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In The Family Way
Well...that wasn't quite how she planned to tell them. But, if one was a Grimm, when did things ever really go to plan?
author:GalahadsGurl  crossover  fandom:MI3  pairing:William/Marina  fanfic  on.A03  series:The.Cahill.Project  length:5000-10000  Downloaded  fandom:MCU.Avengers 
october 2015 by willowanne
The Bloody Moon
It's been 200 years since the last time Hansel and Gretel were faced with a coven kidnapping children to prepare for their Blood Moon Ritual. Kids are going missing and it's up to the two legendary witch hunters to find them and stop the rite.
So what happens when you combine Hansel's Army-Bred super-soldier sons with John Winchester and his own teenage boys?
Well . . . nothing good.
author:GalahadsGurl  crossover  fandom:MCU.Avengers  fandom:MI3  fandom:Supernatural  fandom:S.W.A.T.  fandom:Unusuals  fandom:Bourne.Legacy  fandom:Flashpoint  fandom:Hansel.and.Gretel:Witch.Hunters  pairing:William.Brandt/Marina.Petrovka  pairing:Brian.Gamble/Natasha.Romanov  pairing:Jason.Walsh/Casey.Shraeger  pairing:Aaron.Cross/Marta.Shearing  pairing:Clint.Barton/Bucky.Barnes/Darcy.Lewis  pairing:Sam.Braddock/Jules.Callaghan  pairing:Hansel.Kuhn/Maria.Hill  pairing:Steve.Rogers/Gretel.Kuhn  fanfic  on.A03  series:The.Cahill.Project  length:25000-30000  Downloaded 
july 2015 by willowanne
Breakfast in the Family
“Ethan.” Will turned around and grabbed his boyfriend’s hands. “If you ever, and I mean ever, fake your own death without telling me first, I will hunt you down and kill you for real. I won’t care how good of an excuse you have, or how many lives it will save, or from how high the orders came. Do you understand me?”
author:Lyaka  crossover  fandom:MI3  pairing:Clint/Phil  pairing:William/Ethan  pairing:Bond/Alec  fanfic  on.A03  length:1000-5000  series:Secret.Agent.Family  fandom:MCU.Avengers  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
november 2014 by willowanne
What Family's For
Will caught Ethan’s look and sighed. “Believe it or not, Ethan, I’m the one in this family with the safe, boring, normal job.”
“He really is,” Clint said gleefully.
author:Lyaka  crossover  fandom:MI3  pairing:Clint/Phil  pairing:William/Ethan  pairing:Steve/Peggy  fanfic  on.A03  length:100-1000  series:Secret.Agent.Family  fandom:MCU.Avengers  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
november 2014 by willowanne
2, 4, 6, & 8
Thanksgiving is taken very seriously in the Barton Family (or, rather, between the Barton siblings). Typically James hosts, considering Skyfall manor is the only place large enough to fit them all. However, it was rather recently...blown up. Yeah. Will's apartment is far too small, and John, Aaron, Jason, and Brian have the same problem. William has recently shipped out to Afghanistan, and while none of the Barton clan would be opposed to a vacation in warmer climates, it's not the best backdrop for Thanksgiving dinner.
Clint, on the other hand, has just moved into Stark Tower.
(Or: That One Where the Avengers Get to Meet Clint's Family.)
author:KuriKuri  crossover  fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  fandom:MI3  fandom:Bourne.Legacy  fandom:Hurt.Locker  fandom:Unusuals  pairing:Clint/Phil  pairing:Sherlock/Watson  pairing:William/Ethan  pairing:Steve/Tony  fanfic  on.A03  length:70000-75000  fandom:S.W.A.T.  pairing:James.Bond/Q  fandom:MCU.Avengers  pairing:Aaron.Cross/Marta.Shearing  fandom:Bond.Skyfall 
april 2013 by willowanne

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