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Angry Metal Guy Speaks: On Putting the -core in Genres | Angry Metal Guy
Genres serve a useful function for fans and reviews alike. They are handy shorthand we all use because it’s easier to tell someone that something is black metal than that it’s “got blast beats, tinny guitars, trem picking and it sounds like they should be singing about Satan, but the vocals were recorded in someone’s bathroom, so it’s tough to tell.” And while that doesn’t describe all black metal, it works as a shorthand for understanding what a sound is. What these people are doing is using genres as pejoratives, but that’s just dumb on multiple levels. First, they’re wrong. But secondly, when we use genres as pejoratives, we forget that most genres have really solid bands. I think that The Human Abstract was an excellent metalcore band and that’s OK. As far as I can tell The Faceless is not considered deathcore by the death metal dudes I know, and lots of my older friends who were into death metal loved Job for a Cowboy when they came out. I even like System of a Down, despite them being “nü-metal.” If your world is so small that you can deride things by genre, then you’re missing out on an amazing world of music that’s way bigger than your rigid tastes.
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3 days ago by StJohnBosco
[Fandom stats] Omegaverse: Which characters get tagged most often with specific A/B/O roles? - toastystats (destinationtoast)
Across all of AO3, which characters appear most often in A/B/O works? Which are tagged most often with a specific role, using a tag like "Alpha [character name]"? Who are the most common female A/B/O characters?
fandom  statistics  omegaverse 
6 days ago by littlerhymes
Ten Things I Learned from Ursula K. Le Guin
"Speak up for the books, poems, shows, music, and paintings you love even though you sound smarter and more discerning when you can’t be pleased."
9 days ago by brainwane
Harry Styles fans are trying to beat the Billboard charts with VPNs and mass coordination - Kaitlyn Tiffany
To nab chart victories for his first solo single “Sign of the Times,” released last month, and his eponymous debut album, due out next Friday, they’ve come up with a plan: They’re encouraging fans who don’t live in the US to download VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, a common security measure that can anonymize an internet user.

The example cited in this article seems very small scale - only a few hundred fans - tho more took up itunes gifting. All of this seems extremely small scale compared to the organised mass streaming/purchase/download fan activities in kpop fandom, but would be interesting to see if those behaviours are spreading. There's considerable overlap between 1D and kpop.
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9 days ago by littlerhymes
How Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program toys with the passions of fandom - Kaitlyn Tiffany
The basic process of verifying fans and offering them codes is always the same, he explains, but artists can opt to add an engagement layer on top of that, which “takes the undifferentiated pool and makes a queue.” The most elaborate (and controversial) example of this so far was Swift’s choice to offer “boosts” that could be procured by buying her album several times (on her website, from Walmart, from Target, from iTunes), buying merchandise, engaging with sponsors on social media, or watching her music videos. The boosts supplement Verified Fan and sort fans into a line, with the most dedicated — measured both in time and money — bumped to the front. This has led, obviously, to some strange new behaviors and discussions bubbling up on fan spaces like Tumblr and Reddit. This is also how Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan has become a new ritual of fandom.

Fascinated by how this parallels and diverges from kpop's methodologies of boosting album sales and streaming counts.
taylorswift  fandom  pop  marketing 
9 days ago by littlerhymes

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