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shuofthewind: Season Tickets
"Why are those like yourself, who believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial life on this earth, not dissuaded by all the evidence to the contrary?"

"Because all the evidence to the contrary is not entirely dissuasive."

[FBI Agent Darcy Lewis has a mission. SHIELD Liaison Matt Murdock isn't quite sure where he fits, but he's willing to find out. The X-Files AU.]
author:shuofthewind  warning:severe_awesome  fandom:x-files  fandom:thor  fandom:Marvel  fandom:daredevil  au!marvel  AU  fandom:agents_of_shield  pairing:darcy/matt  character:matt_murdock  character:darcy_lewis  genre:mystery  character:sky  character:daisy_johnson  postpairing:skye/jemma  postpairing:jessica/luke  rating:PG13 
november 2016 by Miscella
copperbadge: The Best Bad Ideas
When Clint Barton put on the Captain America costume for a mission, he didn't count on Phil Coulson's reaction. Coulson didn't count on Clint crashing his new team to do something about it.
AO3  author:copperbadge  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Marvel  fandom:agents_of_shield  pairing:clint/coulson  rating:R  crossover  genre:romance 
january 2016 by Miscella
foxxcub: Melting Ice in the Sun
Phil Coulson has a secret, and the secret happened by accident. Actually, the secret is the accident. And that accident’s name is Clint Barton.
author:foxxcub  AO3  warning:underage  kink  kink:daddy  pairing:clint/coulson  rating:NC-17  fandom:agents_of_shield  fandom:Marvel  AU  au!marvel  au!agentsofshield  !slash 
december 2015 by Miscella
pagination: Erro, Ergo Sum
If there is an indisputable fact about Phil Coulson, it is that he is ordinary. When all other truths like mortality, identity, humanity, and biology are under attack, this one cornerstone of reality is the ground he will stand and die on.

Phil Coulson is ordinary, damn it, and people do not fall in love with ordinary.
genre:humor  genre:h/c  pairing:clint/coulson  author:pagination  fandom:Avengers  fandom:agents_of_shield  fandom:Marvel  character:nick_fury  character:melinda_may  character:jasper_sitwell 
december 2015 by Miscella
Assets Out of Containment by follow_the_sun (PG-13)
Shortly after CA:TWS, Bucky Barnes suspects HYDRA is running a project in a little place called Jurassic World, and decides to go poke it with a stick.
Hell, he isn’t even sure yet that there is a mission here. Almost all he has to go on is a specific memory of two midlevel HYDRA grunts talking in his presence right after the last time they pulled him out of cryo. One of the grunts looked at Barnes and said snidely, “They get the new assets down in Costa Rica on the job and this guy’s the one who’ll look like a dinosaur,” before the grunts’ mission commander snapped at them to secure the bullshit. It’s not just the words; it’s the commander’s tone that Barnes still can’t quite shake out of his head, the one that means listen, soldier, you are literally about to get all of us murdered.

Loose lips sink ships, all right.

Several times, while he was planning this mission, Barnes almost threw in the towel and sent an anonymous tip to Stark instead. No way a guy who builds flying robots as a hobby is going to be able to resist “HYDRA wants to weaponize dinosaurs,” and it’d probably take him two hours to bring the full wrath of the Avengers crashing down on Isla Nublar. But there is another reason Barnes ultimately decided to get a boots-on-the-ground look at the situation before he lets anyone else in on it.

The reason is simply this: He can explain the choices he made during the war and the lack of choices afterward, the brainwashing, the assassinations, the moment of weakness that made him abandon Steve on the riverbank and the realization of how screwed up he is that keeps him on the run from Steve over a year later…

But James Buchanan Barnes could never look himself in the mirror again if he passed up a chance to fight a Nazi dinosaur.
fanfiction  fandom:Captain_America  fandom:Jurassic_World  fandom:Agents_of_SHIELD  crossover  gen  author:follow_the_sun  rating:pg-13  WIP 
july 2015 by jenna_marianne
I've Got No Right To Take My Place (With The Human Race) by lurknomoar (PG-13)
Grant Ward is loyal to Hydra. Grant Ward is loyal to John Garrett. Grant Ward is loyal to his superiors.

Grant Ward is lying in Melinda May's bed, wide awake and terrified and thinking about the dog he didn't shoot, the dog he let go. Maybe he could let this go. (5,831 words)

A/N: This is a canon-divergent story, taking place somewhere between episodes 1.8 and 1.14.
fanfiction  fandom:Agents_of_SHIELD  drama  angst  brainwashing  drunk  gen  author:lurknomoar  rating:pg-13  wc:005001-010000 
july 2015 by jenna_marianne
Blue Light by esama (R)
JARVIS finds something out in the Helicarrier and decides to act on it.
JARVIS had all but told him "I found something in the SHIELD servers and it's serious as shit. I'm going to go do something about it because I did the math and I'm the only one that can and I can't tell you what or why because if I did, you'd probably go do something stupid, and get yourself killed. But because you're curious and stupidly nosy, you would try and figure out what's going on, so I'm going to tell you just enough to make you smart enough to not poke your nose into it."

Tony had taught JARVIS far too well.

Alt. Link:

[[Sadly, seems to be abandoned per this author's note: "And it looks like that will be it for this story. Despite all my attempts, I lost the thread of inspiration."]]
fanfiction  fandom:Iron_Man  fandom:Captain_America  fandom:Avengers  drama  robots  artificial_intelligence  fandom:Agents_of_SHIELD  gen  Author:esama  rating:r  WIP  abandoned_wip 
january 2015 by jenna_marianne
Always Stay Near Me, For Tomorrow I Will Have Much To Do - roguewrld - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

After saving Captain America, the Asset goes into hiding. His memories start returning in pieces, including the love of his life left behind in Brooklyn and the relationship he had with Captain America during the war.

Unable to reconcile his memories of Captain America and pre-Serum Steve, Bucky believes he's dead. On the advice of the vivid hallucination he's having of Steve, Bucky Barnes seeks help in his fight against HYDRA from Director Coulson's newly reformed SHIELD.

*set in between the last scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the Smithsonian stinger*
fandom:marvel_universe  fandom:captain_america  fandom:agents_of_shield  character:steve_rogers  character:james_buchanan_barnes  character:ensemble  length:35-40k  rating:3/5 
november 2014 by bernards_books
Lone Cat and Samurai by darth_stitch (PG-13)
"We lost Kitten America sir!" Junior Agent blurted out. Then turned an unlovely shade of purple. "I mean, Captain America. Who’s a kitten. Because magic. Sir." (7,768 words)

via:Laria_Gwyn  fanfiction  fandom:Captain_America  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Agents_of_SHIELD  humor  fluff  cats  transformation  Pairing:Bucky/Steve  author:darth_stitch  rating:pg-13  wc:005001-010000  crack 
september 2014 by jenna_marianne
The New Friends of James Barnes, Actual Human Being (Plus One Old One) by supergreak (R)
In which the Winter Soldier makes some new friends [Deadpool!, Natasha, etc], demolishes a lot of Hydra bases, discovers food courts, and finds his way home. (16,522 words)
via:nishatalitha  fanfiction  fandom:Captain_America  fandom:Avengers  fandom:X-Men  fandom:Deadpool  fandom:Agents_of_SHIELD  humor  angst  roadtrip  PTSD  gen  author:supergreak  rating:r  wc:015001-020000 
september 2014 by jenna_marianne
I Never Shook My Shadow by Laura Kaye (laurakaye) (NC-17)
Clint has thought about it, maybe more than is strictly healthy; sometimes he’d tell himself stories about what would happen if Phil just showed up one day, alive. (13,724 words)

per pru: When everything goes to absolute hell for the Bus team, Skye's given a Delta team passphrase and dispatched to Brooklyn. This story is tremendously fun, with a brutal depiction of what a mess Coulson must be, but joyfully and correctly, a reunion with the Avengers, too. All of this written through Clint's point of view and with a fabulously clever hand by Laura Kaye.
via:pru  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Agents_of_SHIELD  fandom:Captain_America  presumed_dead  truth_serum  Pairing:Clint/Coulson  author:laurakaye  rating:nc-17  wc:010001-015000 
september 2014 by jenna_marianne
Go West by owlvsdove (PG-13)
Runaways AU.
No turning back now. They might as well make the most of what they’ve got.

So it turns out their parents are evil. Like, supervillain evil. But they aren't interested in following in their footsteps. The only thing Ward, Skye, Jemma, and Fitz can do now is run. Run, and try to be better. (5,502 words)
In a classified location on the other side of the world, Agent Phil Coulson appraises four faces.

“They’re only kids,” he says, to what looks like nobody. But he can feel May as she enters the room, stops a bit behind him.

“True. But they’re the last remaining children of a group of supervillains,” she replies, but there is a inch of humor in her subtle voice.

“And their first instinct was to run.”

“I don’t blame them,” May says evenly. “According to intel? Both Grant Ward and Jemma Simmons have had their powers abused by their parents since birth. This one, Leopold Fitz? According to his psych eval has been neglected since his mother died. And his powers are malnourished at best. And the one known as Skye is the 0-8-4 that slipped out of our fingers and into the wrong hands so many years ago.”

“That’s a pretty good summary,” he quips.
via:Laria_Gwyn  fanfiction  fandom:Agents_of_SHIELD  fandom:Runaways  fusion  crossover  roadtrip  runaways  gen  author:owlvsdove  rating:pg-13  wc:005001-010000 
september 2014 by jenna_marianne
Dread and Darling Boys series by Taste_is_Sweet
Not every damaged thing can be returned to the way it was, but nothing is irreplaceable.

(Bucky gets fixed; Ward gets broken.) (138,446 words)

[[Parts 2-4 involve "Agents of Shield" character Grant Ward being turning into another Winter Soldier by Hydra, which wasn't really my cup of tea/fandom, so I skipped to part 5.]]
series_index_page  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Captain_America  fandom:Agents_of_SHIELD  drama  angst  multiple-personality  Pairing:Bucky/Steve  Pairing:Pepper/Tony  Author:Leah  rating:r  wc:100001-200000  series:Dread_and_Darling_Boys 
september 2014 by jenna_marianne
Crash Down (Break this Heart of Mine) by Leah / Taste_is_Sweet (PG-13)
Part 6 of Dread and Darling Boys
Part 6 of Scruffy AI

Tony takes a breath. "Remember last year, when Sam and I found Bucky trashing that bank vault where Hydra'd been keeping him?"

Pepper nods. "You called it the 'Vault of Evil'. Oh my God—did they try to capture him?"

"No, but it's almost as bad." He grimaces. "I'm not explaining this right. You remember why we took him to Asgard? I mean, of course you would, it was your idea. But, how he had, like, four different people running around in his head?"

"Of course I do. But, they fixed him." Her eyes go wide at the misery in his expression. "It's been over a year…I thought they fixed him?"

"They did fix him," Tony says. "He got broken again." (84,811 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Agents_of_SHIELD  fandom:Captain_America  fandom:SGA  crossover  drama  angst  multiple-personality  kids  Pairing:Pepper/Tony  Pairing:Bucky/Steve  Author:Leah  rating:pg-13  wc:080001-090000  series:Dread_and_Darling_Boys  series:Scruffy_AI  Warning:Suicide(attempted) 
september 2014 by jenna_marianne
A Safe Place in the Dark by Leah / Taste_is_Sweet (R)
Part 5 of Dread and Darling Boys

Ward knows that if he doesn't kill Rogers today, the punishment's going to be hell. He doesn't want to be strapped down on the restraint table again, or forced to go weeks without food or sleep. He doesn't want Agent Taylor to look at him with disappointment in her eyes. He wants her to tell him he's good and she's proud and that she won't have to hurt him.

He remembers what she told him: about how important it is for Rogers to die, and how brave Ward is to do it, and how she's certain he won't fail.

But Rogers is still alive. (3,812 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Agents_of_SHIELD  drama  angst  gen  Author:Leah  rating:r  wc:001001-005000  series:Dread_and_Darling_Boys 
september 2014 by jenna_marianne
All My Secrets
"Can I help you?" the guy asks.

Skye is stumped, and tilts her head to double check that she got the room number right. When she's certain she's at the right door, she looks at the guy again, and then promptly forgets what she was gonna say, because this dude? Is. Ripped.

His hair is tousled, like he just got out of bed. He's bare chested, barefoot, wearing ratty jeans slung low on his hips, and a smirk on his face that says he knows exactly what he looks like. His biceps are seriously impressive, and it's not until Skye finally manages to focus on the guy's face that she realizes she knows that face.

"Hey," she says, pointing. "Hey, I know you."

The guy narrows his eyes and shakes his head once, still smirking at her. "I don't think so. I don't normally go that young."

"No," Skye says, because she's placing him now. "I definitely know you. You're one of the Heroes of New York! You're that, that bow and arrow guy! Hawkeye!"
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Established_Relationship  SD:Outsider_Pov  Fandom:Marvel  Fandom:Agents_of_SHIELD  Story_Length:Short  Character:Skye  Pairing:Coulson/Hawkeye  SD:Secret_Revealed 
august 2014 by Carnadosa
▶ Welcome to Level 7 // Coloris (AoS) // AFTER EFFECTS// - YouTube
Effects start around :15 seconds just so ya know. Agents of SHIELD is my faaavourite show right now, and a great deal of that is due to the cast! They do suc...
vids  fandom:mcu  fandom:agents_of_shield 
july 2014 by tassosss
▶ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 1 [Little Black Submarines] - YouTube
Warning! Spoilers for the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ahoy. Also, I used the flash transition twice. This show and characters really grew on me th...
vids  fandom:mcu  fandom:agents_of_shield 
may 2014 by tassosss
The Path of the Righteous Man...
***MAJOR SPOILERS for the Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD***

Phil's not dealing well with the events of the last few weeks. And when May points out that a certain sharp-eyed Specialist has disappeared off the map, he doesn't want to think about what that might mean. Goal number one: find Hawkeye. Goal number two: figure out the rest of your goals.
fandom:marvel_universe  fandom:captain_america  fandom:agents_of_shield  character:phil_coulson  character:clint_barton  pairing:clint/coulson  genre:gen  rating:pretty_decent  length:3-4k  rating:2/5 
april 2014 by bernards_books

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