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alpheratz | Bandom Core Curricula: A Study Guide for Newbies
Hello and welcome to the bandom newbie reclist! :D Here you will find a "selective two degrees of MCR" kind of deal, meant to serve as a gateway into bandom fic through My Chemical Romance. As such, this reclist draws heavily from MCR fic, branches out into panbandom fic, and from there into Panic! at the Disco, Pete Wentz, and Gabe Saporta.
Fandom:MCR  Fandom:Bandom  Fandom:PatD  Fandom:FOB  Primer  Picspam 
may 2015 by jstong
knight_tracer | Beginners Bandom Podfic List
I've talked before about how I got into bandom by way of podfic. Yesterday, fire_juggler saw that I'd finished my MCR Epic Discipline and Punish (coming in at 18 hours long) and decided to dip into bandom.

There are LOTS of bandom primers out there, (frank/gerard, mcr, panic!, general) but I wanted to put together a beginners bandom podfic primer/rec list. I am NOT going to apologise for personal bias - I have not listened to all the bandom podfic in the universe (though I've listened to a lot). Feel free to make your own heading and rec in comments - eg. Ryan/Spencer or gen or Mikey/Gerard. Also, feel free to point out bandom podfic 'essentials' you think I missed. I am going to allow people to add suggestions in comments that I will then add to the post for 24-48 hours depending on responses.

All fics are Frank/Gerard for MCR or Brendon/Spencer for Panic! unless otherwise indicated.
Fandom:Bandom  Fandom:MCR  Fandom:PatD  Primer 
may 2015 by jstong
Amnesiac!Ryan - mokuyoubi - Bandom, Panic! at the Disco, Young Veins [Archive of Our Own]
Ryan loses all memory of the last five years - and suddenly wakes up in a world where his Dad's dead, he's surrounded by unfamiliar people, and Spencer's not speed dial #1. // Series includes The First Time Around & Savoir Rare.
medium:fic  fandom:bandom  fandom:patd  Ryan/Spencer  rating:pg-13  length:10k-20k  universe:post-divorce 
december 2014 by mandy_croyance
Oh Doctor Doctor - softlyforgotten - Bandom, The Young Veins, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
It was just that on his first day in the oncology department of the hospital six years ago, he'd been introduced to Dr Ryan Ross, Head Surgeon, and fallen stupidly and irrevocably in love with him, and that, apparently, was that. (A hospital AU.)
fandom:bandom  medium:fic  fandom:patd  pairing:brendon/ryan  universe:AU  universe:hospital!au  rating:nc-17  length:10k-20k 
november 2014 by mandy_croyance
Bound to the Beat
In a near canon world where orientation refers to dominance or submission, not sexuality, almost everyone has a soulmate that is supposed to complement their personality, biology, orientation and heart. Most people look forward to the day when the psionic bond sparks into existence, connecting them to their other halves. However, a trauma left Bob wanting anything but the bond he sees as a dangerous trap, and he takes matters in his own hands to chemically prevent his bond from effecting him. Patrick doesn't know what he did wrong but he knows that for some reason, his soulmate has rejected him and he has to learn to live with that. Between their pasts, their bands, and their hopes, neither of them expects end up where they do - so close with so much distance still between them.
fanwork  Fandom:MCR  Fandom:PatD  Fandom:FOB  Pairing:Bob/Patrick  Pairing:Gerard/Brian  Pairing:Mikey/Pete  Pairing:Ryan/Spencer  rating:nc-17  Length:LongShot  Length:BigBang  type:prose  site:AO3  author:dancinbutterfly  quality:sunfish  extra:au  Extra:BDSM  extra:bond  Extra:Toys 
february 2014 by opalsong
Simple Word (Dickens-verse)
Ryan might not be good enough to keep the others safe, but he's not going to stop trying.
Fandom:bandom  fandom:mcr  fandom:PATD  author:arsenicjade  tag:series  genre:AU  genre:h/c  genre:angst  genre:runaways/homeless 
october 2013 by waitingforrain
Waiting for the End of the World
"I don't know," Spencer says. "Fuck, Brendon. I don't know. Everything is weird. This is weird. Can you stay still for me while I jerk you off?"
biting, watersports, desperation play. that's a lot of kink for a little fic!
fandom:bandom  fandom:patd  author:fictionalaspect  pairing:Brendon/Spencer  genre:BDSM 
august 2013 by waitingforrain
Meet 'n Greet
It was the eye patch that caught Spencer's attention. It wasn't that Spencer had never seen an eye patch before, because he had, but generally on men over seventy, and that wasn't really Spencer's thing. Spencer wouldn't have guessed that eye patches were his thing in general, but one look at the guy had Spencer glancing back, shifting himself to be more comfortable in his jeans, so yeah, okay, maybe.
fanwork  Fandom:PatD  fandom:btvs  extra:crossover  pairing:Xander/Spencer  rating:unrated  time:0:00-5:00  Type:PodFic  site:audiofic  author:arsenic  performer:knight_tracer  quality:sunfish 
april 2013 by opalsong
Ryan Ross gets double-teamed by Mike Richards and Jeff Carter. I DON'T EVEN KNOW. *hands*
fandom:hockey  author:jedusaur  fandom:crossover  fandom:bandom  fandom:PATD  pairing:Carter/Richards/Ryan(Ross)  tag:ficlet 
march 2013 by waitingforrain
Hold This Rope (series) by Sena
"Brendon likes pain, Spencer likes causing pain, and they try to figure things out."
fandom:Bandom  fandom:PatD  pairing:Brendon/Spencer  length:20k-50k  rating:Explicit  content:BDSM  fanwork:fic 
february 2013 by corbae
Nobody's Got No Class
Ray meets Ian Crawford at a Pete Wentz birthday party. But then, he meets a lot of people at Pete's parties. Pete knows people. That's why Ray fucking hates going to his parties; not that he minds people, but half of these people are wearing clothes that cost more than his last guitar and they want to gossip about who's fucking who in LA and Decaydance. Ray really doesn't give a shit.
Author:Anoneknewmoose  Fandom:MCR  Fandom:PatD  Ray/Ian  Kink:FirstTime  Kink:Size  Kink:PowerBottom  Fic  No_Tags  Complete  <5k  PWP  Drugs 
january 2013 by jstong
There's a Chance We Could Make It Now
A skatepark AU where Brendon is new here, Louis is on driving duties, and Zayn probably spends more time taking photographs than actually skateboarding.
Author:Shrdmdnssftw  Fandom:OneDirection  Fandom:PatD  Zayn  Harry/Liam  Louis/Brendon  Niall  Liam  AU  >5k  Fic  Complete 
january 2013 by jstong
Fear of Flying
Oh the joys of re-visiting old favorites! Bandom, I've missed you!
Brendon is a music therapist and works as a waiter at Panic! At the Disco at night. He pines for talented, wealthy Head Chef Spencer. Serious pining. Fairly multi-bandom.
fandom:bandom  author:moku-youbi  fandom:PATD  pairing:Brendon/Spencer  genre:AU  tag:pining!Brendon 
september 2012 by waitingforrain

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