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Speed Up (Slow Down)

Tyler knows the Bruins just traded for Jagr, but hearing the news and actually meeting him are two very different things.
fandom:hockey  firsttime  creator:sysrae  jagr/seguin  location:ao3  length:3-5k 
24 days ago by concinnity
dig a hole, fill it up - inlovewithnight - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Going up to the NHL was supposed to be a new start. Everything would be different there.

It wasn't quite that simple, but Aaron had help to figure it out.
Fandom:Hockey  +Threesome 
25 days ago by raggedy_edge
Just What Was Rumpelstiltskin Expecting to Do with a Baby, Anyway? - withershins - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Turning to a witch to save a loved one's life is one of the riskier gambles a person can take, but it's one that's arguably noble and brave. Falling in love with the witch, though—now that's just foolish.
Fandom:Hockey  Pairing:Crosby/Malkin  Type:rps  Slash  Saved  20k-30k 
4 weeks ago by scarface133
The Good Spot

Bryan understood straight people a little less every day. He’d thought he got them just fine, but that was back when he thought he was one.

My notes: this is so nice
location:ao3  creator:anon  fandom:hockey  murray/rust  length:5-8k  comingout 
4 weeks ago by concinnity
Otters for Life - Chapter 1 - hannah_baker - Men's Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Now that Dylan was retired, he had a nice life going for him back home in the GTA. He had a dog and a boyfriend and a teenage hockey team to coach. Things had settled. But then Connor McDavid signed with the Maple Leafs, and Dylan couldn't hide the fact that he never got over his feelings for his first love.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:connor.mcdavid/dylan.strome  genre:slash  rating:explicit  genre:re-established_relationship  genre:rpf 
5 weeks ago by grim_lupine
My thirst will dick on - Liffis - Men's Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Usually, Sasha doesn't look at other dicks in the locker room, but Nicke's dick is an exception, alright. It's a good dick. A great one.

Or: Sasha is so, so, so thirsty. And some thirsts need a Cup to be quenched, or something.

(He gets the dicking and a hands-on (mouth-on?) explanation on why Nicke really deserves the nickname "big dick Nick")

(A _very_ good time is had by everyone.)
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:nicklas.backstrom/alexander.ovechkin  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:pwp  rating:explicit 
5 weeks ago by grim_lupine
Once More With Feeling
Tyler is a romantic. He thinks that anyone who gets to the NHL has to be, to pin everything on an almost impossible dream. He won't admit it, but he'd been looking forward to his Loop, to meeting the person he's going to spend his life with, over and over. Looking forward to the endless days of getting to know them, the two of them trapped in a moment together.

He didn't think he was going to be in it alone, on the tail end of a bad trade, with no soulmate in sight.

He didn't think it would be like this.
fandom:hockey  pairing:benn/seguin  genre:rpf  genre:magic.realism  genre:soulmates  genre:time.loop  genre:fluff  genre:angst  genre:smut  rating:nc-17 
5 weeks ago by lakehymn
“Sorry,” Tyler says, though he can feel a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. He’s not particularly sorry for swinging at Nemeth, as a matter of fact. Jamie probably already knows that. “For causing you a bureaucratic headache, oh captain my captain.”

Jamie waves him off, rolling his eyes. “That’s what captains are for, eh? There’ll be a few emails. I’ll have a call with Landeskog, he’ll deal with Nemeth - and once the rumor mill has had its fill, that’ll be the end of it.”

“I don’t expect it to be quite that easy,” Tyler snorts. “The first mate’s first fistfight? In the middle of the bridge? The boys won’t be letting this one go for a while.”

Jamie turns to look at him, then, his eyes still warm but his lips pressed together as he thinks. Tyler’s breath catches in his chest at the sudden force of being Jamie’s sole focus of attention, and he resists the urge to rub his cheek, where the blood has dried into the hair of his beard.

“I think they had a better reaction to that fight that you give them credit for,” Jamie says carefully, “but that does bring up the point of disciplinary action.”
fandom:hockey  pairing:benn/seguin  genre:rpf  genre:au  genre:fluff  rating:pg-13 
8 weeks ago by lakehymn
You(Tube) Caught Me - Hook, Line, and Sinker
And, okay, Jeff doesn't actually need to know how to cook lake trout in a tin-foil packet with ramps and fiddleheads - what even is a ramp? or a fiddlehead - but he clicks anyway.
fandom:hockey  pairing:carter/richards  genre:rpf  rating:pg-13 
9 weeks ago by lakehymn
THIS IS NOT A DRILL - Anonymous - Superstition - Superstition_hockey (Original Work) [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:hockey  slash  yuletide 
11 weeks ago by as_lld_again
wherever you go - anopenletter - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"There are fucking candles," Brad says. "You son of a bitch."

"Also rose petals," Vinny says, putting the champagne on the bedside table, between two candles and a vase of roses. "Told your parents I'd take care of you, remember?"
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:vinny.lecavalier/brad.richards  genre:slash  genre:established_relationship  genre:rpf  rating:explicit 
december 2018 by grim_lupine
Wings of Wax
The fact of the matter is, Tyson isn't the hero of his story.

Gabe might be the hero of Tyson’s story. If you asked him five years ago, Tyson would have blushed and stammered and said that no, of course not, Gabe is not the hero of his story, what are you talking about?

Now—now Tyson is older. Now, Tyson knows that Gabe might be the hero of his own story, but in Tyson’s—he might be the protagonist, but Tyson’s not sure who the hero is. He’s pretty sure there isn’t one. He’s pretty sure the hero died in a fire four years ago, and he knows who killed him.
fandom:hockey  pairing:barrie/landeskog  pairing:compher/jost  genre:rpf  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:smut  rating:r 
december 2018 by lakehymn
If heaven’s hypothetical

Jeff runs away from Toronto and finds himself homeless in Raleigh, where he accidentally starts serving eggs to Eric Staal.
creator:impertinence  location:ao3  firsttime  length:50-70k  au  skinner/staal  fandom:hockey  creator:shoemaster 
december 2018 by concinnity
first in line
Tyson really thought he could live like this. He might not be happy about it, but he could go on knowing he’d kissed Gabe Landeskog and that it had been a complete disaster. He had to accept the consequences of his actions and go on with his life.
fandom:hockey  pairing:barrie/landeskog  genre:rpf  genre:fluff  genre:smut  rating:r 
november 2018 by lakehymn
But Feeling is Indelible
Danny retires and moves back to Philly. Or, as Claude thinks of it, Danny retires and moves back home.
fandom:hockey  pairing:briere/giroux  genre:rpf  genre:fluff  rating:pg-13 
november 2018 by lakehymn
“Do you believe in soulmates?” Teemu asked.
fandom:hockey  pairing:kariya/selanne  genre:rpf  rating:pg-13 
november 2018 by lakehymn
Sovereignty - jolach - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A hockey rookie joins the campus drag troupe. Sasha didn’t know they even had a campus drag troupe. Sasha hasn’t been paying a lot of attention.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:nicklas.backstrom/alexander.ovechkin  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  rating:explicit  au:college 
october 2018 by grim_lupine
Theory of Mind - Chapter 1 - kleinergruenerkaktus - Men's Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Ultimately no one really knows why bonding happens the way it does. It's easy to ascribe it all to fate: Nicklas' parents were both professional athletes (fate!) who happened to get the same physiotherapist (coincidence?). There are people who cross the world looking for their bondmate and end up finding them in the next town over from where they grew up; people who refuse to look and run into them in the duty free zone during a layover at JFK. But there are also people who never find their bondmate. People who do, but who hate their bondmate, who try to drown them out with drugs or pain. Even people who claim they have more than one, though nobody believes them.

"I know, Nicklas," Dr Walter had said with forbearance. "I see those people in my office every day."

"Well, I'm not like them. I'm normal."


A story about Nicklas Bäckström growing up extraordinary.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:nicklas.backstrom/alexander.ovechkin  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  rating:explicit  au:soulmates/soulbonds 
october 2018 by grim_lupine
misery chicken - Anonymous - Men's Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Mike runs into his ex-husband at ten AM on a Tuesday in a Whole Foods. He’s right in the middle of illicitly sneaking some pre-made asparagus into his mouth to see if he wants to put it in one of those little containers and take it out for lunch. He bites down, and looks up, and makes eye-contact with Tom across the food station as he robotically chews. The small part of him that doesn’t want to curl up and die notes that the teriyaki-based sauce is pretty good, actually.

“Hi,” he says, or tries to say. He still has asparagus in his mouth. He’s thirty-seven, he’s just seen his ex-husband for the first time in twelve years, and his mouth is full of a vegetable that he doesn’t even really like all that much.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:michael.latta/tom.wilson  genre:slash  rating:explicit  genre:rpf  content:break-up/make-up 
october 2018 by grim_lupine

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