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what's my age again?
A for effort, H-A-W-K-E-Y-E, Kate says as soon as she frees herself from her harness. They really need to come up with a real sign instead of just fingerspelling all the time. Maybe miming drawing a bow, then pointing to the eyes. Something cool. You have to get over your boner for that boomerang arrow."Did you just sign 'angry penis'?" Sam says, distracted from his unresolved sexual tension with Natasha."Whatever," Kate says. She flips her hair. "I'm learning." (Wordcount: 3,434)
fandom:the.avengers  fandom:hawkeye  fandom:captain.america  fandom:young.avengers  fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe  rating:teen.and.up.audiences  relationship:clint.barton.&.kate.bishop  relationship:kate.bishop/america.chavez  relationship:kate.bishop.&.sam.wilson  relationship:kate.bishop.&.bucky.barnes  relationship:kate.bishop.&.lucky  relationship:clint.barton.&.kate.bishop.&.lucky  ao3_tag:friendship  ao3_tag:deaf.character  ao3_tag:deaf.clint.barton  ao3_tag:american.sign.language  ao3_tag:dogs  ao3_tag:hawkeye.squared  ao3_tag:part-time.avenging  ao3_tag:interns.&.internships  ao3_tag:murder.bffs  ~author:verity 
7 weeks ago by shamelessly_mkp
Behind The Camera
Bucky is hired as a writer for the hit show 'The Avengers'. Steve plays the character of 'Captain America'. The network forbids employee relationships. This is a problem.
fandom:Captain.America  AU  Steve.Rogers/Bucky.Barnes  length:less.than.75k  mutual.pining  rating:mature 
december 2018 by munkykiss
“Oh come on, Steve. You look at me like you want to put me on a pedestal and worship me. You look at Barnes like you want to tear his clothes off with your teeth. Tell me why you two aren’t...?” Peggy smirks at him, because of course this amuses her greatly.

“It’s not... that...” Steve cringes.

It’s Bucky’s tentacles.

And how badly he wants them inside him.
fandom:Captain.America  length:less.than.50k  rating:explicit  Steve.Rogers/Bucky.Barnes  tentacle!fic  demon!AU 
december 2018 by munkykiss
I just met you (and this is crazy) - littlesystems - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
42k words - probably could have been shorter w more editing //

After Steve gets outed by a grainy cell phone picture, it takes the media less than 24 hours to discover Captain America’s secret relationship with James Barnes: classical musician, teen heartthrob, and son of a former president.

The only problem? Steve has never met James Barnes in his life.
fandom:captain.america  theme:au-intentional  theme:fame  theme:coming.out 
december 2018 by hermionemalfoy
We Can Work Out The Rest - onethingconstant - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"You wanna get a drink sometime?"

"I'm kinda in a relationship right now. Friends with no benefits."

"Not like that. I wanna hire you, like I said. I need information about somebody."

"Oh, yeah? Who?"


Jessica Jones gets a new client. One who comes with a metal arm, a duffel bag full of cash, and a surprising willingness to believe in the possibility of mind control.

Oh, and a lot of questions about Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

[This was really pretty good. Bucky/Steve if you try for it. Four-five.]
fandom:captain.america  author:onethingconstant  genre:gen  pairing:bucky/steve  rating:****.5  crossover 
november 2018 by thatspotonthe_t
If They Haven't Learned Your Name - silentwalrus - Captain America - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Steve gets out of the hospital in two days, but just barely. “I’m fine,” he tells Sam, Nurse Eunjung and the phalanx of doctors assigned to make sure Captain America didn’t bleed out and die and get bad PR all over their nice clean hospital. “I have an advanced healing factor. It’s fine. See? I’m standing.”

“That is not standing,” Sam tells him.

“You’re bending the IV stand,” Nurse Eunjung adds pointedly. “Let go and sit down, they don’t grow on trees.”

aka Steve and Bucky's Global Honeymoon Revenge World Tour.

[Worth a slow read. Cannot wait for the sequel.]
rating:*****  fandom:captain.america  pairing:bucky/steve  genre:afterthewar  favorite 
august 2018 by thatspotonthe_t
Civilians, GDI
Special Agent Bucky Barnes doesn't think of himself as a hero. He's dedicated to his career, and if that keeps him far away from home, all the better. His parents think that he should get a less dangerous job and meet a nice Brooklyn girl (or boy) to settle down with. In Brooklyn.

That sounds like Bucky's definition of a living hell. He's been running from it for years.

Enter Steve Rogers. Brooklyn boy. Not always nice. Hot as hell.
fandom:Captain.America  AU  mutual.pining  Steve.Rogers/Bucky.Barnes  length:less.than.50k  rating:explicit  Series 
august 2018 by munkykiss
Clinically Speaking
As Steve liked to so helpfully point out, he was in perfect health. The super serum running through his veins kept him healthy in a way that he'd never been able to comprehend.
Steve Rogers, much like the so called normal people he tried to protect, hated the doctor's office.
AU  medical.kink  Steve.Rogers/Bucky.Barnes  fandom:Captain.America  length:less.than.5k  rating:explicit 
august 2018 by munkykiss
nonymos, alby_mangroves || in cayenne and honey, in vinegar and lime
M’Baku fought for T’Challa. But should he keep fighting for T’Challa’s vision? The king is professing change, such deep change, while the Jabari are supposed to be the guardians of tradition.

It’s a complex problem, which demands a cool head. So M’Baku could really do without an old love coming back to haunt him, an obnoxious royal teenager, and T’Challa’s secret one-armed guest.
fandom:black.panther  fandom:captain.america  type:slash  character:m'baku  character:t'challa  character:bucky.barnes  pairing:m'baku/bucky  pairing:steve/bucky 
july 2018 by bloodier
Sorry, Not Sorry
All Steve Rogers ever wanted was to do what's right. So when he drops in to volunteer at the Brooklyn VA Outpatient Center, he’s surprised to learn some veterans actually resent Captain America and everything he represents. One veteran in particular is determined to make sure Steve understands just how much he dislikes him.
Steve.Rogers/Bucky.Barnes  AU  meet.ugly  length:less.than.75k  fandom:Captain.America  rating:explicit 
july 2018 by munkykiss
Lucky Seven
Captain America trashes his motorcycle a lot. Tony says he'll fix it, then never gets around to it and just buys him a new one. Steve, the Depression-era kid, can't stand the waste and goes looking for somewhere near him in Brooklyn where he can get his bike fixed. That's how he finds Red Star Bike Repair, and the hot Russian-immigrant bike racer who runs it: all long hair and muscles and tattoos. But James Barnes isn't exactly who he seems...
fandom:Captain.America  Steve.Rogers/Bucky.Barnes  AU  length:less.than.100k  mechanic!Bucky  rating:explicit 
may 2018 by munkykiss
BuckyKingOfMemes: Uphill Both Ways In The Snow
Bucky provides bad advice and worse humor to all comers, plus occasional stories from the Good Old Days.
Includes such tales as "How the Howlies got their name," "Steve and the Deathbike," and "Cows are Not Horses, Dumbass."
(This story is listed as complete because it doesn't have a story arc, so you're never left on a cliffhanger. But it will continue to update as I answer questions and tell stories over on (currently 48,600 words plus art and recipes)  creator:buckykingofmemes  fandom:avengers  fandom:captain.america  medium:fic  medium:art  relationship:gen  focus:bucky  medium:not!fic  !no.smut  concept:crack  concept:jokes/pranks  bookmarked:2018-05  posted:2017-03  posted:2018-04  *secondary.fanworks.policy:implicit  length:20k-50k  concept:internet 
may 2018 by sylvaine
When Push Comes To Chevre - copperbadge - Marvel [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky Barnes acquires a plot of land in Wakanda, buys some goats, grows peanuts and sweet potatoes, and fosters a wayward rhinoceros. That's it, that's the story.
gen  author:copperbadge  marvel  fandom:captain.america  fandom:black.panther  via:prettyasadiagram 
may 2018 by fyveryunoriginal
Life on the Streets - romanticalgirl - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
A case lands at Bucky's feet and he has to solve a series of murders, all the while trying not to fall for the most likely suspect.

[Interesting enough concept that I stuck with it, since I fricking love mysteries, but the cases themselves were weak -- either too convoluted, as was the case with the first, or just kind of trumped up -- and the dramatics around it rang fairly hollow. Also worth noting the cronyism police exhibit was not really in evidence, which threw me out of the story.]
fandom:captain.america  author:romanticalgirl  pairing:bucky/steve  genre:au  au:cop!au 
may 2018 by thatspotonthe_t
Dig No Graves - miss_aphelion - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
115k words WIP (this is really well-written) //

"I'm here to kill you, Terminator," Tony said slowly, "does that compute?"

The soldier looked up at him with wide blue eyes and no expression. "Okay."

Tony froze. "Okay," he echoed. "I tell you I came here to kill you and your response is 'okay'?"

"I am being decommissioned," the soldier said, and for one horrible moment Tony thought he actually seemed relieved. "I understand. I will comply."

(Or; Tony learns the Winter Soldier killed his parents and goes on a search for revenge, but ends up learning how to heal instead)  fandom:captain.america  pairing:tony.stark/bucky.barnes  warning:wip  warning:perma-wip? 
may 2018 by hermionemalfoy

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relationship:clint.barton.&.kate.bishop.&.lucky  relationship:clint.barton.&.kate.bishop  relationship:dan.lewis.(venom.2018)/anne.weying  relationship:eddie.brock/dan.lewis/venom.symbiote/anne.weying  relationship:eddie.brock/venom.symbiote  relationship:franklin."foggy".nelson.&.everyone  relationship:franklin."foggy".nelson.&.peter.parker  relationship:gen  relationship:het  relationship:james."bucky".barnes/  relationship:kate.bishop/america.chavez  relationship:kate.bishop.&.bucky.barnes  relationship:kate.bishop.&.lucky  relationship:kate.bishop.&.sam.wilson  relationship:matt.murdock.&"foggy".nelson  relationship:matt.murdock.&.peter.parker  relationship:peter.parker.&  relationship:peter.parker.&.tony.stark  relationship:poly  relationship:slash  series  sugar.daddy  tentacle!fic  theme:age.diff  theme:au-intentional  theme:bond  theme:coming.out  theme:fame  theme:homeless  theme:hookerfic  theme:internet  theme:movie.watching  theme:musicstar  theme:outsider.pov  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