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Thanks For Ruining My Hockey Night In Ithaca
It’s one of the biggest rivalries in the NHL; the Achaeans versus the Trojans and everyone expects this to go the full seven. Shade has been thrown at every level, from the GMs to the the players’ mothers to the backroom staff.

The road to the cup has never run smooth.
fic  fandom:theiliad  fandom:hockeyRPF  rating:general  length:0-4k  pairingtype:m/m  pairing:achilles/patroclus  author:lanyon  character:achillles  character:patroclus  theme:humour  theme:modernAU  theme:alternateuniverse  theme:sports  theme:socialmedia 
march 2019 by onewordnoe
Your Robot Heart Is Bleeding - taliahale - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The procedure was an unmitigated success. A healthy baby boy, perfectly average in height and weight with a heart that beat steady as a metronome.
fandom:hockeyrpf  pairing:sid/geno  au:magic 
august 2018 by Jayme
A Marriage - sevenfists - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Sid was smiling at her. He was a nice guy. He was trying. He had brought her flowers. He wanted her to like him, and Anya wanted to like him, she wanted everything to work out, for Zhenya to be happy, and for her and Sid to get along. She thought they probably would. Zhenya loved him for a reason.

“Of course,” she said. She believed it then, watching his smile. “I think we’ll be friends.”

Additional Tags: Polyamory Negotiations; Romance; Courtship; Sexting

--I think this might be my favourite m/m/f fic ever. I didn't want it to end. Wise, insightful, complex, mature, hot and romantic.
author:sevenfists  fandom:hockeyrpf  pairing:anna/geno/sid  rating:nc-17  wc:40-50K  =polyamory 
june 2018 by sunrayravine
Shoop (you’re packed and you’re stacked ‘specially in the back) - fairophelia - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Pat’s confused, and momentarily stupefied by his dick, until he looks over at Jonny again, now sitting in his stall, looks down to where his thick thighs are on display as he sits with his legs thrown indecently far apart, making Pat’s dick start to ache, and he thinks to himself oh, fuck.

Or: Pat’s existence is a trial in suffering and awkward boners because of Jonny’s everything.
fandom:hockeyrpf  pairing:kane/toews  kink:rimming 
june 2018 by Jayme
For Luck - alocalband - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Tyler kisses him before their next game. You know, because he wants to win. Makes perfect sense.

The game schedule in this is entirely made up. Unfortunately the road trip losing streak that prompts this is not. I figured we could all use some fluff right now in which the Stars start winning again (along with some added kissing and dumb boys being in love).
Tumblr post here.

Hope you enjoyed! This is my first time writing for this pairing, so comments and kudos are very much appreciated :)
Fandom:HockeyRPF  Rating:Mature  Category:M/M  Relationship:JamieBenn/TylerSeguin 
march 2018 by cbomb
up the arbor to your door (and more) - oflights - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Sidney’s backseat and trunk is full of hastily-packed boxes, suitcases, books and hockey gear.

“You live in truck?” Geno asks, and he sees Kuni waving him off way too late.
via:mlyn  fandom:hockeyrpf  pairing:sidneycrosby/evgenimalkin  rating:explicit 
january 2018 by templemarker
Half-Finished Pictures
Connor knew that some people started dating before they got their soul marks at twenty-four. He just never expected those people to be anyone he knew.
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  wordcount:10k-30k  author:Linsky  pairing:connormcdavid/dylanstrome  pairing:jordaneberle/taylorhall  trope:soulmates 
december 2017 by attendtothebones
If You Stop For Rain
Ondrej is as perfect for Tyler as the pretty little black mark adorning both their wrists. The only problem is that Nikita is pretty perfect for them, too.
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  wordcount:30k-60k  author:orangecrow  pairing:nikitakucherov/ondrejpalat/tylerjohnson  trope:soulmates  trope:establishedrelationship  note:wip  trope:ot3 
december 2017 by attendtothebones
glass half-empty
Claude always thought Raff was joking about being able to see the future, some stupid joke no one else was in on, but maybe Raff knew the entire time.

Maybe he knows if Sid is done. If this is it for him.
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  wordcount:10k-30k  pairing:claudegiroux/sidneycrosby  author:segs  trope:enemiestolovers  trope:injury 
december 2017 by attendtothebones
the kids are gonna be
How to Survive Your First Year in the NHL When You've Been Appointed the Next One: a guide by Sidney Crosby, currently being field-tested by Connor McDavid. Support and occasional sarcastic remarks provided by Dylan Strome.
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  author:Sour_Idealist  wordcount:10k-30k  pairing:connormcdavid/dylanstrome 
december 2017 by attendtothebones
Just weeks after Phil Kessel is acquired by the Penguins, Phil’s gay sex tape leaks. It’s about the worst thing Sid can imagine happening to anyone.
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  wordcount:10k-30k  author:Snickfic  pairing:philkessel/sidneycrosby  trope:comingout 
december 2017 by attendtothebones
Wolfborn - waspabi - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A wolfborn on an airplane was either unbearably reckless or a hockey player. Most of the time, both.
fandom:hockeyrpf  pairing:ovechkin/backstrom  au:were 
december 2017 by Jayme
definitely, maybe - carissima - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
He’s never met anyone and thought that they could be The One.

But he looks at Jamie and he thinks, maybe.
fandom:hockeyrpf  pairing:jamie/tyler  genre:soulbond 
december 2017 by Jayme
Just What Was Rumpelstiltskin Expecting to Do with a Baby, Anyway?
Turning to a witch to save a loved one's life is one of the riskier gambles a person can take, but it's one that's arguably noble and brave. Falling in love with the witch, though—now that's just foolish.
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  wordcount:10k-30k  author:withershins  pairing:evgenimalkin/sidneycrosby  genre:au  trope:magicalrealism  trope:fairytales 
november 2017 by attendtothebones
4ever and a day
The wedding is a fluke. The marriage isn’t, maybe, but the wedding totally is.
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  wordcount:0-10k  author:absention  pairing:connormcdavid/dylanstrome  genre:fluff 
november 2017 by attendtothebones

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