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Not His Wizard - seizethefire - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Morgan is being his usual pleasant self, which would be fine if John Marcone didn't happen to see and disapprove.

In which Harry's life is somehow so much more dramatic than the average. A simple evening walk promises danger, and for the offense of actually attempting to purchase a pizza for friends, he may face death.
fic  preslash  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  rating:pg-13  length:5000-15000  protective 
5 weeks ago by zimaya
That Kind of Girl - lightgetsin - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
I couldn’t believe he’d done that. That was definitely not the sort of thing nice guys did to their girlfriends. Then again, John Marcone was not a nice guy, exhibit 5000.

And I was not his girlfriend.
fic  het  slash  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000  pwp  genderswap/sexswap  roughsex  author:lightgetsin 
6 weeks ago by zimaya
Pressure Tactics - lightgetsin - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Marcone settled a knee between mine, insinuating herself like a snake. Into my space, into my life, into my head, and now into my freaking pants. Sometimes I swear it might have been easier to agree to be her pet wizardess all those years ago. Maybe she would have been satisfied with a little piece of me, instead of demanding everything.

. . . Nah.
femslash  fic  fandom:dresdenfiles  author:lightgetsin  rating:nc-17  pairing:dresden/marcone  length:2000-5000  sextoys  firsttime  pwp  genderswap/sexswap 
6 weeks ago by zimaya
On the Count of Three - lightgetsin - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
“Put your glass down,” he said quietly. “Or throw it in my face in the next three seconds. Two. One.”

((Series that starts with Dresden playing poker with Marcone and Kincaid. Tagged for the whole series.))
au  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  pairing:dresden/kincaid  rating:nc-17  length:15000-35000  fic  slash  threesome  bets  pwp  possessive  knifeplay  gun.kink  author:lightgetsin 
6 weeks ago by zimaya
Bring Not All Mischief - daughterofmuses - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Dresden/Marcone, ensemble cast. Dubious consent (technical consent issues/marriage of (in)convenience). AU from end of Turn Coat: Molly's actions are reported by Morgan before his death, triggering the Doom of Damocles. Harry takes Molly and flees to Faerie, where the Leanansidhe is… helpful.
fic  slash  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  rating:nc-17  length:15000-35000  dubcon  marriage  protective 
6 weeks ago by zimaya
Cross - lightgetsin - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
“Because,” Dresden said, “you’re going to bring me back.” He hesitated, looking somewhat sour. “You’re the only one who can, apparently.”

((*Deliciously* in character, I found.))
author:lightgetsin  fic  slash  rating:nc-17  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  length:15000-35000 
7 weeks ago by zimaya
Crosshairs - manic_intent - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
Written for the Dresden Files kink meme, being an AU where Marcone also has magical powers. A murderer is getting rid of the signatories who have come to Chicago to sign Gentleman Johnny Marcone into the Accords.
au  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  rating:r  length:15000-35000  fic  slash  author:manic_intent 
7 weeks ago by zimaya
Dresden Files Kinkmeme Fills - callmearcturus, LuciaZephyr - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Catty secretaries, truth spells, #OccultChicago, how to accidentally before a Wyldfae lord, and other tales both silly and serious.

((Ch 1: Wyldfae lord Harry
Ch 2: #OccultChicago, the IRC chat log
Ch 3: Harry loses his voice
Ch 4: Truth spell
Ch 5: Harry as Marcone's secretary
Ch 6: Harry + a hot tub))
fic  slash  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  au  humor  angst  rating:nc-17  length:15000-35000 
8 weeks ago by zimaya
The Most Exhausting Week - Jade_Dragoness - Person of Interest (TV), The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Their new number is named Harry Dresden. Is he a victim or a perpetrator?

((What other fandoms both feature giant, deadly, cuddly puppies?))
fic  gen  rating:pg-13  fandom:personofinterest  fandom:dresdenfiles  length:2000-5000  crossover 
12 weeks ago by zimaya
Maturity is Relative - miss_aphelion - The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
"I'm not—" I sputtered, indignant. "I'm not a child! It's a…it's a technicality! And I probably could get it, except they'd want to see my identification, and I—" Marcone held up a hand, forestalling me. Usually that wouldn't have worked, but I was actually relieved for the excuse to shut up.

"You can't get it for me…because you'll be carded?" he asked carefully, his brow furrowing in disbelief.

(Or the one where Marcone learns that by Wizard standards, Dresden isn't actually considered a legal adult).

((As I amuse myself by tagging this "kidfic"...))
fic  gen  rating:pg  fandom:dresdenfiles  length:2000-5000  protective  kidfic 
12 weeks ago by zimaya
If It Makes You Happy - Dwarfankylosaur - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Written for dresden_kink round 4 for the following challenge:

Marcone hates the thought of Harry being in a relationship with Thomas. Mainly because if he had Harry's attention he'd never let him go. It drives him insane that Thomas just doesn't seem to care that much but Harry seems to love him anyway.

Marcone concocts a plan to make Harry happy--by making sure Thomas makes Harry happy--no matter how much it pains Marcone to do so. If/when that doesn't work there's always the last resort--steal Harry away to do it himself.
fic  slash  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  rating:pg-13  length:5000-15000  humor  fake.relationship 
12 weeks ago by zimaya
The Spirit and the Letter - lightgetsin - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
"Hey, I just realized!" Bob said. "You're like a country song: you lost your house, you lost your car, you lost your job, and now you've lost your dick!"
fic  het  slash  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  rating:nc-17  length:15000-35000  author:lightgetsin  genderswap/sexswap 
august 2019 by zimaya
Choices - Kethrua - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
In an AU to Changes, Harry sold himself to John Marcone instead of Mab. They both take a while to adjust to this. Written for the Kinkmeme, for a prompt requesting both serious treatment of the issues and smut. Contains non-explicit reference to past child abuse and rape.
au  fic  slash  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  rating:r  length:15000-35000  dubcon!  bondage  bonding/mating  hurt/comfort  angst 
august 2019 by zimaya
The Dresden Omens - Chapter 1 - shiplizard - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
In which a demon (who did not fall from grace so much as saunter vaguely downward) is sent to tempt a hero (who's reluctant at best) and has some trouble with the job. Spoilers through Book 9 of the Dresden Files (White Night) and absolutely all of Good Omens
crossover  fandom:dresdenfiles  fandom:goodomens  pairing:harrydresden/johnmarcone  rating:pg-13  oldfavourite  author:shiplizard  via:starwire 
july 2019 by Harpijka
Harry Potter and the White Wizard by Cyberwraith9
In the wake of tragedy, Harry returns to Hogwarts with a new ally in his personal war with Voldemort. With the help of this unlikely hero, can Harry put an end to the scourge of the wizarding world for good? A Harry Potter/Dresden Files crossover!
fanfic  gen  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:dresdenfiles  genre:crossover  genre:adventure  genre:kidfic  genre:tagfic  trope:outside_pov  trope:bamfness  length:long  rating:pg13  author:cyberwraith9  web:ffn  note:wip 
may 2019 by moonbeamsfanfic
Meet Shoot - Grenegome - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
I first met Marcone in less than ideal circumstances, working a job for Nick that had taken a sudden turn into bump in the night territory. It wasn’t the first time I’d gone searching for a missing child and found them in supernaturally threatening circumstances, but it was the first time I got shot at for chasing a bogeyman out of town.
fandom:DresdenFiles  HarryDresden  JohnMarcone  Dresden/Marcone  Grenegome  pre-series  canon  AU  via:adanska 
march 2019 by Harpijka
Deliver Me Unto Evil (The Self-Indulgent Remix) - Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup) - The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
Dancing with Faith, in every sense of the word, was like dancing with fire: liable to burn them both if Thomas lost control. But oh, what a glorious blaze it would be.
Fandom:DresdenFiles  Fandom:BuffytheVampireSlayer  Genre:Crossovers  genre:het  Genre:Gen  pairing:Faith.Lehane/Thomas.Raith  00-05k.words 
december 2018 by silentflux

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