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Falling for the First Time
[Lilias] Heero wasn't entirely sure where they were going, and didn't like the feeling of uncertainty. This other boy, this unlikely guardian angel with the bizarre hair, might be an ally. Or he might not--and until he found out for sure, Heero did not enjoy being whisked out to deep water in a craft he wasn't even driving. (Over Everything 1)
pairing:1x2  angst  verse:Over-Everything  fandom:Gundam-Wing  length:5K-10K 
may 2019 by casey679
Over Everything
[Lilias] //A hydro-field cuts through my neighborhood/Somehow that always just made me feel good/I can put a spare bulb in my hand/And light up my yard// ... "Try it now." The hydraulics wheezed, the engine whined in protest, but the massive crane reluctantly bent its huge arm to lift a cube of crushed metal from the ground. It raised and lowered twice, experimentally, and then a triumphant face poked itself through the cab's open window. "That's done it, all right--look at 'er go! You've got the touch, boss!" "I've got a screwdriver and a clue, Dalrymple," Duo observed dryly, swinging down from the cab roof to land on one of its caterpillar treads. "Deadly combination--you oughtta try it sometime." (Over Everything 2)
AU:Curtain!fic  pairing:1x2  angst  oblivious!Duo  protective!Heero  shy/insecure!Duo  verse:Over-Everything  fandom:Gundam-Wing  length:5K-10K 
may 2019 by casey679
As The Trees Love Water - TLvop - Gundam Wing [Archive of Our Own]
The best advice comes from those who know who you are (who've walked this path before). Relena and her mother, in vignettes.
fandom:gundam-wing  c:relena-peacecraft  <1k-5k 
october 2017 by moonlight
Lorelei - Dan Wilde (Chronolith)
"Don't you think the ocean looks the best in fall? Look at the way it shines in the light like new steel." She turns to me, making her skirts billow around her and her hair swing out in a perfect arc.

"It looks cold," I say, my tone harder than I intend.
fandom:gundam-wing  c:relena-peacecraft  c:dorothy-catalonia  p:dorothy/relena  <1k-5k 
september 2017 by moonlight
To be with you - mapi_littleowl
"I wish I could be with you."

Relena turns around to look at Dorothy as they walk down the alley and smiles gently. [...]

"You are here with me now."
fandom:gundam-wing  c:relena-peacecraft  c:dorothy-catalonia  p:dorothy/relena  <1k-5k 
september 2017 by moonlight
The Babe Magnet
Heero adopts a stray dog and gains insight into his own life in the process of doing so.

(Heero/Duo) Possibly my favorite GW AU fic ever. It's slow paced, and the way s/he writes the characters really gets you invested in them. <3 Usually, when I read fic, I find myself favoring one character over the other (most of the time completely unintentionally). and the same thing happened with this. My favorite character? THE DOG. <3 Best. OC. Ever.
fic  rating:r  fandom:gundam-wing  pairing:heero/duo 
september 2011 by dorkpie
Desirous Amber and the Miles to Go
The longer Duo went without him, the more reasons why he loved Heero piled up around him in a garden of weeds. (Heero/Duo) The things that brings us together and tears us apart, basically, and there are a lot of ways this could have turned into just another mundane fic. But the tragedy is woven so perfectly, so subtly, that you find yourself hoping against your will.
fic  rating:pg-13  fandom:gundam-wing  pairing:heero/duo 
september 2011 by dorkpie
In Possession
You know those fics where Duo’s horribly abused and needs a dashing savior like Heero to put the pieces back together? Yeah, this isn’t one of those. (slight Heero/Duo) This is just so perfect, in terms of characterizations and everything else. <3
fic  rating:pg-13  fandom:gundam-wing  pairing:heero/duo 
september 2011 by dorkpie
YouTube - Gundam Wing Live-Action FanTrailer
I didn't want a Gundam Wing movie until this. OMG YES PLEASE. I THINK FANDOM IS READY.
fandom:gundam-wing  -audio/video 
september 2011 by dorkpie
Recorded Reminders
"Ya know, Heero," he began in that lazy drawl of his, "I bet that most of those Ozzies we fight never thought they'd grow up to be soldiers. Have you ever thought about that?"
fandom:Gundam-Wing  pairing:1x2  genre:gen  genre:AU  genre:angst 
september 2009 by Skywindsong
If there was one thing I'd always liked about Lady Une -- now General Une -- it was her refreshing bluntness. When I received an e-mail from her one day, it was short and to the point: Contact me ASAP.
fandom:Gundam-Wing  pairing:1x2  genre:slash  genre:character-study  genre:epic  genre:angst  genre:period-insight  genre:dark  genre:alternate-character-interpretation 
september 2009 by Skywindsong
Would it be too embarrassing to say that I fell in love with his code before I ever fell in love with him?
fandom:Gundam-Wing  pairing:1x2  genre:pre-slash  genre:character-study  genre:quiet  genre:awesome 
september 2009 by Skywindsong
The Tragedy
Tragic accidents have taken the lives of Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell -- or have they?
fandom:Gundam-Wing  pairing:1x2  genre:slash  genre:WAFF  genre:outsider-POV 
september 2009 by Skywindsong
Circle Yes or No
It was supposed to be an easy assignment. Hit and run. They picked the best pilot for the job of leading the attack only for him to be put under the knife. My mind ran with every possibility of what could have gone wrong, at the same time dealing with the endless outcomes that could be the result of it. It had become my mission to find out the answers to everything in regards to that mission once I returned to the Preventers headquarters.
fandom:Gundam-Wing  pairing:1x2  genre:slash  genre:angst  genre:WAFF  genre:humor 
september 2009 by Skywindsong
Duo the Elf
When no one else can be found, Duo volunteers to play Santa for a charity dinner. Little did he know then of the pratfalls and misadventures that were ahead of him.
fandom:Gundam-Wing  genre:gen  genre:crack  genre:humor 
september 2009 by Skywindsong
The Eyes Have It by Dyna Dee
Eyes. Wide, ocean-blue eyes. Beautiful eyes. Pleading eyes. Sympathetic eyes. Knowing eyes. Sad eyes. Happy eyes. Eyes that show fear, sympathy, and kindness. All these intense emotional expressions come from the same pair of extraordinary eyes. Tonight though, they had been imploring. They desperately wanted or needed something from me.
fandom:Gundam-Wing  pairing:1x2  genre:gen  genre:series-original  genre:character-study  genre:AU  element:amnesia 
september 2009 by Skywindsong
Lie to Me by 0083
Another mission, another hideout. The routine of it was getting predictable, but Oz had yet to figure out that gundam pilots hid in boarding schools. Either they weren’t paying attention, or the pilots’ hacking skills were so incredible that they slipped by the Oz screening net. Whichever the case, Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy yet again found themselves embroiled in another mission and were posing as ordinary students at a preparatory school.
fandom:Gundam-Wing  pairing:1x2  genre:slash  genre:character-study  genre:WAFF 
september 2009 by Skywindsong

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