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As The World Falls Down - GoldStarGrl - Psych [Archive of Our Own]
Zombie Apocalypse AU. Shawn and Gus need to traverse the country in search of a rumored sanctuary. Juliet and Carlton have a van. What were they supposed to do, not sneak into the trunk?
Fandom:Psych  genre:au  type:zombies  Pairing:Shawn.Spencer/Carlton.Lassiter  pairing:Burton.Guster/Juliet.O'Hara  10-20k.words 
10 weeks ago by silentflux
Alive and Living (In That Order) - copyallcatsandacrobats (ordinaryalchemy) - Psych [Archive of Our Own]
During a zombie apocalypse, Lassiter struggles to get himself and a traumatized Shawn Spencer to safety. Initially concerned only with survival, Lassiter discovers that there's still something worth hoping for, worth caring for. COMPLETED.
Fandom:Psych  genre:au  type:zombies  Pairing:Shawn.Spencer/Carlton.Lassiter  10-20k.words 
december 2018 by silentflux
Words I Can Never Say
Sometimes being a fake psychic isn't all it's cracked up to be.
fic  fandom:psych  gen  author:musicalluna  rating:pg13  length:<2000 
november 2018 by septiemestar
Series || Something Interesting
Shawn and Gus were celebrating the opening of a new nightclub near Shawn’s apartment. The night was turning enjoyable, drinks were reasonably priced, the music was deafening but danceable and with a magnificent feat of wingwomanship, Shawn had found Gus a girl. A true miracle indeed.

Not to sound smug, but this had been a brilliant idea on Shawn’s part.

But then Shawn wakes up in an alley early the next morning, covered in cuts and bruises, miles away from the club and her apartment, with no memory as to how she got there.

And Shawn is scared.

For the first time Shawn finds herself on the other side of the thin blue line, not as a suspect, but as a victim.

And Shawn thinks she preferred being the suspect.
author:vanyainstance  fandom:psych  rating:pg13  type:slash  type:het  genre:drama  genre:AU  pairing:lassiter/spencer  warning:violence  warning:sexswap  status:complete  series:inprogress  count:50000-100000 
august 2018 by slashpimp
Two Blind Birds On a Date
Shawn is bored and Carlton is lonely and both of them are making Juliet's and Gus' lives miserable. To solve all of their problems, Juliet comes up with the idea of setting Shawn and Carlton up on a blind date. It's a recipe ripe for disaster unless the two stubborn men can settle their differences and give in to the sexual tension brewing between them.
author:moondragon23  fandom:psych  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:lassiter/spencer  genre:fluff  genre:smut  status:complete  count:10000-20000 
june 2018 by slashpimp
Let me share with you!
fic  fandom:psych  pairing:shawn/lassiter  author:basingstoke  rating:pg13  note:humor  length:<2000 
march 2018 by septiemestar
A suspect gives Juliet and Lassiter Shawn's name as an alibi for robberies in question; Shawn must then reveal more about himself than he wants to in order to tell what he knows. After a poor payback, Lassiter is actually sympathetic, and he ends up inadvertently making his own revelation before receiving an invitation.
fic  fandom:psych  pairing:shawn/omc  pairing:shawn/lassiter  author:copyallcatsandacrobats  rating:pg13  note:oc  note:lgbtissues  length:2000-9999 
march 2018 by septiemestar
in so much space
. . . or, Shawn Spencer and his Adventures in Brainweird Land. (Or, Shawn is schizotypal, but good luck getting him to admit it.)
fic  fandom:psych  pairing:shawn/juliet  author:the_bookkeeper  rating:pg  length:<2000 
march 2018 by septiemestar
Varying Degrees of Con-Artistry
Of pianos, first kisses, trip-ups, semantics, aspirin, facades, and mental slight of hand. Seven glances into the mind of Shawn Spencer.
fic  fandom:psych  pairing:shawn/lassiter  author:lucia_tanaka  rating:pg13  length:2000-9999 
february 2018 by septiemestar
Shot Through the Heart (And You're to Blame) - trixietru - Psych [Archive of Our Own]
Lassiter does something unexpected during a stressful moment, leading Shawn to re-evaluate their relationship.
Fandom:Psych  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Shawn.Spencer/Carlton.Lassiter  20-30k.words 
september 2017 by silentflux
The Case of The Friendly Indians: Chapter 1/4 - Tales of Shassie
Shawn and Lassiter visit a friend from Lassiter’s police academy days.
lj  lj:post  fanfiction  fandom:psych  pairing:shawn/lassiter 
march 2017 by amato
( PSY ) The Closet and Dr Caligari
When Shawn and Gus investigate the death of a stage manager they find themselves dragged into a world of British accents and hypnotism. In order to work toward solving the case, Shawn lets himself get hypnotized on stage and proceeds to get handsy. And then bad things happen, rocks fall, everyone doesn’t-quite-die, but Gus is not happy, because his friendship with Shawn reaches tipping point.
fandom:psych  pairing:shawn/gus  author:loz  wc:25k~  status:complete  rating:pg13  trope:murder.mystery  trope:obliviousness  genre:mystery  genre:romance  misc:primer 
february 2017 by sylladex
( PSY ) Pretty Much A Humperdinck
According to the rulebook of Shawn Spencer, once dibs are called there are no take backs.
fandom:psych  pairing:shawn/gus  wc:1k~  status:complete  rating:pg 
january 2017 by sylladex

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