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Sheldon encounters, thwarts, and embraces change...with a little help from the girl next door.
author:damalur  fanfiction  fandom:bbt  ship:penny/sheldon  rating:pg-13  het 
december 2013 by peyton
Deep in the Heart of the Mushroom Kingdom - missparker - Big Bang Theory [Archive of Our Own]
In bed, Sheldon dreams of scaling a castle wall but when he finally gets inside, Raj is there and says, "Sorry dude, but Penny is in another castle."

[I was skeptical, but the ending really pulled it together for me. Four.]
pairing:penny/sheldon  fandom:bbt  author:missparker 
may 2012 by thatspotonthe_t
The Cheap Trick Acceleration - Liviapenn - Big Bang Theory [Archive of Our Own]
Penny racks her brain for the next twenty miles, trying to think of a subtle way to bring up the topic of meeting your time-traveling future self, or being sent on a mission to avert an apocalypse-related death. Finally she tells herself Forget it, Penny, it's Nerdtown. Sheldon and Leonard have weirder conversations six times a day. Sometimes before breakfast. Sometimes over Twitter.

[Four and a half for writing, four for plot. I don't know - I thought there would be more.]
author:liviapenn  fandom:bbt  pairing:penny/sheldon 
may 2012 by thatspotonthe_t
The Failure of Einstein's Universe - Annakovsky - Big Bang Theory [Archive of Our Own]
Penny desperately needs to save face in front of her ex, so she makes Sheldon pretend to be her boyfriend. It's like Three's Company all up in here.

[FIVE. My only complaint is that you only see an episode, not the whole arc, but that's wonderful in and of itself, too. Amazing.]
favorite  fandom:bbt  pairing:penny/sheldon  author:annakovsky  torec  genre:fake.boyfriends  genre:fake.relationship 
may 2012 by thatspotonthe_t
Basic Human Interaction by cereal {The Big Bang Theory - Penny/Sheldon}
(8,988 words) The pretend dating trope. // She immediately switches to her best apologetic look, even though she has no idea what to apologize for.

"What has to stop?"

"Your boyfriend coming into the restaurant all the time."

He sounds so serious when he says it that she's concerned for a second that maybe she accidentally forgot to break up with someone and they've been hanging around the restaurant, waiting for her. What was that guy from Rancho Cucamonga's name? Neil? Neil totally would've done that. But no, she definitely broke up with Neil because she remembers he cried and then blamed it on the vitamin supplements for making him emotional.
via:silviakundera  fandom:bbt  fandom:bigbang 
january 2012 by randomreader
That's Amore by fujiidom
Sheldon and Penny backpack through Europe, contemplate life, dissect Friends meta, and fall in love.
fanfiction  fandom:bbt  het  ship:penny/sheldon  rating:pg-13  trope:roadtrip 
december 2011 by peyton
The Paladin Protocol by SpaceAnJL
Every journey has to start somewhere. This one began when Penny found an alternative to paintball, and Sheldon dusted off an old skill.
fanfiction  fandom:bbt  ship:penny/sheldon  het  rating:pg-13  trope:larp 
december 2011 by peyton
the hokum hierarchy determinator
This is domesticity quetly slipping into Sheldon and Penny's lives, which I loved. The writing is very good, somewhat melancholic.
1-10k  author:slybrunette  fandom:BBT  sheldon/penny 
november 2011 by glaciere
The Emotional Attachment Determination
Sheldon has come to the realization that Penny is his best friend which seems to make everything more complicated. Sequel to The Cooper-Fowler Relationship Fallacy. (9/28/10)

*warning: WIP
character:penny  character:sheldon  fandom:bbt  genre:friendship  genre:gettingtogether  pairing:sheldon/penny  rating:pg-13  type:het  wordcount:5k-10k 
october 2011 by shinysylver_fic
The Deductive Realization
A chance encounter with a mysterious man in London changes everything for Penny and Sheldon. A BBT/Sherlock crossover. (1/9/11)

*written for the Saturnalia Exchange at Paradox on LJ.
challenge:paradox  character:penny  character:sheldon  character:sherlock  fandom:bbt  genre:friendship  genre:gettingtogether  pairing:sheldon/penny  rating:pg  wordcount:1k-5k  type:het  genre:crossover  fandom:sherlock 
october 2011 by shinysylver_fic
The Cooper Fowler Relationship Fallacy
Sheldon has decided that marrying Amy would be a suitable and mutually beneficial arrangement. Penny helps him realize that he is wrong. (9/21/10)
character:sheldon  character:penny  fandom:bbt  pairing:sheldon/penny  genre:humor  genre:friendship  rating:pg-13  type:het  wordcount:1k-5k 
october 2011 by shinysylver_fic
& light is only just now breaking
Penny moves back home to take care of her mother. Sheldon, for reasons of his own, follows her.
fic  fandom:bbt  char:pennynolastname  char:sheldoncooper  ship:sheldon/penny  author:allthingsholy 
september 2011 by muirwolf
The Savage House Rules by anon
Sheldon is a virgin. Penny wants to jump him. A test in self-control, a la Dan Savage.
fanfiction  fandom:bbt  ship:penny/sheldon  rating:nc-17  het  trope:virgin 
august 2011 by peyton
The Earth Moved 1,117.7 Miles In Our Kitchen by Rashaka & Irrel
Like Wonder Woman, Superman, She-Ra and all those characters her geeky friends cherished, Penny knew in one single, glorious moment what she had to do.

Comment sequels and more art too!
fanfiction  het  rating:pg-13  fanart  fandom:bbt  ship:penny/sheldon 
august 2011 by peyton

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