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Beneath a Dragon Moon - The Librarina (tears_of_nienna) - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Enjolras Targaryen is sold to a Dothraki khal by his brother. But what he finds among the khalasar is more than he expected.
fandom:lesmiserables  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  slash  fusion  arranged-marriage  WIP 
may 2019 by as_lld_again
in the fire and the flood
Enjolras nods. This is—not ideal. Grantaire isn’t supposed to be here. Never supposed to be involved in any of this. He isn’t trained for combat or resistance. He untangles curses for god’s sake, working out of the same tiny shop they found him in, and yeah, he has some friends in questionable places—Enjolras and the ABC included—but Grantaire himself is…not questionable. He doesn’t even believe in the revolution, and here he is, rubbing his wrists raw on enchanted handcuffs in a Neo-Death Eater hideaway with blood on his chin.

“I’m not gonna say I told you so,” Grantaire says, in a way that absolutely implies I told you so. Enjolras shoots him a glare, and Grantaire holds up his bound hands. “I’m just not-saying. But I am curious. Do you have a plan?”

In which the Death Eaters are back, Enjolras is doing his best to lead the revolution, Grantaire owns a magical pawn shop, and Veritaserum makes talking about feelings very complicated for everyone involved.
fandom:LesMiserables  author:wellavellan  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  rating:T  length:20k-50k  genre:action/adventure  genre:get-together  feelings:hmm  genre:AU  fandom:HarryPotter 
july 2018 by darthjamtart
Scripta Manent - itsoktobemarty - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:lesmiserables  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  slash  au  soulmarks  WIP 
june 2018 by as_lld_again
a flame-red ribbon
What a strange thing the sisterhood of women after battle is; an echo of the brotherhood of men during it, one following the other as night follows day.

/* Musichetta, before and after the barricades. The skipping around in time here is done well and the writing is lovely, and the women of Les Mis can always use more love. */
fandom:lesmiserables  author:arriviste  rating:t 
may 2018 by damnslippyplanet
the love of my life - captainhamiltonmeetsworld - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“wait, so you're telling me that my pancreas doesn't work?” grantaire asks.
“yes, and it seems like it hasn't in a long time. how long have you been feeling weirdly almost like you're sick but you're not?” the doctor, dr. wheeler, asks.
“i don't know my whole adult life? i just thought i was always drunk.” he shrugs.

fandom:lesmiserables  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  slash  au 
march 2018 by as_lld_again
“Here’s the thing, though.” Grantaire says, wrenching his wrists out of Courfeyrac’s grip. “People like your parents are real snobs about preserving magic. But magic was made to evolve. That’s what it’s for.” The room is completely silent. Grantaire can feel his breath stuttering in his chest. “I bet they told you that magic only works if it’s written on parchment with a quill pen or something, right?” He doesn’t need to see Enjolras nod. “Bahorel’s got tribal tattoos with more magic in them than any of your textbooks. Feuilly does incantations in plainspoken French that can stop a thunderstorm. Bossuet can literally write spells into computer codes.” He takes a step closer and lowers his voice. His words are fierce. “And if you give me birch bark and two drops of your blood I’ll be able to find you no matter where in the world you run. You were taught an archaic system that almost no one uses anymore by an elitist pair of pseudo-intellectuals.”
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  author:tothewillofthepeople  wordcount:30k-60k  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  trope:magicalrealism  trope:disability  note:series 
november 2017 by attendtothebones
have & hold
Enjolras has not only fake-married an alcoholic annoyance who doesn't take anything he says or does seriously, he somehow did it while Jehan was live-tweeting the civil ceremony. He's fighting for marriage equality, but the evidence overwhelmingly points to the fact that marriage as an institution is dead, and that he has personally helped administer its Barthesian coup de grâce.
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  wordcount:30k-60k  author:arriviste  trope:fakerelationship 
september 2017 by attendtothebones
Heart and Home - lc2l - Les Misérables
In an alternate Paris, werewolves occupy the majority of the ruling classes, making and adjusting policy to suit their interests. The punishments for a human attacking a werewolf can be brutal, unless they have the protection of a wolf pack.

How this translates to 'claim Grantaire as your mate to get him out of prison' is something Enjolras is still trying to get his head around, but he's never been one to give up on a cause even when it's sleeping on his sofa.
fandom:lesmiserables  p:grantaire/enjolras  wordcount:80k-100k  [au]  [werewolves]  from instapaper
june 2017 by areasontofight
Lag Time
The Barricades Rise tour starts in Ft. Lauderdale on one of those gorgeously mild days that only coastal Florida can produce. The sun is bright but the wind off the Atlantic is fresh and cooling. It’s not too humid, not too hot, especially as Grantaire takes the stage in the early evening. The sun is setting, wrapping the fairgrounds and the crowd in warm golden light. It’s damn near perfect.

It’s also one of the worst days of Grantaire’s entire life.

Probably the worst.
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  author:mlle  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  wordcount:30k-60k  trope:band 
may 2017 by attendtothebones
a restless soul, a wicked mind
In which Grantaire is a musician and Combeferre is the worst barkeeper the world has ever seen.
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  pairing:combeferre/grantaire  author:nightswatch  wordcount:10k-30k 
may 2017 by attendtothebones
Grantaire tattoos things for a living. This includes Bahorel. He does other things with Bahorel, too. Bahorel is definitely not his boyfriend. No, really.
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  author:notmyrevolution  pairing:bahorel/grantaire  wordcount:10k-30k  note:series  trope:tattoos  note:reread 
may 2017 by attendtothebones
the stars on the tip of your tongue
“I’ve asked you all here today to discuss something of the utmost importance,” he begins, and Grantaire sinks further down in his seat. It’s stuff he’s heard Enjolras talk about before—he’s not exactly the quiet type—equal rights for magical creatures: the leprechauns, goblins, banshees, vampires, Veelas, everyone, even the—

“—werewolves,” Enjolras concludes, and Grantaire very carefully does not flinch.
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  author:fireblazie  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  wordcount:10k-30k  genre:fusion  trope:harrypotter 
may 2017 by attendtothebones
if you remembered me
Enjolras suffers from temporary amnesia after a car accident, Grantaire agrees to stay with him until he gets back his memories.
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  author:nightswatch  wordcount:30k-60k  trope:amnesia  note:reread 
may 2017 by attendtothebones
Underground Dreaming
"It’s not fair, excluding certain types of magic because they don’t fit into the old categories and tick the right boxes. What makes the street mage any different from the performing thaumaturge? Why should shamans and necromancers be denied the license to legally sell their services when diabolists and vaticinators are paid hundreds of euros per sitting?”
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  pairing:gen  author:myrmidryad  wordcount:10k-30k  trope:magicalrealism  note:favourite  note:podfic? 
may 2017 by attendtothebones
Love Is Touching Souls
Enjolras has worn a cuff to keep from finding out who his soulmate is for years, even though he knows there's a name under there. When Grantaire starts coming to meetings, though, bringing Combeferre's soulmate close behind him, it's enough to make Enjolras wonder if he's making the right choice after all.
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  author:lady_ragnell  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  wordcount:10k-30k  trope:soulmates  note:podficavailable 
may 2017 by attendtothebones
Fighting the Hurricane
From 2013 to 2025, everyone has to pull together to combat the threat of the Kaiju.
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  fandom:pacificrim  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  wordcount:30k-60k  genre:au  genre:fusion 
may 2017 by attendtothebones
fair game
“Hang on, you can’t be asexual.”

Courfeyrac raised his eyebrows. “Why not?”

“Because…you know.” Marius looked away and blushed. “You’re always having sex.”

It takes Courfeyrac a while to figure out that he's asexual, but in the end it doesn't really make much difference.
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  author:myrmidryad  pairing:gen  wordcount:10k-30k  trope:asexuality 
may 2017 by attendtothebones
Paris Burning
In a world where cities are personified, the City of Paris has been missing for centuries, driven away by the horrors of war and the worst humanity has offered him.

Enjolras dreams of meeting Paris, and leading him to a better tomorrow.

What he doesn't know is that Paris is now a cynical drunk who calls himself Grantaire.
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  author:thecitysmith  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  wordcount:30k-60k  trope:magicalrealism  note:podficavailable 
may 2017 by attendtothebones
maybe i'm just in love
It’s a cold Monday morning towards the end of November when Grantaire finds himself sprawled out on the grass beside the Black Lake, staring up at the sky. The ground is just starting to speckle with snow, and if he were being honest with himself, he’d admit that he was actually getting quite cold now, given that he’s been lying here for upwards of two hours.

Someone clears their throat above him, and Grantaire turns his head to squint up at the newcomer. It’s Combeferre, his blue and black robes billowing out behind him in the wind, two textbooks hugged to his chest.
fic  fandom:lesmiserables  pairing:combeferre/grantaire  author:xxrisque  wordcount:0-10k  trope:harrypotter  genre:au 
may 2017 by attendtothebones

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