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sandersonsister - The Differences Between Us
Near never cared about soulmates, despite the fact he knew who his own soulmate was. But when L is killed by Light Yagami, the very same man that was his mentors soulmate, fe finds a new puzzle to conquer. With the help of his own soulmate, who is unaware of their situation, Near struggles to understand the pas relationship between L and Light and his own connection to Mello.
fandom:Death_Note  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Mello/Near  soulmates-fic  misunderstandings  WIP  words:30.000-35.000 
february 2019 by hear-the-rain
sandersonsister - Isaac Keehl
Mello made a lot of mistakes in his life. But Isaac wasn't one of them. Near is shocked when he learns that his childhood rival had a son. He's even more shocked when he realizes that Mello requested Near take the boy in after Mello's death.
fandom:Death_Note  year:2019  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Mello/Near  kid-fic  canon-divergence  post-canon  words:20.000-25.000  complete 
february 2019 by hear-the-rain
CheshireCity - What I Do For Rent Money
Matt just wants to get through college and be done with it. He's young and he's near as broke and paying the rent is hard enough. He WOULD kick his roommate out but he simply can't afford it. Of course, his roommate would be a lot easier to live with if he would just stop bringing dead bodies into their dorm.
fandom:Death_Note  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Mello/Matt  gen  AU  AU-college  podfic_maybelist  words:8.500-9.000  comedy  complete 
june 2018 by hear-the-rain
sandersonsister - Getting a Second Chance
Mello has never gotten used to the darkness. Or the silence. But it has given him time to think. He regrets the choices he made. He would give anything for a second chance. He doesn't expect to get one. Which is why he's shocked when he wakes up in his 13 year old body.
fandom:Death_Note  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Mello/Near  pairing:L/Light  time-travel  fix-it  words:35.000-40.000  complete 
june 2018 by hear-the-rain
Driven by murinae
"But I still think there are stuff that's a LOT like a game. All those killings -- don't you feel they were going somewhere, forming a pattern somehow? And some parts of it were like they were baiting each other, back and forth, trying to establish territory, testing each other's limits, and taking stones. And now ... I don't know. To me, there's a kind of feeling when a game's about to go into yose. I dunno why, but I get that kinda feeling when I was watching the Kira thing. If that's the case, they probably already know who the other person is, or are very close. There's just one more stone or step in the way of ending. That's what really scares me. More than the fact that the killings increased."
fic  fandom:hikaru_no_go  fandom:death_note  character:shindou_hikaru  character:waya_yoshitaka  character:yagami_light  character:ryuk  crossover 
april 2015 by eternalblue
Best Present He's Got Yet
"Let me go, Ryuuzaki," Raito says, flexing his arms against the chain, and when that achieves nothing, lunging at L to create some slack in the bonds. L shuffles backwards out of the bathroom, nimbly dodging Raito's assault. Raito tries again, feinting left before darting right, even feinting left before actually going left, but L seems to read the moves right off his face, and he evades Raito with infuriating ease, all the while leading him deeper and deeper into the bedroom.

Raito makes a final desperate attack, and for one glorious moment thinks he has L, before L does something with his torso that Raito has only ever seen on the kung-fu movies that channel 115 plays at two in the morning, and before he knows it he is on his back on the bed, and the slack chain that had been wrapped around L's wrist is now looped around his body.
fic  fandom:death_note  pairing:light/l  pwp 
march 2015 by eternalblue
Tideland by dayari
Her brother smiles at their mother's question, though, looking a little bit like he thinks he's won. "Yes," Light just says airily, as if it's nothing to be proud of at all, and Sayu doesn't really know if her brother's modesty should be making this so much harder to bear, but somehow it does.

She wonders, sometimes, if her hate of these situations would be dulled if Light were actually a braggy, insufferable know-it-all—maybe she even wants him to, in the deepest recesses of her mind. Because if he were the show-off he has the right to be, Sayu could feel... better than him, on a purely instinctual level that no one but herself would even see; but she suspects, with a conviction bordering on certainty, that that would be enough. It would make everything easier, if Light jumped at every chance to prove himself and make her feel like the dirt stuck on the heel of his shoe; but the knowledge that he'd never, ever do something like that to her makes Sayu clutch her fork until her knuckles turn white.
fic  fandom:death_note  character:yagami_sayu  character:yagami_light  gen  precanon 
march 2015 by eternalblue
A Tithe to Hell by Aja
“You aren’t a god,” L says. “You aren’t a psychopath.” He bites the tip of Light’s nipple gently, almost playfully, and Light gasps and goes rigid. “You aren’t,” says L, ignoring the tension in the body below him, “even a very convincing sociopath.”

“What are you saying, Ryuuzaki,” Light says harshly. “You think this was all some joke to impress you?”

“Shh,” L says, no, orders, and Light shuts up and stares up at him. I could strangle you right now, he thinks.

“You’re a genius,” L says. A kiss to his breastbone. “You’re extremely attractive, and you like to look good because you know it helps you to influence people.” A kiss to his other nipple, and below. “You eat pork buns with both hands and you hate sushi. “ A kiss to his rib cage, and Light sighs despite himself and feels his body relaxing somewhat. “Psychology annoys you and so does your sister.” A kiss to the side of his navel. “But you help her with her homework anyway.”

“What are you getting at with all this?” Light asks irritably, unable to resist a shiver as L circles his tongue over the inside of Light’s navel.

“Hush, Raito-kun,” L murmurs in response, hovering over his thighs like a giant dragonfly, limbs askew at awkward angles against the mattress. He looks down uncertainly at Light as though he can’t decide where to go next.

Light could flip him over and take charge. He doesn’t.

“Before you found the Death Note, you were probably,” L says, scooting off him and perching beside his shoulder now, reaching a hand out to touch it with his index finger, “the most bored person alive.” Two fingers now, and he doesn’t move, just presses his fingers against Light’s bicep to feel the muscles and the veins beneath his skin. For some reason this is more unnerving than anything else he has done.

“Everything bored you,” L says, peering down at him. “Sex, school, sports, current events. Sex still bores you, unless there’s challenge, or unless you have complete control.”
fic  fandom:death_note  pairing:light/l 
march 2015 by eternalblue
JRPendragon - Distraction
The thing is, Mello's an Alpha. Matt knew it even before they hit puberty. In the way he commands a room, owns everything and everyone, never backs down, has a quick temper, is a born leader. Hell, the's textbook Alpha. Matt, not so much so. Beta!Mello/Alpha!Matt, because subversion is hot. And Death Note fandom was lacking in knotting fic.
fandom:Death_Note  pairing:Mello/Matt  knotting  Alpha-Beta-Omega  Rating:Explicit  one-shot  words:3.500-4.000  year:2014  Dom/sub  complete 
october 2014 by hear-the-rain
wicked_pistil: Madmen
A reunion between old friends. I gave Matt some backstory because he needed it. [All this recent Matt love made me try my hand at him.]
fandom:Death_Note  pairing:Mello/Matt  one-shot  words:500-1.000  podficced  year:2012  rating:Teen-and-Up  complete 
september 2012 by hear-the-rain
Multi-fandom recs
//Recs for fics in A LOT of fandoms. Including X-Men: First Class, Harry Potter, Merlin, Star Trek, Death Note, Naruto, Inception, Kingdom Hearts and many, many more.
fandom:x-men_first_class  fandom:harry_potter  fandom:merlin  fandom:death_note  fandom:naruto  fandom:inception  fandom:kingdom_hearts  reclist/fic_listing  fandom:star_trek_aos 
march 2012 by Wordflake
An afternoon with Light and L, involving undressing of the mind, discussion of pornography, and a very flustered Yagami.

//"Maybe you're into toes, Ryuuzaki," Light joked; he had noticed how L had a habit of gnawing on his thumb, and disliked wearing socks or shoes, but it couldn't possibly mean anything other than a simple habit.

"You know, Light-kun, perhaps I am," L replied.

"What? I was kidding!" Light said, jumping out of his chair to see L playing with his left big toe rather fascinatedly.
fandom:death_note  pairing:gen  rating:T  author:justplainrii  length:2000-5000 
november 2011 by Wordflake
amaXdear - Street Dog
"You're keeping me, aren't you?" Mihael says shrewdly. "Like a stray dog that wandered in off the street... what if I'm rabid?" Mello meets L, L POV
fandom:Death_Note  pre-series  gen  one-shot  pre-canon  head-canon  year:2011  rating:Teen-and-Up  complete 
november 2011 by hear-the-rain
Death Note Kink Meme - Dirty Laundry
Mello is supposed to be one of the brightest teenagers in the world - how does he not see?
pairing:Mello/Matt  fandom:Death_Note  one-sided  angst  year:2011  rating:Mature 
september 2011 by hear-the-rain
koneko zero: Friday Night, MattMello PG-13
Warnings: Crossdressing and swearing

"Mello finds it quite hilarious really. Matt understands that. After all, looking at the two of them, if either was going to regularly dress in drag you'd assume it was the adorable blonde."
pairing:Mello/Matt  fandom:Death_Note  fluff  angst  crossdressing  year:2011  comedy 
july 2011 by hear-the-rain
Light discovers that L has an immunity to the Death Note, and L is overcome with depression. On a journey of self-discovery as well as a never-ending battle to the death of wits, they both expect to die.
fandom:death_note  pairing:l/light  fanfiction  rating:M  author:serria  W.I.P.  mytag:favourite! 
june 2011 by Wordflake
ahysea: What once was - B x L
Warning[s]: Spoilers for names (too late) and Another Note. Occasional AU. Insanity. Death.
mental-illness  death!fic  1sentence-fic  pairing:BB/L  fandom:Death_Note  year:2011  rating:Teen-and-Up 
march 2011 by hear-the-rain
Poison Apple
Maybe their poison drenched love, this twisted fairytale of most wicked beauty, is all that matters, even when L is dragged back from his grave and faced with his poisoned apple again.
fandom:death_note  pairing:l/light  fanfiction  rating:M  author:robinrocks  author:narroch  length:>200.000  mytag:epic  mytag:favourite! 
january 2011 by Wordflake

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