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chineseink: foreplay, R, <1K
heechul makes useless observations because he can. (op captures their voices and characterizations just right. the gentle push-pull before donghae indulges his hyung is just excellent.)
status:complete  author:chineseink  rating:r  fandom:kpop  pairing:donghae/heechul  length:shortfic 
5 days ago by almondkhulfi
The Truth Inside the Lie - AttilaTheHun
Jung Hoseok has always been straight, and he likes knowing that. It keeps life simple, without complications, and he's never felt the need to step across the shadowed line to the other side to see what might be found. Never, that is, until an obscenely handsome Kim Seokjin kisses him, more prank than reality, and suddenly he can think of little else but what's lurking over those dark borders waiting for discovery. But he doesn't know how to ask, and Seokjin doesn't seem inclined to help, and the only thing Hoseok knows now is that he's in a lot of fucking trouble.
pairing:hoseok/seokjin  rating:4*  fandom:kpop  fandom:bts 
6 days ago by Dhi
taeminuet: The Sharp Knife (of a Short Life), NC-17, 53K
In which Lu Han is a weapon who wants nothing more than to cut Xiumin apart. (xiuhan hunger games au that pulls no punches. just brutal and straight to the point with its gore, torture, and pay-off. the prose flows well and the characterizations - as they're chosen - do remain the same, and the arc of the story from beginning to end is just fantastic. god!!!!!!!!!!! this is how you do dark, fucked up fic!!!!!!!!!!)
status:complete  fandom:kpop  pairing:xiumin/luhan  rating:nc-17  length:longfic  author:taeminuet 
11 days ago by almondkhulfi
since feeling is first - yin_moongi
Jimin isn’t dating. Yoongi isn’t dating. Jimin and Yoongi try not dating each other.
pairing:jimin/yoongi  rating:4.5*  fandom:kpop  fandom:bts 
6 weeks ago by Dhi
Nemesis: Love - AttilaTheHun
Park Jimin works hard, and everyone knows it. His boss likes him, his coworkers adore him, and he knows it's just a matter of time until he graduates from the ranks of the desk farm and into something better. All he has to do is conquer every single feeling of inadequacy he's ever had. Simple enough.

Job-stealing newcomer Jeon Jeongguk doesn't seem to work for much of anything at all, and he's more than arrogant enough for them both. But he's certainly well-connected, tall and rich and good at everything. Jimin hates him on sight, and by the end of the first week he's sure they're eternal enemies.

And sure, Jeongguk may be cute, even hot underneath his suits, but Jimin doesn't care about that.

Not at all.
fandom:bts  fandom:kpop  rating:4*  pairing:jimin/jungkook 
7 weeks ago by Dhi
Both Ways - bonjourtristesse
Jimin had always wanted Jungkook’s love and attention — had wanted them from the moment they’d first met.

He’d never expected Jungkook to love him back.

Or, the year leading up to G.C.F. in Tokyo, wherein, to everyone’s confusion, Jimin tries valiantly to ignore Jungkook’s attempts at changing their relationship. (Spoiler: He fails.)
pairing:jimin/jungkook  rating:4*  fandom:bts  fandom:kpop 
december 2018 by Dhi
chiharu: Stranger in a Strange Land, 4K, G
Jongdae thinks his bandmates have gotten even odder in China. Jongdae + EXO-M fic. (hindsight aches. so much. I read this a long time ago, and it still twists me up about how jongdae tries to connect, bit by bit, to everyone. but he sees through them too, and they see him through in return. exo-m ot6 has always been precious to me and it's so lovely to watch them be captured in a kind, gentle, respectful light.)
fandom:kpop  author:chiharu  rating:g  length:shortfic  status:complete  pairing:exom 
september 2018 by almondkhulfi
Strawberry Bubblegum - rkatz
Hyoseon rubs her temple and curses not only her life but her afterlife also because she's sure Kim fucking Taeyoung will haunt her with unreasonable requests even there. How has Taeyoung managed to get through life without learning even the basics of female orgasm? Has she been trying to learn about sex from straight male porn? Hyoseon can't believe Taeyoung doesn't even know about foreplay. Fifty Shades of Grey could have taught her about foreplay. How is it possible that Taeyoung's never read Fifty Shades of Grey, not even out of intellectual curiosity?

In which Kim fucking Taeyoung asks Hyoseon to be her orgasm Yoda.
fandom:bts  fandom:kpop  rating:4*  pairing:hoseok/taehyung 
september 2018 by Dhi
roachprince: Monsters, 11K, E
Kim Taehyung is a hitman. Kim Namjoon is a better hitman. Taehyung has always been drawn to things that scare him. (!!!!!! I love a solid au, even tho the ending does disappoint with its abrupt slide into domesticism. but everything before that? gorgeous. wonderful. the terror-attraction taehyung feels when he doesn't understand what's going on, and how it amplifies when he does. and how namjoon doesn't know how he presents himself, and that just makes it worse. GOD. thank u.)
status:complete  fandom:kpop  author:roachprince  rating:nc-17  length:mediumfic  pairing:rapmonster/v 
september 2018 by almondkhulfi
Vulture: What the Rise of Black Pink and BTS Says About the Future of K-pop By Youngdae Kim and T.K. Park
It’s not likely that BTS could have successfully emulated the conventional localization strategy (they tried once, earlier in their careers, without much luck. Their Japanese-language album, Wake Up, faced anemic sales when it was released in 2014) [...] But BTS had something else going for them: authenticity and a narrative arc.

|| A nice succinct analysis.
Fandom:Kpop  fannish-resources  rpf-fandoms  resources:articles 
august 2018 by cestwhat
Worldwide Lonesome - loindexter
After the BBMA, Yoongi starts bringing guys back to the house.
fandom:kpop  fandom:bts  pairing:seokjin/yoongi  rating:4.5* 
august 2018 by Dhi
anonymous: Hungry Heartbeats, NC-17, 18K
Forty centuries of existence had left Minseok a little jaded and prone to bouts of unintentional starvation, until a steady source of sustenance crawled right into his lap. (a pleasant fic about incubi!minseok and his newest precious human chen~ it's so easy-going and the prose flows, it does a solid job to not mess around and deliver that pleasant romo fic that I wanted to read. it's rare finding good xiuchen and this is a treat)
author:anonymous  status:complete  rating:nc-17  length:mediumfic  fandom:kpop  pairing:chen/xiumin 
august 2018 by almondkhulfi
fl_air: Take Off, 1K, PG-13
Sci-fi dystopia AU. Sehun and Jongin are ordered to transport a prisoner back to central command. Sehun gets in over his head. (HOLLERS FOR A HUNDRED YEARS!!! love short fics that can depict so much in so few words. the interactions between sehun/chen are BRUTAL. because sehun is not a person who wants control as much as validation, and chen can see through people like they're made of glass. this is so good!!!)
author:fl_air  status:complete  fandom:kpop  length:shortfic  rating:pg-13  pairing:chen/sehun 
august 2018 by almondkhulfi
jongins: the road to hell, 4K, R
Bobby and Hanbin are very good at a lot of things, but none of those things are very good. (Or alternatively, Bobby likes fucking with people. Hanbin's his overqualified babysitter.) (I FEEL LIKE it's been a hundred fucking years since I've read a mob au that just CUTS INTO ME and this is so interesting considering the short wordcount. the worldbuilding is clear, the prose sharp and quick, and the pace doesn't stop. and the relationship is still careful in a way that's so wonderful to analyze. plus the contrast between violence and manipulation and which ends further which means and how they meet halfway. thank you)
status:complete  author:jongins  rating:r  length:shortfic  fandom:kpop  pairing:hanbin/bobby 
august 2018 by almondkhulfi
BTS: So Close (So Close and Yet So Far) by CheekyBrunette (Jin/J-Hope)
(10,100 words, teen). "In which Hoseok choreographs the dance for Seokjin's performance in the Mr. Seaside male beauty pageant." | Lowkey-shenanigans feelgood fic.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  jin-(kim-seokjin)  j-hope-(jung-hoseok)  jhope/jin  slash  words:10.000-19.000  rating:g-to-teen  au  cheekybrunette  rpf-fandoms 
july 2018 by cestwhat
false impressions - blushmark
"You really think he'll turn you down just because you're not an alpha?" Yoongi still looks unimpressed, as if he doesn't understand why Jungkook insists on turning what should be an easy problem into something more complicated.

"I just don't see how it'd work out."

"I know how much you hate it when people make assumptions about you. Maybe don't do the same with Jimin."
fandom:bts  fandom:kpop  rating:3*  pairing:jimin/jungkook 
july 2018 by Dhi
BTS: Looking At You (Looking At Me) by pornographicpenguin (Jungkook/IU, Jungkook/Namjoon)
(4300 words, explicit) 'Jungkook whispers to himself, staring sadly at his own jizz, "Sorry, sunbaenim."' | This is sweet and good. Ships are one-sided and implied respectively.
Fandom:Bangtan-Boys  Fandom:Kpop  jeon-jungkook  rap-monster-(kim-namjoon)  iu-(lee-jieun)  words:2.000-4.900  rating:mature-to-explicit  canon-fic  pornographicpenguin  rpf-fandoms 
july 2018 by cestwhat

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