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A Nightingale Sang in Russell Square / melannen
'Starling, on the last day thou art well advized to remayne within thy Manor, but thou dost not abide, and goest instead to gayze uppon thy Steading, and upon the Fell’s.'
(The Nice And Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch: Prophecy 1456)  fandom:good.omens  theme:crossover/fusion 
6 days ago by thursdayschild
Rivers of London: Just keep your eyes on me by Sixthlight
Summary: Bev looked at me, then leaned down further, and said something very quietly in Nightingale’s ear. I’m always going to remember his expression as she spoke. He’s never actually told me what she said. Neither has she.

I’ve got some pretty solid conjectures, though.
Reccer's Notes: I love good asymmetric poly, and here's a great fic featuring it...and also pegging <3
reccer:imogeneherdman  creator:sixthlight  theme:sex.pollen  theme:polyamory  theme:book.fandoms  length:05.000-10.000.words  pairing:beverly.brook/peter.grant  pairing:peter.grant/thomas.nightingale 
20 days ago by fancake
stranger than you could imagine - Sixthlight - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
If Thomas looked at Peter sometimes and saw a handsome young man – well, that was his business. The moment always passed, a strange sort of visual illusion that vanished when you tilted your head the other way. Except when it didn’t. 
march 2019 by ooohlemony
Sixthlight: heard and understood
Peter, for all the time that Beverley had known him, had had a terrible habit of falling into conversations where the other person was flirting with him and he was entirely oblivious to that fact. (6,500 words)
Author permission statement:</block>  medium:fic  creator:sixthlight  !no.smut  *secondary.fanworks.policy:blanket.permission  relationship:het  relationship:slash  topic:flirting  focus:peter.grant  focus:thomas.nightingale  focus:beverley.brook  pairing:peter.grant/thomas.nightingale  pairing:beverley.brook/peter.grant  length:5k-10k  posted:2018-05  bookmarked:2018-05 
may 2018 by sylvaine
heard and understood - Sixthlight - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
Peter, for all the time that Beverley had known him, had had a terrible habit of falling into conversations where the other person was flirting with him and he was entirely oblivious to that fact. 
may 2018 by ooohlemony
Rivers of Ankh-Morpork / Melannen
The Faceless Man miscalculates, and Peter Grant falls into a river.

...well, more onto a river, really. He may have bounced.
fandom:discworld  theme:crossover/fusion 
april 2018 by thursdayschild
Rivers of London: Changes in Perspective by Sixthlight
Summary: In 1945, the prison camp of Ettersberg is bombed from altitude. In 2009, Peter Grant graduates university with a bachelor’s degree in architecture.

It’s a magical new world.
Reccer's Notes: I mean, it's Sixthlight. There's a reason why her whole bibliography is basically being recced lol.  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:peter.grant  character:thomas.nightingale  length:80.000&more.words  creator:sixthlight  theme:(secret).hobbies  theme:au  theme:book.fandoms  reccer:imogeneherdman 
april 2018 by fancake
Rivers of London: The Effect of Neurotransmitter Levels On Increased Suggestibility by Sixthlight
Summary: Case studies have documented the ability of some individuals to induce increased suggestibility in others, colloquially referred to as “the Glamour” (Walid et al., 2021).
Reccer's Notes: You could perhaps read this as a companion piece to the Lego Research Institute research paper recced earlier which notes its own lack of abstract. This is an abstract for a research paper, that doesn't exist in canon. (But two of the characters involved have canonically had a discussion about the ethics complications that would ensue in the course of carrying out research on the topic.)  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:peter.grant  character:abigail.kamara  character:beverley.brook  character:abdul.haqq.walid  length:0-1.000.words  creator:sixthlight  theme:unconventional.format&style  reccer:glinda 
april 2018 by fancake
Rivers of London: Mostly Ceremonial by Sixthlight
Summary: It was Lady Ty's idea. She thought it was fucking hilarious.
Reccer's Notes: The first fic of what grew to be a very nice series! I love serious takes on somewhat cracky premises, and Sixthlight delivers. :)  pairing:peter.grant/thomas.nightingale  character:lesley.may  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:sixthlight  theme:fake.marriage  theme:marriage  theme:arranged.marriage  theme:characters.of.color  theme:first.time  reccer:jainas  theme:pretend.couple 
april 2018 by fancake
Rivers of London: A Fairytale Ending by Sixthlight
Summary: “Hey,” said Abigail, “I almost forgot. I found a thing, and I think it’s magic.”
Reccer's Notes: I love all the side characters ribbing on them, it's almost as good as Outsider's POV <3  pairing:peter.grant/thomas.nightingale  pairing:beverly.brook/peter.grant  length:05.000-10.000.words  creator:sixthlight  theme:casefic  theme:established.relationship  theme:established.relationship.with.plot  theme:polyamory  reccer:imogeneherdman 
january 2018 by fancake
knight_tracer, thefourthvine || I've Found a New Baby
It’s an embarrassing cliché, I know, but there was an actual basket, made of what looked to be actual wicker, actually sitting there. It was oval and large and had spaces for handholds on either end; for a minute, I thought it was full of laundry, and my mind spun an image of a ghost laundress. Then the small hand emerged from the basket, waved around for a minute, and smacked down again.  type:slash  character:peter.grant  character:thomas.nightingale  pairing:peter/nightingale 
august 2017 by bloodier
Riverd of London/Great British Bake Off: Four and twenty lovebirds (baked in a pie) by stardust_r
Summary: Peter Grant is a contestant on The Great British Bake Off 2016, Thomas Nightingale is its famously stoic, poker-faced judge. The nation’s running commentary is their background soundtrack as they flirt onscreen. It’s gonna be a very long ten weeks.
Reccer's Notes: I have never watched one episode of the Great British Bake-Off, and reality TV fics aren't usually my thing, but it didn't stop me for enjoying this fic immensely. The fusion works very well, and the media recounting of the season is fascinating. The focus is on Peter and Nightingale slowly growing tension and pining and the ensuing scandal and media storm, but all the other characters get plenty of screentime and time in the spotlight as well and are very well written.
I actually think this is a fic one could enjoy without knowing any of the fandoms, even if of course all the clever bits of characterization would be lost.  pairing:peter.grant/thomas.nightingale  character:lesley.may  character:beverley.brook  character:abigail.kamara  length:20.000-40.000.words  creator:stardust_rain  theme:pining  theme:mutual.pining  theme:au  theme:characters.of.color  theme:courtship  theme:crossovers&fusions  reccer:jainas 
july 2017 by fancake
Rivers of London: J'attendrai, by Quasar
Summary: Probationary Constable Peter Grant met me for the first time when I walked up to him by the portico of the Actors' Church on a freezing winter night and said, "Hello. What are you up to?" However, I first met Detective Sergeant Peter Grant when he jogged up to my doorstep on a mild autumn afternoon and said, "There you are, sir. It is you, isn't it?"
Reccer's Notes: I love this story. Quasar has a deft hand on the characters and the earlier era, and also manages that rare fic: a time loop story where you don't know what's going to happen. Angsty, but deliciously so, with Nightingale caught in a quandry it takes him a long time to figure his way out of.  pairing:peter.grant/thomas.nightingale  length:60.000-80.000.words  creator:quasar  theme:time.loops  theme:small.fandoms  theme:book.fandoms  theme:first.time  theme:fandom.classics  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2017 by fancake
Rivers of London: Wizardry By Consent
Summary: Fifteen years after a headless body was discovered in Covent Garden, Thomas Nightingale is still the last wizard in Britain, and Peter Grant, newly appointed Commander for Community Engagement in the Metropolitan Police Service, has just learned the truth about the existence of the Folly.

He has one or two questions.
Reccer's Notes: This is a great fic that shows a deep understanding of the two main characters of the books, Peter Grant and Thomas Nightingale. What would have happened if they'd met later in life? What would a Peter be like who wasn't a wizard, and would never be a wizard, and had power and influence through official channels? What would a Nightingale be like who'd had an extra fifteen years alone with only Molly for company? What would have happened to the magical underground without Peter's presence? This is an engaging story that feels very true to the characters, like it could be canon. sixthlight is one of the greats of the RoL fandom, and this fic is one of the reasons why.  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:thomas.nightingale  character:peter.grant  length:60.000-80.000.words  creator:sixthlight  theme:fandom.classics  theme:characters.of.color  theme:au  theme:competence  theme:slow.burn  theme:small.fandoms  theme:book.fandoms  reccer:beatrice_otter 
march 2017 by fancake

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