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"He only ever wanted to bring Sirius back, but in Harry's life nothing ever goes the way he wants it to." (42,256 words) Weird but interesting.
harry_potter  loki  thor  tony_stark  harry/loki  bamf!harry  masterofdeath!harry  smart!harry  grieving!harry  understanding!harry  protective!harry  possessed!loki  possessive!loki  drama  gods/goddesses  possession  revenge  grief  first_time  pairings:unusual  crossover  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:dark_k 
21 hours ago by elwarre
Misunderstandings and an Alien Invasion
"A giant of a man wearing what looked like the American flag as some sort of armour was storming towards him from the ground. From above, a red and gold flying metal robot dove towards them. And directly in front of him, an alien struggled through the wreckage of its hovercraft with a snarl and a deadly looking gun. Sometimes he had to pause a moment to wonder how he got himself into these situations." (13,556 words) Second in the Misunderstandings Series
harry_potter  tony_stark  thor  gen  bamf!harry  masterofdeath!harry  pov:harry  crack  humor  altered!reality  aliens  magic  series/verse  hp:postseries  crossover  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:aytheria 
23 hours ago by elwarre
A Child Avenged
"Harry is a good guy, but some lines are never meant to be crossed, and Nick Fury has taken one step too far." (3263 words)
bruce_banner  harry_potter  nick_fury  teddy_lupin  gen  bamf!harry  masterofdeath!harry  protective!harry  pov:bruce  kidnapping  escape/rescue  crossover  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:pandaswearglasses 
yesterday by elwarre
All Hallow's Eve - New York
"Harry Potter had never really managed a normal, peaceful Halloween, so he really shouldn't have been surprised when he was suddenly displaced from the grocery store and found himself in front of a maniacally cackling man in a very dramatic outfit." (1698 words)
harry_potter  tony_stark  steve_rogers  masterofdeath!harry  gen  pov:harry  humor  crack  misunderstanding  birthday/holiday  crossover  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  author:whisperingdarkness 
2 days ago by elwarre
Dead Men Walking - Azraelle_Gaunt - Deadpool (Movieverse), Deadpool - All Media Types, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man - All Media Types, Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Venom (Comics), Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our
When a series of murders take place, Peter Parker goes undercover in Sister Margaret’s to get intel on Tony Stark’s prime suspect: Deadpool. Except, Peter is horrible at lying and this seems like a dreadful idea. Peter goes in hoping to get enough information so that Spider-Man can save the day, but like everything in Peter’s life, it becomes a bit more complicated than that.
fandom:marvel  pairing:PeterParker/WadeWilson  slash  rating:nc-17  genre:undercover  genre:romance  genre:angst  au:differentmeeting  via:Dr.FumblesMcStupid 
8 days ago by angsty_lia
Multifandom - Charles/Stelios!Erik-- Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo (300 AU)
Erik aka "Stelios" is a short-tempered, semi-psychotic, blood thirty Spartan. Charles is a wealthy and educated pacifist from Athens. When the Spartans sack Athens, King Leonidas warriors are each promised one thing from the city to claim as their own, Stelios chooses Charles.
rating:nc-17  trope:kinks  fandom:marvel  fic  trope:crossover  trope:sex.slave  trope:possessive.jealousy  genre:canon-divergence  pairing:charles/erik  genre:pwp 
10 days ago by rahmbo
(MCU) He Knows More Than You Do - ChibiSquirt
The one where Tony confesses that he wants to do Steve, but for SCIENCE, not because of feelings. (it's because of feelings)
pairing:steve/tony  relationship:first.time.from.friendship  fandom:mcu  fandom:marvel  words:35000+ 
10 days ago by scaramouche
Known Associates - thingswithwings
the one that gave me words for my gender identity

Steve Rogers isn't a self-made man.

Or, how a tough little Brooklyn fairy got turned into Captain America, and then turned back.
fic  fandom:marvel  queer  pairing:multi 
15 days ago by starbit
The Silver Answer - dirtybinary
steve rogers is part of the ghost army in wwii

On May 7, 2013, the sixty-eighth anniversary of Steve Rogers’s death, the war record of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops was declassified. Overnight, their work in World War II became public knowledge: a “Ghost Army” that deceived and terrorised Axis forces with phantom troops, decoy inflatables, spoofed radio signals, professionally recorded sound effects—and the myth of Captain America himself.

Steve Rogers never got the serum. He doesn't have superhuman abilities. What he has is a paintbrush, some stage props, a stomach full of spite, and a Bucky Barnes.

It's enough.
fic  fandom:marvel  pairing:bucky/steve 
15 days ago by starbit
The Truth May Vary - mugwort_and_myrrh
the one where steve's dad is loki and bedlam boys is a repeated song motif
also a very good magic au type thing

“What is the music?” Steve asks.
“That? Oh, just the warp and weft of Creation as it births itself, moment by moment,” the pale man says, cocks his head at Steve and smiles a crooked little half-smile, and—
“Teach me,” Steve says, and the man grins.


An urban historical fantasy AU in which Steve Rogers' Da is an immortal sorcerer from another world. This changes some things some things a Hell of a lot, and some things not at all.

Or: sorcery, sex, soldiering, spy craft and shapeshifting.
fic  fandom:marvel  pairing:bucky/steve  queer 
16 days ago by starbit
the girl with the modern face - isozyme
tony is genderweird (he is rescue and rescue is a woman) and steve has Feelings

“Nice to meet you. I’m Steve Rogers,” Steve said, sticking his hand out and trying to wrestle the interaction back into something normal.

“I know, sweetheart,” Tony said, ignoring his hand. “Rescue told me all about you.”

“Did you make her?” Steve asked. It had been implied that Tony was a tech-man, and she said he was her boss. It would fit together.

“Yes, the armor, that was me; she’s my bodyguard,” Tony said archly. “Impressed?”

The only good thing about the future is Tony Stark's bodyguard, Rescue. She's beautiful in her red and gold armor, and Steve will never know who she is.
fic  fandom:marvel  pairing:tony/steve  queer 
16 days ago by starbit
Live Wire - icarus_chained
creation as an act of magic

Tony Stark, and the making of things.
fic  fandom:marvel  pure-poetry 
16 days ago by starbit

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retells-im-films  revenge  sam/steve  sd:fic  sd:gen  secret-identities  series/verse  series  setting:au  sex.pollen  sharing-a-bed  ship:clint/bruce  ship:clint/natasha  ship:pepper/nat  ship:steve/tony  short  shra  sick!tony  site:ao3  slash  sleepwalking!tony  sleepy!tony  smart!harry  status:complete  status:oneshot  status:series  status:wip  steve/bucky  steve-as-iron-man  steve-curses  steve-has-ocd  steve-isn't-captain-america  steve_rogers  stiles/derek  stiles_stilinski  story_length:short  student!steve  subfandom:avengers  subfandom:captain_america  subfandom:daredevil  subfandom:hulk  subfandom:iron_man  subfandom:the_punisher  superfamily  supernatural:bonding  teacher!steve  teacher!tony  teacher-au  team-fic  teddy_lupin  thor  time-travel  time:marvel:ultron  tony/others  tony_stark  topodfic  torture  tortured!stiles  trope:bamf  trope:crossover  trope:culture_gap  trope:fixit  trope:foundfamily  trope:identity_porn  trope:identityreveal  trope:kinks  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