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illegal is always faster - Prinzenhasserin - Gokusen - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Sawada Shin graduates from Tokyo University's law school. That is probably the least interesting thing about him.

His high school rival, Uesugi Ritsu, who went to the better school and is now a fellow student of law, is unwittingly along for the ride.
Fandom:Gokusen  Fic  Gen 
june 2017 by sevenses
Hydrogen Peroxide and Formula 7IR - psiten - Gokusen (Manga) [Archive of Our Own]
The day the Ooedo Clan head comes to the salon is hardly the most ordinary of days.
Fandom:Gokusen  Fic  Gen 
june 2017 by sevenses
All Along - Inner Voice (inner_v0ice) - Gokusen - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
The boys behind Shin were snickering and cracking dirty jokes about “bonding” between teacher and student, and he didn’t know if it made it better or worse that he pretty much wanted them to be true. (Only when the teacher was Kumiko, of course!)
He forced himself to shrug and act casual. “You’ve got your work cut out for you with this bunch, Yankumi,” he drawled with deliberate indifference, walking past her towards the door. “Good luck with that.”
fic  het  fandom:Gokusen  pairing:Shin/Yankumi 
march 2012 by MissDirect
Gokusen Fic: Uniformly Covered by aliaspiral
She was wearing nothing but his uniform jacket. Absolutely nothing. It barely covered everything it needed to cover, and Shin was pretty sure that if she bent over the slightest amount, he'd probably pass out.
fic  het  fandom:Gokusen  pairing:Shin/Yankumi 
march 2012 by MissDirect
30 Kisses Challenge by mklutz
Shin/Yankumi 30Kisses tag. I think this was actually the first English-language Gokusen fic on the web. ._.
fandom:Gokusen  pairing:Shin/Yankumi  het  fic  via:deangl101 
march 2012 by MissDirect
Shades of Red by Mklutz | Shin/Yankumi, 2600w
Shin spends some time with Kumiko and her familiy.

---- Good Gokusen fic is really hard to come by with the fandom as small as it is. Moon Klutz is one of the most prolific and also the only one I read without even thinking about it. The way she writes Yankumi and Sawada, the way she has their lives slowly but surely slide together... It's all so very good and enjoyable to read.
length:1k-5k  content:fic  sawada/yankumi  gsh:het  fandom:gokusen 
february 2012 by hydrangea
30 Kisses by Mklutz | Shin/Yankumi, 32,100w
As Shin makes his decision, his life becomes inextricably attached to Kumiko's family. Not that he minds though.

---- Most probably the first Gokusen fic in English. It's a quite good one as well. Based on the 30 kisses challenge on LiveJournal.
length:25k-50k  content:fic  shin/yankumi  gsh:het  fandom:gokusen  button:adoptedfamily  trope:formal-courtship  rating:like  timeline:post-canon  key:culture  plot:politics/intrigue  romance:changing-relationships 
february 2012 by hydrangea
Japan is Still Very Small
Companion piece to "Japan is Very Small"- More running into each other. More stupid cell phone pictures.
fandom:mybossmyhero  fandom:gokusen  fandom:nobutawoproduce  fandom:hanakimi  fandom:hanayoridango  pairing:makio/jun  *fanfiction 
december 2011 by KIRCEE
Maps (No Matter the Road)
AU, directly following the last part of Five Things That Never Happened to Hayato and Ryu. (Executive summary: Ryu doesn't attend Kurogin.) || This is like perfection in at least half a dozen ways. I miss this fandom sfm ):
fic  pairing:hayato/ryu  fandom:jdrama  fandom:gokusen  author:acchikocchi  !ar  !college  !cute  !humour  !sweet  !!!  from delicious
october 2011 by scandy_melons

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