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words words words by Trillian_Astra
Soulmate AU (the first-words kind not the name kind). The words that appear on Kieren's skin are a disappointingly normal "This yours?".

Simon's are a bit more unusual, though...

Character Death Mentioned, Drug Use Mentioned, Soulmate AU,
fandom:IntheFlesh  pairing:Kieren/Simon  permissionstatus:noreply  a:Trillian_Astra 
may 2017 by Rhea314
No Length of String by westernredcedar
The most shocking thing about being alive again is that Simon doesn’t hate it the second time round.

Character Study, Simon POV, What's going on with Simon, Angst, Missing Scenes, Past Violence, Suicide, Drug Abuse, They are dead after all, Intimacy
fandom:IntheFlesh  pairing:Kieren/Simon  a:westernredcedar 
may 2017 by Rhea314
To Fight His Corner by westernredcedar
When her son is nine years old, Sue Walker thinks for the first time my Kieren is different from the other boys.

Sue POV, Character Study, Canonical Character Death, Angst, Parents, Violence, War, Grief, Canon-Compliant
fandom:IntheFlesh  pairing:Kieren/Rick  pairing:Kieren/Simon  podfriendlyauthor  a:westernredcedar  words:7-8k 
may 2017 by Rhea314
Trade This Life for Something New by KouriArashi
(100,038) “Affirmation?” Deaton says.

It takes effort for Stiles to squeeze it out, as it always does. “I am a partially deceased syndrome sufferer, and what I did in my untreated state is not my fault.”

An In the Flesh fusion wherein Stiles is a partially deceased syndrome sufferer coming home, Scott joined the HVF and took a level in badass, and Beacon Hills turns into a battle ground over reintegration.
fandom:teenwolf  Wordcount:>100k  Rating:R  fandom:InTheFlesh  pairing:derek/stiles  author:kouriarashi  Genre:Romance  Genre:Drama  trope:zombies  FanficLoves 
may 2016 by sleepy_orange
Apostle written and read by redibis
Summary: On the life and the second life of the Twelfth Disciple of the Undead Prophet.

Rec'd by Dodie
rec  fandom:Intheflesh  podfic  ep012 
november 2015 by auralphonic
just the bones you're made of - bravest - In the Flesh (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There was nothing Simon could say. All he could do was stand there fixing him with an intensity he couldn't ever remember feeling before.

(Missing scene from 2.04)
fandom:InTheFlesh  type:intheflesh_episode2x04  genre:episode_tag  yearpublished:2014  source:AO3  pairing:_kieren/simon  words:1000to5000 
june 2015 by persephone434
washing the dust of daily life off our souls - SquaresAreNotCircles - In the Flesh (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“You drew me.”
“Yeah,” he admitted slowly, because there was no way around this. “I did.”

Simon finds out Kieren did a drawing of him and hung it on his wall.
fandom:InTheFlesh  words:under1000  yearpublished:2014  source:AO3  pairing:_kieren/simon  genre:established_relationship 
june 2015 by persephone434
Everything and Nothing is Special - lottielovebuzz - In the Flesh (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Roarton isn't all that special. Simon isn't really sure what he expected it to be, but he expected something more at the very least. This place was supposed to be monumental; this is where the First Risen was. He didn't expect it to be so quiet, so boring, so… normal.
fandom:InTheFlesh  words:1000to5000  source:AO3  yearpublished:2014  pairing:_kieren/simon 
june 2015 by persephone434
and before you know it, you're walking on air. - Stay still Drawn as part of Fandomaid Nepal...
Stay still

Drawn as part of Fandomaid Nepal Fundraiser for darling untreatedrabid, who ships SiRen like woah (woohoo!) and asked for these adorb babies going on a picnic :3 (For me!)
fandom:intheflesh  kieren/simon  fanart  cute  domesticity 
june 2015 by casey_sms
Objective And Trajectory - holyfant - In the Flesh (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
What, then, after the clock is smashed? (9.1k. It takes Kieren time but he finds a way to be happy.)
fandom:intheflesh  kieren/simon  drama  romance  family 
april 2015 by casey_sms
ifonlytonightwecouldsleep - Vid: We Exist (In the Flesh)
Sad gay zombies and how they're being treated by society. (Some sad straight zombies too.)(The fanvid on Twitter that was passed around by Elipie. This started it...)
fandom:intheflesh  kieren/simon  fanvid  angst  romance 
march 2015 by casey_sms
In Absentia - Chapter 1 - holyfant - In the Flesh (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"When Kieren... left, my family went into freefall."

Sue tries to cope, and finds it hard. (2.1k. Wow. I love the insight into the Walker family. I really wanted to know about the inbetween times because the show hints at so much more. Author filled in the gap very well with this snapshot. Loved this author's writing in Sherlock. Very gifted at writing grief and how conflicted the feelings are. How it makes people think the worst things because they hurt so much. This fic hurts in all the best ways -it's in the quiet moments that it hits hard. Short and powerful. Commented and recced on Twitter.)

QUOTE: Prays in this shack of lost souls for both her children – please, God, keep the one I still have alive, and please, God, let the one I've lost stay dead.
fandom:intheflesh  family  grief  angst  crying  not!dead 
february 2015 by casey_sms
Kieren/Simon, edited gif set
Basically Simon and Kieren kissing, cut to porn gif of Kieren lookalike riding Simon on the couch, Simon and Kieren dressing. Oh, the power of suggestion is strong.
fandom:intheflesh  kieren/simon  fanart  media  sex 
january 2015 by casey_sms

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