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Grown-Up One Direction Fangirls on Lust, Stalking, Gay 1D Fan Fic and Harry Styles' Dimples
What's it like to be a late-bloomer in the fandom stakes? Many "older" Directioners find themselves having to reconcile their own strong feelings for the day with a giggly narrative they feel unfairly undercuts them — and they have a fair point in wanting to paint a different, better picture regarding the state of grown-up fandom.
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december 2014 by sinsense
Civil War Cannon #colbydoesamerica
NSFW. Colby Keller perched naked on top of a Civil War cannon.
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september 2014 by sinsense
"why do fangirls always make them gay?"
Great back and forth about (one reason) why women write gay porn.
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july 2014 by sinsense
The Physics of Fan-Fic Sex
I. love. smut.

However, I have noticed a few… puzzling… recurrences in my preferred genre.
Unfortunately, there is also this little part of my brain that I have to turn off while I’m wanking to a good Sherlock/John kinkmeme entry: it’s the part of me that knows, deep down, that I’m masturbating to material written by an 8th grader.
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december 2011 by hooodlum
Best graph ever.
Attempt to explain why "bad" fics can be so popular now with handy graph
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april 2010 by isoldam
Oh Noes! There's Gay People In My Fandom!
This is amazing. A rant on fandom's mistreatment of gays.
[Fandom has a problem. It's about gender, sexual-orientation, arousal
and privilege.]
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october 2009 by TehOpheliac
Contains no spoilers. Does contain traces of nuts.
1) You are stupid. 2) I am possibly stupid too, because I
forget how stupid you are. 3) 49 minutes after an episode airs is TOO
SOON. (Yes, I did the time difference conversion.)
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october 2009 by TehOpheliac
patterns of black and white - more fanfic-character thoughts
The fanfic writer has to straddle the line between those two
points of reference - canon and fandom - working to make the character
available in a way that the reader will recognize. And the more embedded
a reader is in fandom, the less likely that a pure canon extrapolation
is going to ring bells with a reader.
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october 2009 by TehOpheliac
FADPOV - See Things From A Different Point of View
FADPOV is the entertainment news and reviews site for female fandom, by female fandom.
june 2008 by skybs
So, podfic. Fanfic, read aloud. Sometimes, but not always, by the author.
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october 2007 by skybs

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