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Wish You Were Here! - mikeneko - I Want To Go Home! - Gordon Korman [Archive of Our Own]
Mike Webster had already been dreading a return to Camp Algonkian as the oldest camper, but his new counsellor seemed determined to make Mike's summer even worse.
saved  Fandom:I-want-to-go-home  Type:Book  10k-20k  Pairing:Rudy/Mike  Genre:Slash 
february 2019 by scarface133
Discerning and particular - scintilla10 - I Want To Go Home! - Gordon Korman [Archive of Our Own]
“Well,” Rudy drawled. “Mike Webster. It seems that, once again, we find ourselves as lone islands of sanity amidst a sea of clones.”
Fandom:I-want-to-go-home  Pairing:Rudy/Mike  Type:Book  Genre:Slash  saved  5k-10k 
february 2019 by scarface133

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(m/m)  10k-20k  30k-40k  5k-10k  genre:slash  pairing:mike-webster/rudy-miller  pairing:rudy/mike  saved  torec  type:book 

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