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Fic: Silver Wings by Batsutousai
On that fateful day, when a child grown visited his childhood home and a dying sorceress passed on her powers, it wasn't another sorceress they found, but a young boy running lost.
fandom:ff8  ff8-before_game  ff8:chara:squall  ff8:pairing:squall/seifer  ff8:timeline:during_game  fic:genre:magic_spells  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:rating:4  fic:genre:time+dimensional_travel 
november 2018 by anyssia
A Broken Black Line Chapter 1: Revelations, a final fantasy viii fanfic | FanFiction
So I actually logged into my old FF account to see if I could find this fic, but it looks like it's been deleted. The only other Irvine/Zell showing up in my faves is which is... ten years old and I was an angsty teenager at the time, don't judge me? My whole faves list is a blur of embarrassing nostalgia.

Irvine/Zell was kinda rare, I remember having to buy doujinshi just to get my fix of it. Ah, the memories of being young and using my parents' credit card to buy porn from shady doujinshi trading groups. Fun times.

Author Summary:
Part one of the Away From Home series. After a runin with Seifer, Zell decides to leave Garden. Can Irvine convince Zell to come back, not just to Balamb Garden, but to love and life itself?
entry:145320  fandom:ff8  ffa_ficrecs  length:10k-25k  needs_better_tags  post:231  rating:r  thread:766996136 
june 2015 by FicRecs
Fic: Imperfect Tense by jukeboxhound
Jenova's legacy, living on through the Sorceresses, means that Squall has an unstable Seifer on his hands as well as another impending apocalypse. He doesn't know what to do with these awkward people claiming to be ancient warriors brought back to fight an alien menace, and really, maybe paperwork hadn't been so bad after all.
fandom:ff8  ff7:chara:aeris  ff7:chara:chaos  ff7:chara:cloud  ff7:chara:jenova  ff7:chara:sephiroth  ff7:chara:vincent  ff7:chara:zack  ff7:pairing:cloud/seph  ff7:timeline:4-after_meteor  ff7:timeline:4-meteor  ff8:chara:squall  ff8:pairing:squall/seifer  ff8:timeline:after_game  fic:genre:crossover  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:wip  ff7:FANDOM_ffvii  fic:rating:4  fic:genre:time+dimensional_travel 
june 2014 by anyssia
Fic: Snafu by Shivani
The same old story, except not. Squall does things differently from the beginning, starting a cascade of changes. Plot goes off the canon rails to a fair degree, but certain things must still happen and do.

Notes: The story in the game was just so damn stupid too often, and I wasn’t nearly as harsh as I could have been in the last time around. It has to change. Major paraphrasing of parts because I don’t see the point this time in being so damn specific. Starts almost normal, then derails. And fair warning, I’m pretty nasty to Quistis and Rinoa, so if you like them, you might want to read something else. Thanks to Batsutousai for catching a number of errors before I started posting, as well as making suggestions and listening patiently to me flailing around in a panic at times.
fandom:ff8  ff8:pairing:irvine/sephie  ff8:pairing:squall/seifer  ff8:timeline:during_game  fic:pairing:het  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  0-BEST-OF  fic:rating:5  fic:genre:time+dimensional_travel 
june 2013 by anyssia
Fic: Convergence by Shivani
Summary: An AU-Crossover exploration into a possible evolution of the HP world to an altered redux of Final Fantasy VIII, where part of the motto is: stamp out the stupid.

Spoilers: FF VIII (and only the odd points from HBP & DH really matter)

Warnings: AU-Crossover (massive canon mangling), mild slash
fandom:ff8  ff8:pairing:squall/other  ff8:timeline:during_game  fic:genre:crossover  fic:pairing:slash  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  hp:misc:creature!harry  hp:pairing:harry/others  hp:series:after_b_7:hallows_tDH  hp:timeline:after_school  hp:timeline:after_war  hp:timeline:not_canon  hp:FANDOM:harry_potter  fic:genre:time+dimensional_travel 
june 2013 by anyssia
Fic: Far Beyond the Sky by AwayLaughing
Squall defeats Ultimecia, only to find himself in a place he knows nothing about, surrounded by people he does not know and he may well be dying. FtSKM.


This was for the Strifehart kink meme, prompt being 'Squall has geostigma'. Any faults are my own, feel free to point them out. Also, since I never mentioned it before, Squall gets geostigma for the basic reason that the lifestream sees him as an alien life form.
fandom:ff8  ff7:chara:aeris  ff7:chara:cloud  ff7:chara:denzel  ff7:chara:marlene  ff7:chara:tifa  ff7:chara:turks:reno  ff7:chara:turks:rude  ff7:chara:zack  ff7:timeline:5-advent_children  ff8:chara:squall  ff8:timeline:after_game  fic:genre:crossover  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wc:short/-10.000  ff7:FANDOM_ffvii  fic:pairing:none/gen 
march 2013 by anyssia
Fic: A World of Difference by NeoRyu777
Harry Potter at the age of 5 runs away from Privet Drive, and in a fit of accidental magic ends up in a different dimension. Returning home, what's he gonna do? Manipulative Dumbledore, Slytherin Harry. Rated M to be safe. Crossover with FFVIII.
fandom:ff8  fic:genre:crossover  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:story:wc:epic/+50.000  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  hp:misc:independent!harry  hp:timeline:during_school  hp:timeline:during_war  hp:timeline:not_canon  ff8-before_game  hp:FANDOM:harry_potter  fic:pairing:none/gen  fic:genre:time+dimensional_travel 
august 2012 by anyssia
Grasshopper by Twig | Seifer/Squall, 83,200w
Twenty-five years after the game, Squall wakes up from an accident to find that many things have changed.

---- Was author-hopping when I found this fic (I've read and liked the author's original fic) and decided to read it in a fit of nostalgy. I'm really happy I did. This is one of the best Seifer/Squall fic out there, and definitely on my top ten list of FFVIII fic. It's been a while since I last read FFVIII fic, but this certainly dragged me into it again.
length:50k-100k  content:fic  seifer/squall  gsh:slash  fandom:finalfantasyviii  fandom:ff8  !!fuckthisshit 
february 2012 by hydrangea
Esthar Influence by Gryvon | Seifer/Squall, 2400w
An order from the President of Esthar brings Seifer back to Balamb Garden.

---- An interesting look at afterwards and what people may have become.
length:1k-5k  content:fic  seifer/squall  gsh:slash  fandom:ff8  fandom:finalfantasyviii 
february 2012 by hydrangea
Fic: Snafu by Shivari
The same old story, except not. Squall does things differently from the beginning, starting a cascade of changes. Plot goes off the canon rails to a fair degree, but certain things must still happen and do.
ff8-squall/seifer  ff8-during_game  fandom:ff8  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:pairing:slash 
july 2011 by anyssia
Fic: Snafu by Shivani
The same old story, except not. Squall does things differently from the beginning, starting a cascade of changes. Plot goes off the canon rails to a fair degree, but certain things must still happen and do.
ff8-squall/seifer  ff8-during_game  ff8-game_remake  fandom:ff8  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:wip  fic:pairing:slash 
june 2011 by anyssia
Fic: Imperfect tense by hadesphoenix
FF7/8 || R - sexuality, battle violence, language || Squall/Seifer, Sephiroth/Cloud || crossover || WIP
Jenova's legacy, living on through the Sorceresses, is forcing Squall to deal with an unstable Seifer, Cloud Strife, and yet another potential end of the world. Maybe paperwork really wasn't so bad.
ff8-after_game  ff8-squall/seifer  fandom:ff8  fic:genre:crossover  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:plot  fic:pairing:slash  ff7:pairing:cloud/seph  ff7:timeline:0-au  ff7:FANDOM_ffvii 
january 2011 by anyssia
The Sun in the Flower by snowlight // Seifer/Squall, 700w
Seifer grunted in response and shut the apartment door behind him. He unloaded the flowers on the sofa and strode into the kitchen. Trailing behind him, Squall made himself a cup of coffee as Seifer went around the cabinets looking for something that would resemble a vase.

"Those really do look like the sun."

---- Lovely take on the characters and written in that way that reflects that even in good times, the bad things are not forgotten. Adore the writing too. :)
length:0k-1k  content:fic  seifer/squall  gsh:slash  fandom:ff8  fandom:finalfantasyviii 
august 2010 by hydrangea
Edge of Clarity by snowlight // Seifer/Squall, 600w
Seifer made sure the door opened and closed quietly as he entered the kitchen. For a second he thought of turning on the lights, but then he reminded himself that he didn't want to risk waking up Squall, who was getting a first good night of sleep in a whole week. The Deling City envoy incident was a bloody mess—he really should have gotten rid of the bastard when he had the chance back then.

---- Interesting post-canon in which their relationship is established but things are still not complete fluff. I liked the off bits about Seifer's character, but I also liked how Squall brought him right out of it. I'd love to see more in this universe really.
length:0k-1k  content:fic  seifer/squall  gsh:slash  fandom:finalfantasyviii  fandom:ff8  !!fuckthisshit 
august 2010 by hydrangea
Fic: Protecting the Lion Sequel: Strings Attached by DB2020
SXS Sequel to Protecting the Lion. Just beginning a serious relationship, Squall and Seifer deal with the troubles such a public affair brings. It's difficult to find a place together, and in the end, Garden may just not be it.
ff8-squall/seifer  ff8-after_game  fandom:ff8  fic:story:smut  fic:story:wc:long/+10.000  fic:story:fanfiction  fic:story:hot_smex  fic:pairing:slash 
june 2010 by anyssia

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