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Little Lion Man - Writcraft
It’s his final year at Hogwarts, and Louis can’t wait to leave for good. He hates being in Gryffindor and he can’t even enjoy a smoke with the Slytherins now his best mate Zayn’s fucked off to Durmstrang. Louis would be completely miserable if not for WWN and Nick Grimshaw. The same Nick Grimshaw Louis has been listening to for years, ever since Nick’s early days on Potterwatch. As Louis tries to negotiate coming of age, sexuality, first times, homophobia in the wizarding world and his growing feelings for Nick, a new evil emerges which puts Louis and Nick in serious danger. Peace can only last for so long and Louis is about to learn exactly how brave he can be as he finds himself fighting for his life, his friends and everything he’s ever loved.
fandom:onedirection  p:nick/louis  wordcount:100k+  [au]  [magic]  [harrypotter]  from instapaper
august 2019 by areasontofight
You Don't Care About Me (One More Night) - lululawrence
“Nick. You’re into guys. What should I do?”

Nick snorted. “You think just ‘cause I’m gay, I know what you should do?”

Louis blinked at him and Nick admired his eyelashes against his will. “Well. Kind of, yeah.”

“That is not how this works,” Nick said. “Besides, it’s not like you can just go and suck someone’s dick to be sure you like it the way I did. You’re too famous to try it my way.”

Louis’ expression changed to one of awe. “That’s how you figured it out? You sucked some random’s dick?”

Nick shrugged. “Yeah. Basically. I mean, I knew for pretty damn sure before that, mind you, but that did solidify the matter for me.”

“I need to suck a dick,” Louis said, turning to look at the wall of Nick’s room.

“You could suck mine, if it would help,” Nick offered before he could stop himself.

Or the one where Louis pines for Harry and Nick helps ease his way into figuring himself out through a friends with benefits sort of arrangement. Things quickly turn complicated.
fandom:onedirection  p:nick/louis  wordcount:50k-80k  [canon]  from instapaper
july 2019 by areasontofight
Wear It Like A Crown - zarah5 - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:onedirection  pairing:harry/louis  slash  au  longfic 
june 2019 by as_lld_again
Empty Nights - lounonymouse
Nick Grimshaw is struggling to adapt to his new job as host of Drive – he's embarrassed about being 'demoted' and, instead of confronting his feelings, he's attempting to drink and party his woes away and is one drunken mistake away from being fired. Louis Tomlinson is still grieving his mother's untimely death and is obsessed with writing the 'perfect' album in her honour, working all day and night, forgetting to eat and sleep and rarely leaving the house.

When Nick gets a phone call from Harry Styles asking him to go to the house of a 'friend of a friend of a friend' to retrieve a mysterious biscuit tin he left there, Nick finds himself ringing the doorbell of Louis Tomlinson, the up-and-coming popstar he last met when he accidentally threw up all over him mid-radio interview. Louis shuts the door in Nick's face so Nick decides his only course of action is to break in and steal the tin...

And so begins a complicated, messy and not-always-law-abiding journey of two men who might think they hate each other but are actually meant to be. If they could only pull their heads out of their arses, they'd work that out. And maybe they'd even find out what's inside Harry's mysterious biscuit tin ...
fandom:onedirection  p:nick/louis  wordcount:20k-50k  [canon-au]  [angst]  from instapaper
january 2019 by areasontofight
red hands - reveries_passions
“I’ve never told anyone,” Harry murmurs, voice so soft no one else would be able to hear, if it wasn’t just the two of them.

“But you’ve told someone,” Louis says firmly. “And that’s not gonna fucking happen around here. You don’t speak a word of it, or someone’s going to kill you, and we can’t let that happen.”


a dystopian au in which harry, an ex-soldier who’s escaped from his government run camp, accidentally stumbles across the biggest rebel movement in the country, and louis, one of the rebellion’s mysterious leaders who appears to hate him, seems to simultaneously have an obsession with keeping him alive. or: harry is wanted for treason, niall hasn’t changed in four years, liam is always smiling, and louis is angry. like, really angry.
fandom:onedirection  p:harry/louis  wordcount:100k+  [post-apocalypse]  [dystopia]  [angst] 
november 2018 by areasontofight
Love Endless (Bridge to Barbarity) - wubwubnparmaham - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Graphic Depictions Of Violence Major Character Death UnderageAntinous/Emperor Hadrian Emperor Hadrian/Alexander the Great Emperor Hadrian/Damianos Auron/Destruction and Chaos lolEmperor Hadrian Alexander the Great Auron Aelius Antinous Marcius Martin Guerin Liam Payne Zayn Malik Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson

fandom:onedirection  slash  DEATHFIC  underage  WIP  VAMPIRES 
september 2018 by as_lld_again
your quietest voice - flimsy - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia

Louis wakes to the tinnitus buzz of the engine, resonating through his brain and lungs and bones like shockwaves in honey because he's dream-caught, paralyzed from head to toe, his mind awake before his body.
Fandom:OneDirection  pairing:HarryStyles/LouisTomlinson  dimension.hopping  alternate.timelines 
april 2018 by alamerysl
1D: Forgotten how to stand, Niall/Louis, NC-17 25K
Niall is a Chelsea midfielder recovering from major knee surgery. With luck, he should be back and better than ever next season, but for the summer he's basically housebound, and in the back of his mind he knows he might never play again. To liven up the monotony, he seeks out the services of Louis, a high-class hooker who's happy to make house calls. And although Niall's been with professionals in the past, he couldn't have expected the feelings he has for Louis, how quickly being with Louis starts to feel like being with a friend. Or more than a friend.
au  football  fandom:onedirection  rating:nc-17  author:beckaandzac  pairing:niall/louis  hookers 
april 2018 by meitachi
try to not remember (rather than forget) - hereforlou
Harry hadn’t left, not really. He had been right there the entire time. And that’s what had made it worse, knowing that his body was within touching distance but his mind, everything that made Harry Harry, was lost somewhere Louis wasn’t able to reach.

He hadn’t left, but that’s what it had felt like most of the time. Just as if one day Harry had up and left him.

(Or, the one where Harry wakes up.)
fandom:onedirection  p:harry/louis  wordcount:50k-80k  [au]  [angst]  from instapaper
february 2018 by areasontofight
The Sky At Night - sunsetmog - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
There’s a little piece of paper on his bedside table, torn from the bottom of a notepad. Insomnia Alliance, it says, in Louis’s chicken scratch handwriting. 9pm-7am, then the telephone number. Or: Louis can't sleep, and Nick's the one who answers the phone in the middle of the night.

Thank you to two of my lovely friends for reading this, holding my hand through the difficult bits, and for being generous with their time and support. Much appreciated. eiqhties, I hope you enjoy this. Your prompt was lovely. <3
Tumblr post.
Fandom:OneDirection  Fandom:BBCRadio1RPF  Rating:Mature  Category:M/M  Relationship:NickGrimshaw/LouisTomlinson 
december 2017 by cbomb
To Sir, With Love - CupcakeCait - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:onedirection  pairing:liam/zayn  slash  au  underage  longfic 
november 2017 by as_lld_again
There Now, Steady Love - Jiksa
Nick's just had his heart broken, Louis is surprisingly careful with it.

Or, the one where Nick's a small time radio DJ & Louis's a single dad trying to make it as a musician.
fandom:onedirection  p:nick/louis  wordcount:5k-10k  [au]  [kidfic]  from instapaper
november 2017 by areasontofight
The Sky At Night - sunsetmog
There’s a little piece of paper on his bedside table, torn from the bottom of a notepad.

Insomnia Alliance, it says, in Louis’s chicken scratch handwriting. 9pm-7am, then the telephone number.

Or: Louis can't sleep, and Nick's the one who answers the phone in the middle of the night.
fandom:onedirection  p:nick/louis  wordcount:10k-20k  [au]  from instapaper
november 2017 by areasontofight
One Direction Videos HUGE MASTERLIST
Pretty much all videos of One Direction broken down by month.
medium:masterlist  fandom:onedirection 
november 2017 by ifshehadwings

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