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Mortior - Dungeons & Striders
After the royal family of Derse is murdered, Prince Dirk Strider mysteriously wakes up in his grave and embarks on a 500-year quest for revenge.
Meanwhile, Dave Strider is the las of a royal lineage that was almost wiped out 500 years ago, and now in Prospit to kill their family's murderer...
If the paladin and the lich don't kill each other first.
fandom:Dungeons_&_Dragons  fandom:Homestuck  Fusion  year:2019  Rating:Explicit  pairing:Dave/Dirk  violence  minor-character-death  temporary-character-death  Mind-Control  enemies-to-lovers  AU-royalty  fantasy  incest  words:30.000-35.000  complete 
yesterday by hear-the-rain
ewuo - Tiny Hands, Heavy Crown
The gentle curls of his hair brush against the silver crown, glittering with rubies to match his eyes. He looks so much like you, and yet, completely different all the same.
fandom:Homestuck  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  family  fluff  AU-royalty  podfic_wishlist  one-shot  words:500-1.000  complete 
february 2019 by hear-the-rain
Stay Lost on Our Way Home - CurlicueCal - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
Your name is Auto-Responder.

You are 95% certain that you are the worst possible person to be placed in charge of a small child. Even if that child did start life as a guardian-ninja-bunny companion-bot.

Also your friends are assholes and the universe hates you.
fandom:homestuck  char:misc  genre:friendship  genre:angst  genre:adventure  trope:survival  status:complete  trope:foundfamily 
july 2018 by emsih
Homestuck: Marvelous Things by JumpingJackFlash
Summary: "Everything about Dave is wonderful, especially when it's not."

Three years after the game ended, the kids and their guardians live together as a big, goofy family, and John is so happy he could explode. The thing that makes him happiest is Dave. They are the best snugglebros and everything is perfect.

Except that people are giving John looks like he's missing something important here, and he's not sure he wants to figure it out...
Reccer's Notes: I love how well this fic demonstrates non-sexual intimacy in all its many forms - you could do decent summary of the different languages of love just with examples from this fic alone!
fandom:homestuck  pairing:dave.strider/john.egbert  length:05.000-10.000.words  creator:jumpinjackflash  theme:asexual&demisexual.characters  theme:fandom.classics  reccer:mirroreuler 
may 2018 by fancake
[Vidfic] Theatre of Coolty by NakedBee
Homestuck, Dirk/Dirk/Dirk/Dirk. "Four Dirks In Search Of an Author,"
"The Unbearable Lightness of Being Four Dirks," "Dirkencrantz And Gildensdirk And Two Other Dirks Are Dead" // Fanvid of a fanfic, ~24 min (tho doesn't feel that long). HOMG, bizarre mashup of Beckett, Ionesco, theatre of the absurd/cruelty/vateffer ... but really funny? I know zilch about Homestuck other than reading small bits of its fanfic now and then (because porn. strange porn. I will read that.), but I loved this goofy thing. (Pretty inspired rec round over there...)
fanfic  fanvid  Homestuck  gen  ref:humor  ref:angst  ref:existentialism  ref:bad-fucking-language  via:fancake  au:nakedbee  au:duckface  fandom:Homestuck 
april 2018 by zhena
Homestuck: Theatre of Coolty (The Movie) by Naked Bee
Summary: “Four Dirks In Search Of an Author”
“The Unbearable Lightness of Being Four Dirks”
“Dirkencrantz And Gildensdirk And Two Other Dirks Are Dead”

Reccer's Notes: Look, I don't even go here. I'm aware of Homestuck, in the way that spending any length of time on the internet means you're aware of Homestuck, but I didn't follow the original and I haven't delved into fanworks. So when I say that this is excellent? This is my opinion speaking outside of the fandom. I've watched this video multiple times and it's still as funny as the first time I saw it. The production value is excellent, and I have no idea how to describe this piece of absurdist theatre other than to gesture in your general direction and tell you to watch it yourself.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  pairing:dirk.strider/dirk.strider/dirk.strider/dirk.strider  length:01.000-5.000.words  non-fic.recs:fanvid  creator:nakedbee  creator:duckface  theme:unconventional.format&style  theme:humor  reccer:subsequent 
april 2018 by fancake
Hamster's SoundCloud account
You can listen to their original music composed for fandoms such as Homestuck here.
ep036  recs  music  fandom:homestuck 
january 2018 by auralphonic
CantabileGato's Tindeck account
You can listen to their original music composed for fandoms such as Homestuck here.
ep036  recs  music  fandom:homestuck 
january 2018 by auralphonic
TotalSpiffage's Tindeck account
You can listen to their original music composed for fandoms such as Homestuck here.
ep036  recs  music  fandom:homestuck 
january 2018 by auralphonic
KyleeHenke's Tindeck account
You can listen to their original music composed for fandoms such as Homestuck here.
ep036  recs  music  fandom:homestuck 
january 2018 by auralphonic
Rhea314's Homestuck podfic
All of the Homestuck podfic that Rhea314 has posted to AO3.
ep036  podfic  recs  fandom:homestuck 
january 2018 by auralphonic
Lee Shore by JumpingJackFlash, read by TheGeekGene
In the years after the game, the twelve trolls and eight humans have tried to stick together, because no one else would understand. When Eridan misses one of their yearly reunions, Dave makes an impulsive decision to go find him.
ep036  podfic  recs  fandom:homestuck 
january 2018 by auralphonic
Unwanted Free Ugly Troll by ColdHope, read by CherryMilkshake
The first time you pass by the troll in the box you kind of try not to see it.

It's gross as fuck when people do this. You guess maybe it's better than driving them out into the country and dumping them to make it on their own, or those stories you've heard about people dumping unwanted wrigglers in sacks into rivers--those you try not to think about because fuck, that is not okay on any level but it's not like you can do shit about it.
ep036  recs  podfic  fandom:homestuck 
january 2018 by auralphonic
Shameless Dave/Karkat Porn
The thing about Karkat Vantas is, he might be a pompous, noisy windbag with an inflated opinion of his own importance, and if he was suddenly struck down by some kind of vicious troll laryngitis the universe's total amount of chill and quiet would suddenly go up three levels...

But turns out he's also a great fuck.
fanwork  fandom:Homestuck  pairing:Dave/Karkat  rating:nc-17  time:10:00-30:00  Type:PodFic  author:askerian  performer:hananobira  quality:crocodile  extra:Denial  extra:humour  Extra:Failboats!inLove  extra:xeno  extra:ITPE2017  extra:ForMe! 
january 2018 by opalsong

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fandom:onepiece  fandom:puella.magi.madoka.magica  fandom:star_wars  fandom:startrek  fandom:supernatural  fanfic  fanmovie  fanmovies  fantasy  fanvid  fanwork  feels:gutpunch  first-kiss  fluff  fusion  gen  genre:adventure  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:bittersweet  genre:college  genre:established  genre:family  genre:fluff  genre:friendship  genre:h/c  genre:romance  genre:smut  hand-job  heartwarming  homestuck  homestuck:postsburb  human-au  hurt/comfort  incest  injury  length:01.000-5.000.words  length:05.000-10.000.words  length:chaptered  length:commentfic  length:longshot  length:oneshot  length:series  length:short  location:ao3  media:fanfiction  mind-control  minor-character-death  music  non-consensual  non-fic.recs:fanvid  one-shot  oviparous-fic  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  pairing:bro/eridan  pairing:dave/dirk  pairing:dave/eridan  pairing:dave/gamzee  pairing:dave/karkat/gamzee  pairing:dave/karkat/jade/terezi  pairing:dave/karkat  pairing:dave/sollux  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pairing:sollux/meenah  pairing:sollux/mituna/psiioniic  pairing:solo  pairing:terezi/vriska  pairing:zoro/sanji  performer:hananobira  podcast  podfic  podfic_maybelist  podfic_wishlist  quality:crocodile  quality:salamander  quality:sunfish  quality:whale  rating:explicit  rating:g  rating:general-audiences  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  rating:pg  rating:r  rating:teen-and-up  rating:unrated  read:fic  rec  reccer:mirroreuler  reccer:subsequent  recovery  recs  red-romance  ref:angst  ref:bad-fucking-language  ref:existentialism  ref:humor  rel:kanaya/rose  second-person-pov  series  site:ao3  site:dreamwidth  site:private  site:tumblr  site:youtube  status:complete  temporary-character-death  theme:asexual&demisexual.characters  theme:character.death  theme:fandom.classics  theme:haunting  theme:humor  theme:pesterlog  theme:timetravel  theme:unconventional.format&style  time:0:00-5:00  time:10:00-30:00  torture  trope:depression  trope:disability  trope:forbidden-romance  trope:foundfamily  trope:ptsd  trope:survival  type:art  type:au  type:authorsite  type:comm  type:fic  type:list/rec  type:movie  type:podfic  type:postcanon  type:prose  vid  video  violence  wip  words:0-500  words:1.000-1.500  words:1k-5k  words:2k-5k  words:30.000-35.000  words:4-5k  words:4.500-5.000  words:45.000-50.000  words:500-1.000  words:5k-10k  xenophilia  year:2017  year:2018  year:2019 

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