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All Shook Up
Pete is a divorced Elvis impersonator at a Las Vegas wedding chapel, who’s stopped believing in happy endings. Patrick hasn’t, but then again, he’s there to marry Bob.
fanwork  Fandom:FOB  Fandom:MCR  Pairing:Pete/Patrick  rating:r  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Jiksa  quality:sunfish  extra:au  extra:wedding  extra:drinking  extra:podficced! 
december 2018 by opalsong
A Necessary Requirement - Bexless - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
“What’s it like?” Frank said again, banging his fist on Ray’s foot for emphasis. “Everyone’s seen it but me!”
fandom:bandom  fandom:MCR  fandom:FOB  fanfic  slash  ship:Frank/Gerard 
september 2017 by sophieisgod
alpheratz | Bandom Core Curricula: A Study Guide for Newbies
Hello and welcome to the bandom newbie reclist! :D Here you will find a "selective two degrees of MCR" kind of deal, meant to serve as a gateway into bandom fic through My Chemical Romance. As such, this reclist draws heavily from MCR fic, branches out into panbandom fic, and from there into Panic! at the Disco, Pete Wentz, and Gabe Saporta.
Fandom:MCR  Fandom:Bandom  Fandom:PatD  Fandom:FOB  Primer  Picspam 
may 2015 by jstong
Respiration for Beginners by dzzyondreams
Author's Summary: Pete’s eyes widen for a second. “You’re not fucking with me?”

“What the fuck? No,” says Patrick. “But you’re gonna have to help me out a bit here.”

“Um. Okay,” says Pete. “When you were on top of me? And your hand was on my neck? That was good.”

--(Also known as my Miss Missing You behind-the-scenes fic)
fic-recs  fandom  fanfic  fandom:bandom  fandom:FOB  fanfic:slash  pairing:Pete/Patrick  rating:NC-17  length:5000-10000  website:AO3 
february 2015 by wordsaremyfaith
Bound to the Beat
In a near canon world where orientation refers to dominance or submission, not sexuality, almost everyone has a soulmate that is supposed to complement their personality, biology, orientation and heart. Most people look forward to the day when the psionic bond sparks into existence, connecting them to their other halves. However, a trauma left Bob wanting anything but the bond he sees as a dangerous trap, and he takes matters in his own hands to chemically prevent his bond from effecting him. Patrick doesn't know what he did wrong but he knows that for some reason, his soulmate has rejected him and he has to learn to live with that. Between their pasts, their bands, and their hopes, neither of them expects end up where they do - so close with so much distance still between them.
fanwork  Fandom:MCR  Fandom:PatD  Fandom:FOB  Pairing:Bob/Patrick  Pairing:Gerard/Brian  Pairing:Mikey/Pete  Pairing:Ryan/Spencer  rating:nc-17  Length:LongShot  Length:BigBang  type:prose  site:AO3  author:dancinbutterfly  quality:sunfish  extra:au  Extra:BDSM  extra:bond  Extra:Toys 
february 2014 by opalsong
Pete loves being part of this, except for the way he accidentally feels like shit.

Elisa makes Pete nervous.

There are obvious reasons for that, and less-obvious ones. On the one hand, there's the fact that she's married to Patrick and therefore knows all of Patrick's secrets, which means she probably knows all of Pete's secrets. And the way she never, ever looks impressed by him. And that she can do the scary laser-eyed girl stare thing that cuts him off right at the knees.
Author:Inlovewithnight  Fandom:FOB  Pete/Elisa  Patrick/Elisa  Pete  Patrick  Andy  Kink:Cuckolding  Kink:Negotiation  Polyamory  Cuddling  Misunderstanding  Fic  Complete  <5k 
july 2013 by jstong
Got It Made Here
Now is no time to start listening to his better judgment, Patrick supposes, even if that better judgment is telling him that being stuck in a locker room with a couple dozen sweaty, half-naked professional athletes is going to do absolutely nothing good for his self-confidence levels and a whole lot of really shitty things for the profound dry spell he’s been going through recently, sex-wise.
fandom:Hockey  author:thewearingkind  pairing:Oduya/Stump  fandom:bandom  fandom:fob  fandom:crossover 
july 2013 by waitingforrain
All You Need to Know Is Never Let Go
Gabe, Pete, and Meagan have a lot of sex, talk about their feelings, and hang out with Bronx. Feelingsful and id-riffic with a schmooptastic ending.
Author:Lalejandra  Fandom:FOB  Fandom:CobraStarship  Fandom:Bandom  Pete/Meagan  Gabe/Pete  Pete/Gabe/Meagan  Kink:SmallDick  Kink:Size  Kink:Impregnation  Kink:Feet  Kink:ComePlay  Polyamory  Drugs  Kink:Threesome  Kink:FirstTime  Fic  Complete  >20k 
june 2013 by jstong
Give It Up, Give It Up
"Fuck you, man," Pete says. He squints harder at Travelocity and makes a face at how fucking expensive a flight to New York is these days.

"Pretty sure that's not what you're flying out here for, Petey." Even though Gabe's eating something and sounds crunchy and stupid, the promise in Gabe's voice makes Pete's dick twitch. Fuck.
Author:Anoneknewmoose  Fandom:FOB  Fandom:CobraStarship  Fandom:Bandom  Gabe/Pete  Pete  Gabe  Kink:CBT  Kink:Spanking  Gen  Friendship  Masturbation  Fic  Complete  <5k 
june 2013 by jstong
Life on the Fashion Scene
This season of Project Runway becomes infamous for reasons beyond the quirks of the designers, Matt P.'s ousting, Pete's apparently crippling co-dependence on Patrick, and the rumored trysts between Mikey and Pete spawned by their formation of the Sweet Little Dudes Club (and the resulting matching t-shirts).
fanwork  Fandom:Bandom  Fandom:MCR  Fandom:FOB  Fandom:theUsed  Fandom:ProjectRunway  extra:crossover  pairing:gen  rating:pg  time:30:00-1:00:00  Type:PodFic  site:audiofic  author:idyll  performer:2naonh3_cl2  quality:whale 
may 2013 by opalsong

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mikey_way  misunderstanding  mpreg  music  nate  no_tags  not!fic  omegaverse  pairing:alicia/mikey  pairing:bill/gabe  pairing:bob/brendon  pairing:bob/patrick  pairing:bob/ryan  pairing:brian/gerard  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:frank/pete  pairing:gabe/ryan  pairing:gen  pairing:gerard/brian  pairing:gerard/frank  pairing:gerard/patrick  pairing:mikey/gerard  pairing:mikey/patrick/pete  pairing:mikey/pete  pairing:mikey/ray  pairing:multiple  pairing:oduya/stump  pairing:pastbob/brian  pairing:patrick/joe  pairing:patrick/pete  pairing:patrick/rihanna  pairing:pete/gerard  pairing:pete/mikey/alicia  pairing:pete/mikey  pairing:pete/patrick  pairing:ryan/others  pairing:ryan/spencer  patrick/elisa  patrick/pete  patrick  patrick_stump  performer:2naonh3_cl2  performer:inkjunket  performer:klb  performer:sunquistadora  pete/ashlee  pete/demi  pete/elisa  pete/gabe/demi  pete/gabe/meagan  pete/meagan  pete/mikey/gerard  pete/mikey  pete/ofc  pete/patrick  pete  pete_wentz  phonesex  picspam  pining  podfic_avail  polyamory  primer  puppies  quality:sunfish  quality:whale  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  rating:pg  rating:r  ray  ray_toro  reunion  rev_big_bang  rolereversal  rpf:bandom  ryan/brendon  ryan  ryan_ross  ryland  scenegonewrong  series  sextape  shifter  ship:frank/gerard  sickness  site:ao3  site:audiofic  slash  slavery  spencer/jon  spencer  spencer_smith  sugardaddy  summer-of-like  telepathy  theme:religious  time:10:00-30:00  time:30:00-1:00:00  time:7:30:00-10:00:00  to-buy-someday  touring  type:podfic  type:prose  unread  ust  verse:hittingtherightnotes  verse:nightswimming  verse:prisonverse  verse:slideverse  verse:unholyverse  vickyt  video  videos  warning:alcoholism  warning:blood  warning:characterdeath  warning:depression  warning:druguse  warning:dubcon  warning:gabebeingevil  warning:graphicdiscussionofoffscenerape  warning:majorcharacterdeath  warning:mentalabuse  warning:prostitution  warning:safewording  warning:torture  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