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Skalidra: Mouth Full of White Lies
In an effort to learn more about its relatively young ruler, one Timothy Drake, Jason goes undercover in one of Gotham's smaller crime families. It takes some time, but eventually he manages to get himself noticed just enough to be assigned protection for one of the higher ranking members, in a prime position to catch the eye of the family head. But Timothy is... not what he expected. Not at all.
fandom:dc-comics  jason-todd  tim-drake  genre:AU  AU:alternate-reality  profession:criminal 
17 days ago by notabene
Skalidra: Victory's Reward
Jason is one of the top gladiators of his master, Ra's al Ghul's, stable. When he wins an important victory he's sent a reward by the name of Tim, one of the favored slaves from the manor above. Tim's not all that happy about being given to a savage brute, but Jason's a little more than he was expecting. Maybe even enough to change his mind.
fandom:dc-comics  tim-drake  jason-todd  p:jason/tim  genre:AU  AU:alternate-universe  setting:ancient-rome 
17 days ago by notabene
skalidra: Icebreaker
Jason's been staying off the grid ever since his confrontation with Bruce and the Joker, hiding across the world and away from everyone to sort himself out. He assumed that eventually, one of the Bats would track him down to make sure that's all he's doing, and the replacement is the one that does. At least, that's what he thinks, until he realizes that Tim is stumbling into a very nasty group of mercenaries instead.
fandom:dc-comics  jason-todd  tim-drake  trope:unresolved-sexual-tension 
17 days ago by notabene
InsaneTrollLogic: Two Dead Birds
There's some lunatic in a red helmet running through Jason's territory. He wants to think it's a copy cat.

He's wrong.
fandom:dc-comics  jason-todd  tim-drake  dick-grayson  genre:au  AU:alternate-continuity  trope:timetravel 
20 days ago by notabene
CaramelMachete: The Bells of St. Clements
Dick has shot Roy’s bow a few times. Roy’s current bow is a beast with a 105 pound draw weight. Dick allows himself a small smile, remembering how delighted Roy had been when he got it, deliberately two pounds heavier than Oliver’s. (“Suck it, old man!” Roy had crowed.) Dick had been able to use it, but at that weight his accuracy had been terrible.

Still, those 105 pounds now seem lighter than a feather pillow, compared to the pull of his trigger.

“Officer Grayson, please wait here. Your union rep will be here soon, and she has requested that we don’t start without her.”


Police Officer Grayson kills the Joker while on duty.
fandom:dc-comics  dick-grayson  profession:police-officer  jim-gordon  jason-todd  joker  genre:AU  AU:alternate-reality 
4 weeks ago by notabene
Aoida_blue: Glitz and Glamour
Jason makes the best of every situation. Dick just happens to make this situation better.

Contains: Dancing, corporate espionage and martinis.
fandom:dc-comics  jason-todd  dick-grayson  trope:genderswitch  trope:undercover  p:dick-grayson/jason-todd 
5 weeks ago by notabene
nex_et_nox: the city carries ruins in its heart
“Do you trust him?” Jim asked.

“Yes,” said Batman, unhesitating.

He didn’t know if he would ever like Red Hood. He didn’t know if he would ever be able to like working with him. He wanted to arrest the man. But if Batman trusted him, that would have to be enough for Jim.

Jim Gordon's evolving perspective on Red Hood.
fandom:dc-comics  jim-gordon  trope:outsider-pov  red-hood  jason-todd 
8 weeks ago by notabene
d_aia: Contagious
Jim didn’t know it, until Maggie barged in, opening his door with such force that it bounced off the wall and broke a glass panel. Whatever he’d wanted object was lost the moment she said, “Somebody killed the Joker.” His first thought was that he expected her to tell him the city was melting down, not to give good news.

His second was, ‘Is the killer worse than Joker?’

The Joker's dead. Now what?
fandom:dc-comics  jim-gordon  trope:outsider-pov  jason-todd  bruce-wayne  genre:AU  AU:divergent-timeline 
8 weeks ago by notabene
Mutually Beneficial (Slade/Jason)
Jason knows who Slade Wilson is and that he should stay away from him.

He knows the man is a vicious competitor of his father’s with a business ethic firmly in the dark gray to black side of the spectrum.

He also knows that his older brother drank too much one night, while he was in college, and fell for Wilson’s sweet talk, whatever that could possibly sound like, and that the older man still, years later, finds ways suggestively drop Dick’s name into conversations with their father.

So when he sees the man’s signature white hair and eye patch approaching his position at the bar, Jason makes a real attempt to avoid him.
author:scandalsavage  fandom:dc-comics  complete  rarepair  au  character:JasonTodd 
10 weeks ago by yuurei
Loxare: Help
AU. Jason never went to Gotham after he emerged from the Lazarus Pit. Instead, he went to Bludhaven to begin his reign of terror. That all changed the night he gave a scared teen his phone number.
fandom:dc-comics  jason-todd  red-hood  trope:recovery  trope:family  genre:au  AU:divergent-timeline 
march 2019 by notabene
You Can Leave Your Cape On (Bruce/Tony)
He hasn't seen or heard from Bruce in six years and the asshole is just going to pretend like they have nothing to say to one another. Or maybe he honestly thinks that Tony can't tell, doesn't know who exactly is behind the mask, and isn't that just completely insulting? Tony may not be cognizant enough to put one foot in front of the other with any consistency but his mind, even strapped into the hell's amusement park whirly-gig of benzodiazepines, is coherent enough to do basic math.

Tony will always know Bruce. That is the simplest equation in the world.


Tony Stark is absolutely NOT Batman's Lois Lane.
author:kahn  fandom:MarvelComics  fandom:dc-comics  complete  domestic!fic  angst  au  fluff  hurt!Tony  hurt/comfort  protective!character  character:TonyStark  character:BruceWayne  rarepair 
december 2018 by yuurei
It Takes a Thief (Tim/Jason)
“Why does this sound like a plot for one of the Ocean’s Eleven movies?” Jason asks, arms crossed over his skintight black bodysuit. “Seriously, all you’re missing are George Clooney and Brad Pitt.”

Reminding himself that he can’t do this without Stray, Tim answers. “Well, we’ve got an international antiquities smuggling ring, a ton of bored rich people with nothing better to do than show off how much money they have, and we get to dress up in ridiculously expensive tuxedos, all the while concealing weapons and tech that will undoubtedly get us kicked out or worse if the bad guys find it. This almost sounds like something that happened to me last month but without the antiquities part.”
author:chibi_nightowl  fandom:dc-comics  character:JasonTodd  character:TimDrake  oblivious!character  complete  au  badass!character  fluff  case!fic 
december 2018 by yuurei
Druthers (Kon/Jason)
The first time the Quick Response Team got Tim’s attention, it was, say… five years ago? Yes, four years and eight months. One or two had a sudden slew of accidents, several got caught accepting bribes, and some even disappeared and reappeared in other parts of the country with their true bosses. All in all, a bit over half of the twenty-five members got taken out.

It was clear what was happening—somebody was cleaning house.
As the Bats become aware of a surprise return, they find themselves with a lot to think about.
author:d_aia  fandom:dc-comics  gen  family!fic  character:TimDrake  character:JasonTodd  rarepair  complete  drama  domestic!fic  badass!character  au 
october 2018 by yuurei
Empty Vessels, Gravel Roads
The Winchester brothers come to Gotham. Really, how could Dean say no to a hunt in his childhood hero’s hometown? But an easy case gets complicated when they run into our favorite zombie-Robin fresh from the grave. Angels, demons, bats and birds all converge during the race to the Apocalypse.
author:zoeleo  fandom:Supernatural  gen  crossover  fandom:dc-comics  character:JasonTodd  character:DeanWinchester  character:SamWinchester  angst  hurt/comfort  protective!Dean  wip  au 
september 2018 by yuurei
Superheroes and Billionaires (Bruce Wayne/Tony)
Steve has a crush on Tony and is working up the courage to ask him out, but then the 'tall, dark, and handsome' Wayne enters the picture and Steve needs to work harder for Tony's affections.
author:moonliel  fandom:MarvelComics  fandom:dc-comics  au  established-relationship  jealous!fic  oblivious!Tony  possessive!character  rarepair  crossover  character:TonyStark  character:BruceWayne 
august 2018 by yuurei
You Deserve Love, And You'll Get It (Bruce Wayne/Tony)
After the Civil War, Tony is trapped in his abusive relationship with Steve and is desperate to find escape. His team hates him, and is blind to Steve's abuse. So when he finds refuge in Gotham with an old friend, he learns that he is very much worth loving, and the Waynes will fight to prove it.
author:gothic_lolita  fandom:MarvelComics  fandom:dc-comics  complete  hurt/comfort  au  angst  protective!character  character:TonyStark  rarepair  character:BruceWayne 
august 2018 by yuurei
The Sound of Silence (Tim/Jason)
“One minute,” Jason said, eyes locked on the massive hulk that was the Titan growing closer as their ship rocketed toward it. The chill was already seeping into his bones and Jason tried to keep his breathing steady. His air supply was fine and the suit he wore had little heaters that would keep the worst of the icy nothingness of space from killing him right away. He knew this, but no matter how many times he repeated it in his head, his heartbeat grew louder as the clock ticked closer to zero.

“Stay with me, Jason,” Tim said, twisting around in his seat to grab hold of Jason’s gloved hand. “We’ll be docked in less than five minutes.”

Five minutes. That was four minutes and forty seven seconds too long.
author:chibi_nightowl  fandom:dc-comics  character:JasonTodd  character:TimDrake  established-relationship  fluff  angst  PTSD  hurt/comfort  oneshot  au  au:space 
august 2018 by yuurei
Talia puts Jason in the Lazarus pit to restore his mind.

Then she takes him home.
author:cerusee  fandom:dc-comics  au  angst  hurt/comfort  PTSD  complete  drama  domestic!fic  character:JasonTodd  character:BruceWayne  gen  family!fic 
august 2018 by yuurei
Minimum Height Requirement
Somewhere in the multiverse, there's a universe where letting his children dress up in capes and follow him into vigilantism seems like a good idea.

Bruce is determined that it isn't going to be this one . . . Despite his children's repeated attempts to convince him otherwise.

(Or: "When you're eighteen, you can do what you want. Until then, no capes.")
author:drag0nst0rm  fandom:dc-comics  gen  family!fic  humor  fluff  domestic!fic  protective!character  au  character:BruceWayne  character:DickGrayson  character:JasonTodd  complete 
august 2018 by yuurei

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