of a scene the guy from the beginning just slowly drifts across the back of the stage on a skateboard, staring at all the characters as the events of the play transpire in the form of some sort of chipotle-induced coma lucid dream


Here ya go kids… all 2h20m. if you make it through the whole thing once, that’s probably more times than any of the cast watched this DVD. You can probably see why. Tbh if you watch this, I am sorry in advance.

Important notes:

- Chipotle burrito makes a cameo about 30 min in,

- the end has a flash mob and a “commercial” for the Forest Cafe,

- unfortunately, the lunch scene where all the mechanicals whistle like the Breakfast Club got mostly cut for some reason?
nonfic  fandom:shakespeare  vid  towatch 
april 2018 by kit12123
These three things abide by fresne
"When Beatrice was born, she was blessed by three fairies. With a clever tongue and a soft heart and laughter. This stood her in good stead when she was nine and went to Hell. It was also of some use when she was eighteen, had her heart broken and went to Purgatory.

Didn't hurt the rest of her life either. For the triple blessings and tripled magic, it didn't really stop with that first blessing."
fandom:muchadoaboutnothing  fandom:mythology  unread  fandom:shakespeare 
january 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Gentlemen of the Shade - Selena - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
In which Falstaff's page has a chat with the late Henry V. about shared bed fellows (plural), accidentally founds a dynasty and changes the course of English history.
author:selena  fandom:Shakespeare  pairing:Owen.Tudor/  rating:PG-13  length:1k-10k  content:death  content:supernatural  fic:prose  complete 
october 2017 by puckling
Bestiary - likeadeuce - Richard III - Shakespeare [Archive of Our Own]
Catesby, Ratcliff, and Buckingham are each, in their own way, Richard's creatures. Of course, if Richard has his way, so is everyone.
author:likeadeuce  fandom:Shakespeare  pairing:none  rating:R  length:1k-10k  warnings:none  fic:prose  complete 
march 2017 by puckling
both alike in dignity - dazebras - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
In order to hide his budding relationship with Juliet, Romeo ropes Mercutio into pretending to be his boyfriend. Alongside his romantic competition, his sassy ex, and the moderately helpful Benvolio, Romeo reconciles his cooling feelings for Juliet and his growing attraction to his best friend. This romp through the perils of modern day high school contains references to many of Shakespeare's other works and is sure to delight the casual fan of Elizabethan Literature. // DID MY OLD ENGLISH TEACHER WRITE FIC OR SOMETHING
fandom:shakespeare  pairing:romeo/mercutio  slash  fake-dating  bedsharing  au  infidelity 
december 2016 by as_lld_again
Sigh no more by eatsscissors
"Before the events of the play, Beatrice and Benedick meet and begin their enmity."
fandom:muchadoaboutnothing  beatrice/benedick  yuletide2007  unread  fandom:shakespeare 
august 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
This is Where I'll Stay - 221brosiewilde - Hamlet - Shakespeare [Archive of Our Own]
This is life, Horatio thinks, tracing the knobs of bone along Hamlet’s spine. This is life and everything that it should be.

Horatio and Hamlet at Wittenberg, just before the events of the play take place.
author:221brosiewilde  fandom:Shakespeare  pairing:Hamlet/Horatio  rating:PG-13  length:1k-10k  content:death  fic:prose  complete 
may 2016 by puckling

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