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Heroes: Unmade by entanglednow
Summary: "I have discovered that all human evil comes from this, man's being unable to sit still in a room." -Blaise Pascal
Reccer's Notes: Peter and Sylar are held in conjoined rooms, divided by glass. This is one of my old favorites from my early days on LJ :3
fandom:heroes  pairing:peter.petrelli/sylar  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:entanglednow  theme:enemies.working.together  theme:forced.proximity  reccer:imogeneherdman 
august 2017 by fancake
[fic]: Burn, baby, burn
Está mal, pero pasa. A pesar de todo y a pesar de ellos mismos, del sentido común, si es que todavía les queda. A pesar de la sangre, pasa. (spoilers s3, future!fic)
type:fic  fandom:heroes  otp-heroes:peter/claire 
august 2017 by lauranio
Heroes Crossover
With Heroes Reborn starting, I re-watched the original and remembered how good the show was when it was good! It made me crave a story that was set in that universe, but with our beloved actors. :)

Do whatever you want with that prompt. I am a big fan of Aidan/Dean and drama, but anything is cool, really. I would just love to read anything you guys come up with.
#filled  #rpf  char:dean-o'gorman  char:aidan-turner  pairing:aidan/dean  !slash  type:au  type:crossover  fandom:heroes  trope:superpowers  trope:zombies  warning:dark 
may 2016 by hobbit-kink-meme
Nice by jaegermighty / moirariordan
""Yeah, see," Jess says, "I'm not Peter. Okay? So calm the fuck down already.""
fandom:gilmoregirls  fandom:heroes  author:moirariordan  crossover  gilmoregirls:au  heroes:au  claire/jess 
april 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
I Don't Want To See Dead People - Gamebird - Heroes - Fandom, Sixth Sense (1999) [Archive of Our Own]
Early in Season one, Sylar stalks the people he can remember off of Chandra Suresh's map. One of these is Cole Sear, now a young teen, but still gifted with the extraordinary ability to see and speak to the restless spirits of the dead.
fandom:Heroes  fandom:TheSixthSense  words:1000to5000  yearpublished:2013  source:AO3  genre:crossover  crossover:_Heroes/SixthSense  genre:no_pairings  genre:no_slash 
march 2016 by persephone434
To Kill A Watchmaker by Ariana (ariana_paris) (PG-13)
Claire goes back in time to kill Sylar just before his power manifested, but discovers that Gabriel Gray isn't yet the man she's looking for. Claire/Gabriel Gray (33,290 words)

Written for the prompt: Claire meets Gabriel before he becomes Sylar; he does not become Sylar in the story; they have all their abilities; Gabriel is the sweet, socially awkward, shy type; Gabriel is a virgin (or at least very inexperienced).
fanfiction  fandom:Heroes  drama  romance  timetravel  author:ariana_paris  rating:pg-13  wc:030001-040000 
february 2016 by jenna_marianne
Five Times Nathan Petrelli Didn't Figure It Out (And One Time He Did)
Nathan always thought he was good at figuring out what his brother was thinking. He was wrong.
*fanfiction  fandom:heroes  pairing:nathan/peter  rating:nc-17 
october 2015 by KIRCEE
Freedom's Just Another Word (For Nothing Left to Lose) - cm (mumblemutter) - Heroes - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
In which Simon becomes Sylar's lawyer and then at some point he disappears. Sylar, not Simon. And then Peter happens.

//omg this is the best
august 2015 by ooohlemony
fic: i'll be so alone without you, maybe you'll be lonesome too, heroes, peter/nathan, pg13-ish: mumblemutter
~7,600 words, spoilers for up to Brave New World, starts after. Because surely Peter wasn't meant to be without Nathan.
august 2015 by ooohlemony
Unmade - entanglednow - Heroes - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
The wall is thick enough that it feels like plastic, spanning the entire breadth and separating both rooms.
august 2015 by ooohlemony
Mandy's Bitch - Waste the Sky - (Heroes, NC-17)
From the window, Peter can see a dust cloud making its way along the winding dirt track towards the old silver miner’s house. As it gets closer, he makes out the blue of Nathan’s pickup, going too fast for a makeshift road.
august 2015 by ooohlemony
mandysbitch: Fic (Heroes): Not the Man
To this day, Nathan swore Peter knew when he was being used. It was like Peter wanted Nathan to know Peter didn’t mind, he would never mind, so long as Nathan understood there was a price to be paid.
august 2015 by ooohlemony
Peter needs control and Nathan is controlling; it’s how they work.
august 2015 by ooohlemony

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