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a win-win proposition by achilleees
“I think we should have bad sex,” said Five.
fandom:  The  Umbrella  Academy 
april 2019 by creweharry
On A Dark Night - nookienostradamus - The Exorcist (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Nearly a year has gone by—Tomás on the road, Marcus keeping his lonely vigil by the sea. When Tomás and Mouse return to the Pacific Northwest, a message from Marcus serves to draw Tomás toward where his former mentor and master waits. When they are reunited at last, neither man can say with certainty that God did not bring them together in the darkness of that spring night, or that they were meant to part in the first place.
fandom:  the.exorcist  tomas/marcus  length:5-8k  location:ao3  firsttime 
december 2017 by concinnity
According to Plan - Anonymous - Singin' in the Rain (1952) [Archive of Our Own]

Cosmo knew that Don would get married before Don did. In fact, he knew it two years before Don and Kathy even met...
fandom:  kathy/don/cosmo  location:ao3  com:yuletide 
december 2017 by concinnity
From a Candid Heart - Anonymous - The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: In which Marcus Flavius Esca, son of Cunoval, a freedman, shall be ridiculed by a short horse bought from a Pictones trader, fed by a tavern keeper not otherwise identified, and continuously bewildered by Marcus Flavius Aquila, his friend and patron. Or, it takes Esca a long time to realise what he and Marcus had actually agreed upon.
fandom:  theeagle  marcus/esca  length:1-3K  location:ao3  com:yuletide 
december 2017 by concinnity
and dreams paled - jacqueslaurent - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]

A young man sits up, facing away from Pekka, and rubs his eyes furiously. His skin is golden, left shoulder scarred lightly, and he wraps one of the red furs around his waist, apparently not wearing much else. Pekka, startled, makes a choked noise, and the man turns around. He gets to his feet with a boyish smile, and sits himself down on the chair opposite to Pekka.
fandom:  hockey  rinne/saros  length:10-12K  location:ao3  au  au:mythology 
december 2017 by concinnity
A priest walks into a bar - RemainNameless - The Exorcist (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

"Love, for you, is larger than the usual romantic love. It's like a religion. It's terrifying. No one will ever want to sleep with you."


the angsty road trip fic about Marcus' feelings that no one asked for
fandom:  the.exorcist  tomas/marcus  creator:remainnameless  length:3-5k  location:ao3  angst  comingout 
december 2017 by concinnity
I See the Moon - Chapter 1 - kaylennz - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Sam had known how Dean felt about him when he'd left for Stanford. His own feelings weren't so clear. He'd needed time away from it all, hunting, his father, and especially Dean. It took him five years and a degree he hadn't planned on to realize there was only one person he wanted to share his life with. He'd never considered the possibility that Dean would move on without him...or that something could happen that would erase him from his brother's life completely.
dean/sam  angst  Rating:  Teen  And  Up  Audiences  Archive  Warning:  Creator  Chose  Not  To  Use  Warnings  Categories:  F/MM/M  Fandom:  Supernatural  Relationships:  Dean  Winchester/Sam  WinchesterDean  Winchester/Original  Female  Character(s)  Characters:  WinchesterSam  WinchesterJohn  WinchesterMinor  CharactersOriginal  Characters  Additional  Tags:  Alternate  Universe  -  Canon  DivergenceAmnesiaAngstHurt/ComfortEmotional  Hurt/ComfortProtective  Sam  WinchesterOriginal  Character  Death(s) 
april 2017 by whiskeyrocker
When Sherlock is shot and lies dying, John confesses what he has come to realise; that he is in love with his friend and cannot go on without him. This confession leads to revelations about Sherlock and vampires, of all things, and sets their relationship onto a whole new path.
fandom:  Sherlock  au  supernatural  vampire!Sherlock  series  getting  together  complete  author:beren  cracky  vampires 
november 2014 by Kehlen
The Perfect Christmas
Christmas continuation of Shake On It. Written for Winter Fest at Potions&Snitches /// Prequel: Shake On It; sequel: Christmas Spirits
fandom:  Harry  Potter  au  Sevitus  complete  christmas  shameless  fluff  series  has:  prequel  has:  sequel  author:Laume  favourite  author 
october 2014 by Kehlen
Willful Ignorance
While John is away on a medical trip, horrible stomach pains start tormenting Sherlock just as a particularly interesting case comes about. Stubborn and frustrated, Sherlock tries to will the sickness away. He manages for several days, until John comes home and has to cope with the horrible consequences.
fandom:  Sherlock  pairing:  johnlock  idiot!Sherlock  illness  illness:appendicitis  complete  sweet  author:HeStumbledIntoFaith 
october 2014 by Kehlen
Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please
Sherlock wants to conduct a sleep study of sorts. John contemplates smothering him with a pillow.
fandom:  Sherlock  pairing:  johnlock  getting  together  shameless  fluff  complete  series  author:Linpatootie 
october 2014 by Kehlen

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