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The Avengers (Marvel Movies) - Murder Strut - dracusfyre [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky has fought Nazis, zombies, aliens, mutants, and on one memorable occasion, even punched out a bear. He's lost count of how many times he's almost died and how many times he's saved the world. So when terrorists threaten to bomb London Fashion Week, he categorically refuses to be defeated by eyeliner, fancy clothes, and fifty feet of catwalk.

Thanks to ellebeesknees for the amazing artwork that inspired this story, and then the three other beautiful pieces she created! She was a great partner throughout the writing process and I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with her. :) Click on the pictures to go to her amazing art blog!

Tumblr, I'm on it
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may 2019 by lorax
Captain America (Movies) - Never Talk to Strangers - mambo [Archive of Our Own]
Never Talk to Strangers: or; How a Forgotten Childhood Lesson Led Bucky Barnes to Appreciate Charlie Chaplin, Befriend an A.I., Slip on Soap Bubbles, Be Mistaken for a Succubus, and Try to Woo a Superhero.

Part of me can't even believe that I'm posting this. I started working on this months ago when softbrobucky prompted me on Tumblr with "We’re on the bus and I’m really not trying to take up your space I’m sorry I just have rlly rlly long legs.” The ficlet I wrote for that prompt became the first scene of this fic, and I've been working on it since, despite personal and family health drama. I'm excited that I finished, and I'm excited to share it with you.I want to thank my artists: cottonwoolballs, lucidnancyboy, and wizardmemes. You guys have done/are doing incredible things, and I'm so excited and thankful!I also need to thank my beta readers burymeinsurprise and passthecocaine, who were very patient with me and did a great job.Finally, I want to thank the people who cheered me on while I was sick this summer. More than anything else that I've written before, this fic felt like a team effort. I'd specifically like to thank biblionerd07, whose humor, sage advice, and general kindness has been an inspiration. Big thanks to her, and to everyone else who has supported me through this tough summer. I'm glad you guys get to finally see the finished product!Sorry for rambling, but I really couldn't have done this one alone.For a list of potential triggers, please read the end notes.
If this fic sparked your interest, consider following me at, where I sometimes post writing, and oftentimes post complaints about writing. Also, I'm starting graduate school on the 15th (the day after I'm posting this) and I'm pretty terrified about it. Any kind words are very appreciated!Potential triggers: Steve has a scene where he talks about having had suicidal ideation in the past. Bucky and Steve both eat food and drink alcohol. In one scene, Bucky drinks enough alcohol that he throws up. There is one instance of a homophobic slur. (Please let me know if there is anything I missed and should add to this list!)
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may 2019 by templemarker
Captain America (Movies) - And No One Can Talk to a Horse - Chapter 1 - leveragehunters (Monkeygreen) [Archive of Our Own]
Kelpies were killers. They lived in the water, drowned anyone who came too close. Ate them, most of the time. It was reflex not choice, like a knee's leg kicking out when it was hit with a hammer, because kelpies were no more aware than a wave or a wildfire. Hydra knew about kelpies. It was why they'd come up with their brilliant plan to capture one and turn it into an assassin. But like so many plans that seemed good on paper it came with unintended consequences—in Hydra's case, the unintended consequences were Bucky and no more Hydra. Steve didn't know that. Even as a sometime Shield consultant, he had no way of knowing any of that. Which meant when the sleek black horse surged up out of the water and didn't kill him, the only answer he could give to, "Why?" was, "I don't know."

I've wanted to write a kelpie AU for awhile now, so I'm pretty happy to be putting this out :D but I just want to drop a few warnings here. I've harvested from a bunch of kelpie mythology to construct my own, but it does include the drowning and eating people part and Bucky is a kelpie so, *points at tags*. The fic also has a brief reference to attempted suicide and a brief moment of child endangerment, both averted. Title from the Mr Ed theme song (and I genuinely apologise if I've earwormed you with it).

If you're interested, this was the inspiration for Bucky's eating shape: Kelpie
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april 2019 by lorax
Captain America (Movies) - Seven times Steve Rogers was not what everyone expected him to be (+1 time he really, really wasn't what everyone expected him to be) - StuckySituation [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Rogers’s patriotic eyebrows jump up. “Holy cow.”
That was not what Tony would have expected from Captain America. “‘Holy cow’? Did the history books mess up? Was your family actually from India and not Ireland?”
“Fuck off, Stark. I ain’t shitting on what comes out of your mouth, so you better leave my goddamn cows alone as well.”
Tony doesn’t know whether to feel awestruck or betrayed. “You,” he says and points at Rogers, “are nothing like I expected.”
“Sorry to be a fucking disappointment,” Rogers says with a scowl and pulls his ridiculous helmet on, covering the sleekly styled brown hair. It was astonishing how even Rogers’s golden hair had been false propaganda -- but of course the great America had wanted to present its figurehead as Aryan perfection in the time of eugenics. “Suit up, everyone. Let’s get this shit done.”

Don't expect a deep and touching story line. Don't look too deeply into timelines or anything. Seriously. I just wanted to make one little James Bond joke, but somehow that joke blew up and became a silly 2k oneshot lol.
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april 2019 by lorax
Marvel Cinematic Universe - Just Because You Can - Chapter 1 - Skarabrae_stone [Archive of Our Own]
“So I just—if you, if this is a game for you, if you’re not serious about him, then please, for the love of God, cut it off now, before he gets his heart broke. Just—make up your mind now, before it goes too far.”

Bucky tries to have a talk with Peggy about Steve. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

This is all Emillia Gryphon's fault, as usual. :DWe got talking about the song "Jolene", headcanoned it as being Bucky talking to Peggy, and this happened.
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march 2019 by lorax
Captain America (Movies) - Introduction to Fake Dating Your Best Friend 101 - crinklefries [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky stares at his best friend as though he’s absolutely lost what’s left of his dumbass mind.“Excuse me?” he asks dumbly.Steve sighs and sags back onto the couch, covering his face dramatically with one large, well-manicured hand.“Dean Coulson thinks we’re dating. And gay. But like, for each other. And now I need you to fake date me so I can convince the Chancellor to fund my research.” or;Steve and Bucky are a pair of professors who have to fake date for academic purposes and are real dumb along the way. It's not so much a forest of pine as a whole landscape of it. It turns out fine, probably.

TO MY RIDE OR DIE #1 FAN, Neda, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks for sticking through years of footie drama with me and also bending to my whims when I forced you to create a stucky side account so I wouldn't be alone in fandom Twitter.I still don't understand how to write fake dating fic, but I wrote this for u. This fic has literally no purpose except to be as cheesy as possible. There's no plot. It's just fake dating. Fake dating is the plot. LOVE U HBD. ♥
+ Thank u to my Ivory Tower consultant, aka_spacedog, I hope you too have a romance like this one in your academic institution.+ THANK U ALSO TO LIZZY, who created the absolute MASTERPIECE that is the above banner. Lizzy, you are an ARTISTE and I'm submitting this banner to the MOMA. + And thank you, everyone else, for reading this dumb, cheesy tale of real dumb idiots pining 4 each other in an academic setting!!! ♥+ Rebloggable post on Twitter here and on Tumblr here!
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march 2019 by lorax
The Avengers (Marvel Movies) - The Best Way to Wake - LeeHan [Archive of Our Own]
James Buchanan Barnes lay in a glass pod in the middle of the table, frozen since he fell. Steve’s hands were on the glass before he realized he’d moved.“Wait, Captain!”“Get him out,” Steve whispered, his hands searching for a clasp, a keypad, something.“Captain, we need to keep him in stasis—““I said get him out!”

It's my first Stucky fic! Enjoy!!!Beta'd by AgentBarnes616 Check out my tumblr for some Stucky fanart!
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march 2019 by lorax
Captain America (Movies) - The Maze - Chapter 1 - deadto27, greywrites [Archive of Our Own]
When Steve is seventeen, his mother dies. With no one to take care of him, he will be taken to the castle as a slave. But Steve won’t let that happen. He runs. He runs straight into the one place everyone knows to never go into—the seemingly endless maze on the outskirts of town. He doesn’t expect to be alive in the morning. He doesn’t expect a lot of things. He certainly doesn’t expect to meet someone else in the maze.
“I choose death over you!” Steve yells back, unable to fight the smile on his face.
Rumlow looks like he’s about to snarl a reply except Steve doesn’t get to hear it because the hedges of the maze suddenly move in front of his eyes and the entrance is closed off. The men are no longer there—he can’t even hear them. And Steve’s giddiness evaporates into resignation, because now it is over.
No one goes into the maze. Because no one ever comes out.

I am so excited to share this with you guys. I really hope you like it, it's pretty different to my normal stuff. There's going to be four chapters posted each week for three weeks approx, finishing on Captain Marvel day.
Thank you so much to my Big Bang artist allgreymatters. Her art is seriously incredible, I'm so happy to have a talent like her illustrate my fic 🙌
Thank you so much to my beta itsthesummerof2001lily-ella. You've been an incredible support since I started posting my fics and your enthusiasm for my work means the world to me. I'm very grateful to count you as a friend. Thank you for your work on this and for naming my chapters! ❤️ She also made an awesome playlist for this fic, go check it out.
Thanks also to the Stucky AU Big Bang organisers x
So, let's do this.
The MazeArt by allgreymatters (View full size)
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march 2019 by lorax
Captain America (Movies) - The Fool in the Mirror - Chapter 1 - thepinupchemist [Archive of Our Own]
The Avengers, SHIELD, and the world at large have underestimated the pain that Steve Rogers is in. The night after a near brush with a suicide attempt, Steve discovers the world of support omegas, and in his desperation for relief from the battlefield of his brain, demands to have one. Enter Bucky Barnes: retired marine, millennial, amputee, brother, son, and support omega. He maybe, just maybe, can help a broken alpha heal in the twenty-first century.

Oh hey, Scarlett, why aren't you writing your other WIP? Who knows, me, maybe I just wanted to write a story that's almost exactly like every other story I write but slightly different.So ANYWAY, here's a fic that's basically a spin on my own little concept of support A/B/Os I made up in What I Used To Be. A few months ago, I got to thinking about somebody needing a support of a different designation than alpha, and I've been enjoying shrunkyclunks fics so much I wanted to write one of my own, and thus this concept was born. I was trying to put off writing this until I finished Wish I'd Never Gone, but it's what wanted to come out of my keyboard, so here we are.Things to note: In this universe, CA:WS didn't happen, CA:CW didn't really happen, and AoU mostly didn't either. I'm not sure what my updating schedule will look like for this, as I do still intend to be writing Wish I'd Never Gone while I'm writing this, but hopefully it won't be too sporadic. As some of you know, I lost my stepdad last month to cancer, and because of that, my ability to write has been a little weird. With that all in mind, onward!
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february 2019 by lorax
Captain America (Movies) - If Only In My Dreams - Chapter 1 - odetteandodile [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky is a highly successful cooking and lifestyle blogger, the gay New England Pioneer Woman if you will. He writes all about life in his Connecticut home with his D.H. (darling husband). Only problem? It’s all complete fiction. He actually lives in a shitty Brooklyn apartment, is single as hell, and has visited Connecticut exactly one time at the age of eight.When his agent Sam informs him that he's been offered an exclusive sponsorship deal with Stark Media and a three book contract to go with it, Bucky's forced to fess up to Sam, who's predictably...displeased. But Sam's also convinced the deal is too good to miss—even if they have to put on a little bit of a show in order to get it. So Tony and Pepper descend on Bucky and Sam's fake home for Christmas with a devastatingly handsome War Hero in tow, and their already complicated plan quickly gets even more complicated as Bucky finds himself falling head over heels for Steve. Can he keep it together just for the holidays? Did he ever have it together in the first place?

This is a kind of screwball fluff fic based on the underappreciated 1945 Christmas move Christmas in Connecticut. Sam and Bucky's fake marriage is central to their hilarious "I hate you but fondly" dynamic but no ship is sailing there, just a heads up. Sam is a weary straight dealing with Bucky's shenanigans. Steve on the other hand, exhibits many of my personal dream qualities in a man including: an interest in flatware, coffee making, and being very handsome. Bucky likes all these things too. Enjoy!
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december 2018 by lorax
Captain America (Movies) - the five unmistakable marks - magdaliny [Archive of Our Own]
Dr. Herbert Rush didn't much like the look of the sergeant.
Title from David Jones, who took it from Lewis Carroll.Frankly it would probably be simpler to list the classics I didn't reference here. Especial apologies are due to Pat Barker, Ernest Hemingway, Phillip Gibbs, David Jones, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and H.M. Tomlinson.I've been terrible about responding to comments lately on account of my workload, but I read each and every one, and I appreciate them more than words can say. Thank you so much for reading! <3
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november 2018 by lorax
Captain America (Movies) - The Twilight Bark (And Other Things Bucky Has To Deal With On A Daily Basis) - spacebuck [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Rogers: I couldn’t say no to this little guy, so I guess he’s coming home with me!The picture below it is an overexcited looking dog, barely older than six months, shoving its nose through the bars of a shelter gate. The tweet already has twenty thousand retweets, a few thousand more likes, and nearly three thousand comments. Bucky can’t help himself, leads in hand, and he leans a shoulder against the doorjamb and taps the comment field.bbarnes: if you’re ever in need of a walker I’d be happy to take the lil guy on, nyc based and rescues are my thing!--Steve Rogers is a bonafide superhero, followed by nearly a million people on Twitter, not that he’s all too active considering saving the world usually comes first. When he takes on a rescue dog, dog walker Bucky can’t help but leave a message in Steve’s twitter thread, never expecting the DM that comes his way.With that one tweet, Steve and his new fuzzball Duke tip Bucky’s life upside down, but Bucky’s not sure he’d have it any other way - especially if he can do something about the shadows lurking behind Steve’s smile.

so, finally here's my entry for the Captain America Big Bang! it's ended up being about 10k longer than it was supposed to, but who's really surprised here hahaI got the chance to work with one of my favourite artists, doomcheese, and she's been an absolute blessing! her art for this fic is incredible and i can't wait to share it with you all!a big thanks to Syd @sorrowingsoldier for the beta, Remi @needmorefiction and Frost @frostbitebakery for the love and support and the rbb slack chat for being incredibly supportive whilst keeping me picking away at this.on a personal note, this is probably the last bang entry from me for a while - but not the last fic. i'm working on nanowrimo with something i've teased at before, and i have at least three fics on top of that on the go, as well as codas for howitzer and katagida. so keep your eye out, and if you like what you see feel free to click my name then hit the subscribe button to get notifications whenever i post something! . you can also catch me on tumblr where i post snippets, write about writing, and yell about these idiot boys a lot

the art is also embedded into the story below!
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october 2018 by lorax
Captain America (Movies) - So I Took a Faithful Leap - odetteandodile [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky doesn’t fall and Steve doesn’t crash. The Howling Commados take out the remaining Hydra bases…and then they go home, just like all the other allied soldiers. Throughout the war, they discuss what each of them would do if they make it back again. The only person Steve doesn’t ask is Bucky. He’s afraid of the answer. Steve himself isn’t sure if he knows how to do anything but be a soldier and a weapon anymore, but remembering the promise he made he vows to try to be just a good man again. He buys a farm in Washington state, and tries to relearn how to be at peace.(Featuring: Steve as a bearded farmer, two rescued puppies, badass Peggy Carter speaking truth, the Howling Commandos doing the same, an apple orchard, soldier homecoming angst, and two dumb boys waiting way too long to talk it out–but don’t worry, they do.)

Written for the 2018 Captain America Big Bang! Please check out the gorgeous art by gassadaarts on tumblr! featuring campfire closeness and PUPPIES.And also this absolute loveliness by witchylurker in all its homecoming goodness. Big thanks to both my artists for bringing this to life, as well as amsch my forever and ever beta.
Come find me on tumblr odette-and-odileAs ever your comments and kudos mean the world to me--I wrote this for the bang all the way back in June and I've been DYING to see what you all think ever since. Also keep an eye out for a Bucky-centric companion piece to this fic out soon :)
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october 2018 by lorax
Marvel Cinematic Universe - this is not - surgicalstainless [Archive of Our Own]
Peggy Carter stepped out of 1946, and into 2015.This is not a story about that. Not really.

...who asked me to do the cruelest, most horrible thing I've ever done to a character, and then asked me to give it a happy ending. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY. No, honest. I hope you love it <3Much thanks also to KittyWings01, who did a very early beta read. Any remaining typos, mistakes, or regrettable stylistic choices are therefore entirely mine.
Ugh, these lovable tragic orphans. I have so many details and headcanons that didn't fit into this fic. Wanna know what the Pictionary team names were? What book was Peggy reading? Go ahead and ask, I dare you. (edit: I did the thing. See comments for egregious headcanoning, reckless use of bullet points, etc.)This is a proper English Breakfast. Truly it is a feast fit for Thor.Steve and Peggy's super-awks first dance was to "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To," by Dinah Shore.Steve, Peggy and Bucky have their stealth first date at the High Line Park in Manhattan. The viaduct was built in the 1930s, opened to trains in 1934, and finally abandoned in the 1980s. Reclamation began in 1999, and the first section of the park opened in 2009. I have never been there. I hear it's lovely, but I live on the wrong coast. Please forgive any errors resulting. Finally, as always, you are welcome to join me on tumblr. I am friendly, and do not bite.
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september 2018 by lorax
Marvel Cinematic Universe - The Language of Joy - JudeAraya [Archive of Our Own]
Offered safe harbor in Wakanda, Bucky begins to heal. As he does, memories of his old life and who he was surface, including how he once felt for Steve. After years of suffering, Bucky learns that even without expectation, desire is in itself a beautiful thing. Until one day when he unexpectedly kisses Steve. And Steve kisses him back.

My many kudos to both my artist kissmisssangbang for creating this stunning piece (and being so patient with me and my struggles) and to The_Cimmerians for encouragement and thoughtful beta.Many thanks to KissMissSangBang for the beautiful art! Please click here to see the other gorgeous pieces of art for this challenge
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september 2018 by lorax
Captain America (Movies) - Lavender Town - Chapter 1 - velleities [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky lives in a sleepy town, shares a house with his should-be-boyfriend Steve, and helps Wanda with her crafts. He likes hanging out with Clint the owner of the animal shelter, and drinking Natasha's delicious coffee at the bakery. But there is something off about this life that Bucky can’t quite place; Tony Stark dislikes him for no apparent reason, his dreams are too strange to understand, and his left arm occasionally glints under the light. A series of strange events clue Bucky in on the fact that maybe their lives aren’t what they seem...

Written for the Stucky Big Bang 2017, with amazing art by the loveliest thisfanisonfire <3.
So many thank-you are in order <3. Infinite gratitude to octobergryphon, rohkeutta, a-conspiracy-of-cartographers and stuckybarneslove for the beta-reading, to silentwalrus1 for helping out with the Russian, and to the RBB Slack Channel for all the support and encouragement <333.
As always, come cry with me on Tumblr.
*Now there's more art by the generous vvinterdumpling! :)
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september 2018 by lorax
Captain America (Movies) - I just met you (and this is crazy) - Chapter 1 - littlesystems [Archive of Our Own]
After Steve gets outed by a grainy cell phone picture, it takes the media less than 24 hours to discover Captain America’s secret relationship with James Barnes: classical musician, teen heartthrob, and son of a former president.
The only problem? Steve has never met James Barnes in his life.

Title from Call Me Maybe

Good news, everyone! Chapter 2 is done and will be posted later this week, and Chapter 3 just needs a few edits and will be posted shortly thereafter.
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september 2018 by lorax
Marvel Cinematic Universe - #TweetMeDaddy - StarSpangled (Senforza) [Archive of Our Own]
Coulson, for his part, stares up at Bucky with such a betrayed look of frozen horror that Natasha actually goes the extra step and presses another button, capturing the moment and airdropping the photograph to her phone for posterity. When he speaks, his voice comes out as a hoarse whisper. “Why…?” He swallows and starts again, trying for some semblance of normality. “...Why would you tweet something like that?!”“If you must know, sir,” and somehow he manages to make ‘sir’ come out with the same inflection most people reserve for ‘motherfucking son of a bitch’, “it’s because I have a difficult time doing my job when my job involves monitoring the man with the best fucking ass in the United States of America.” He slowly lowers himself back into his seat until he’s at eye level, making extreme eye contact with Coulson until Coulson turns away to make mortified eye contact in Natasha’s general direction through the one-way glass. Natasha would take another picture, if she weren’t too busy catching Steve’s red-faced sputtering. “Sometimes, I vent to my Twitter followers. Sometimes, it’s about hot men with washboard abs. Can I go now, or do you need a graphic description of how I pleasure myself at night?”

if you want to know why i haven't updated v-day yet it's because the STUCKY AU BANG SLACK KEEPS COMING UP WITH IDEAS GOD DAMN ITi'd like to call out nicole, grace, katy, jay, vagabond, and gracie for having this conversation without me. while i wasn't there, you had a talk that resulted in me burning through four hours of time at the office and another two back home to boot. i could've been playing aai2. this is on you fuckers.couldn't think of a good title, so credit to katy for giving me onerating's at t because i don't think it really warrants an m, but if anyone disagrees lmki'm so sorry
fandom:marvelcinematicuniverse  ship:james"bucky"barnes/steverogers  read:liked  read:rec 
september 2018 by lorax
welcome to the human race - smilebackwards - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Once Peter made it through the seizures and shudders and shakes, his first thought was that he’d been abducted by witches. Dozens of different faces—blue and red and ridged—hovered over him, forcing tasteless food down his throat, and there wasn’t one daemon in sight.
fandom:MarvelCinematicUniverse  fandom:GuardiansOTG  words:1000to5000  yearpublished:2017  source:AO3  char:peterquill  char:grandpaquill  char:yondu  char:drax  char:gamora  char:rocket  genre:no_pairings  genre:no_slash  genre:daemons  char:groot 
july 2018 by persephone434
hath no fury by bundibird
"There’s a saying: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Howard used to say that, but he’d add an extra piece. A woman scorned hath no rage like a Stark angered.

[Or: After everything, on a silent planet of ruins, Tony’s hands shake as he stares at the dust that coats his fingers.]"
fandom:MarvelCinematicUniverse  fandom:_theavengers  fandom:_ironman  fandom:GuardiansOTG  genre:crossover  crossover:_GOTG/ironman  char:tonystark  char:nebula  genre:no_pairings  genre:no_slash  genre:angst  type:avengers_postinfinitywar1  words:1000to5000 
july 2018 by persephone434

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genre:alternate_reality  genre:angst  genre:childabuse  genre:crossover  genre:daemons  genre:dreams/nightmares  genre:first_time  genre:five_things_fic  genre:injured  genre:memory_alteration  genre:mindcontrol/brainwashing  genre:no_pairings  genre:no_slash  genre:non_con  genre:pining/unrequited_love  genre:pwp  genre:reconciliation/reunion  genre:sharing_memories  genre:soulmates  genre:stiles_leaves  genre:undercover/in_disguise  misunderstanding  nsfw  pairing:_bucky/steve  pairing:_danny/matt  pairing:_david/nani  pairing:_foggy/ward  pairing:_jessica/kilgrave  pairing:_jessica/matt  pairing:_jessicajones/wardmeachum  pairing:_patricia/ward  pairing:_tony/tosh  pairing:clint/phil  podfic  podficcer  rating:explicit  rating:generalaudiences  rating:mature  rating:teenandupaudiences  read:liked  read:rec  recs  regencyau  relationship:brucebanner/clintbarton  relationship:clintbarton&katebishop  relationship:clintbarton&natasharomanov  relationship:clintbarton/loki  relationship:clintbarton/natasharomanov  relationship:clintbarton/philcoulson  relationship:james"bucky"barnes&clintbarton  relationship:james"bucky"barnes&natasharomanov  relationship:james"bucky"barnes/steverogers  relationship:katebishop/americachavez  relationship:loki/thor(marvel)  relationship:loki/tonystark  relationship:m'baku/t'challa(marvel)  relationship:mariahill/natasharomanov  relationship:natasharomanov/thor  relationship:nickfury/tonystark  relationship:others  relationship:philcoulson&mariahill  relationship:steverogers&natasharomanov  relationship:steverogers/natasharomanov  relationship:steverogers/thor  relationship:steverogers/tonystark  ship:clintbarton/natasharomanov  ship:clintbarton/tonystark  ship:erikkillmonger/t'challa  ship:james"bucky"barnes&clintbarton  ship:james"bucky"barnes&natasharomanov  ship:james"bucky"barnes&peggycarter  ship:james"bucky"barnes&rebeccabarnesproctor  ship:james"bucky"barnes&samwilson  ship:james"bucky"barnes&steverogers  ship:james"bucky"barnes&thehowlingcommandos  ship:james"bucky"barnes/james"rhodey"rhodes/samwilson  ship:james"bucky"barnes/james"rhodey"rhodes  ship:james"bucky"barnes/peggycarter/steverogers  ship:james"bucky"barnes/samwilson  ship:james"bucky"barnes/steverogers/samwilson  ship:james"bucky"barnes/steverogers/tonystark  ship:james"bucky"barnes/steverogers  ship:james"bucky"barnes/tonystark  ship:james"buckybarnes"&gabejones  ship:james"rhodey"rhodes/samwilson  ship:minororbackgroundrelationship(s)  ship:natasharomanoff/sharoncarter  ship:omc/omc  ship:peggycarter/angiemartinelli  ship:peggycarter/steverogers  ship:pepperpotts/tonystark  ship:steverogers&natasharomanov  ship:steverogers&samwilson  ship:steverogers/samwilson  ship:steverogers/tonystark  ship:tonystark/pepperpotts  source:ao3  trope:fwb!fail  type:avengers_postinfinitywar1  type:defenders_postseason1  type:fic  type:post_avengersmovie  type:post_firstmovie  type:thor_postfirstmovie  words:10000to30000  words:1000to5000  words:5000to10000  words:7k-15k  yearpublished:2014  yearpublished:2017  yearpublished:2018 

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