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mainstream media they can write off as garbage, but progressive niche media that makes a sincere attempt to represent marginalized folks must be Absolutely Perfect. the idea that a piece of media can have good parts and bad parts, that it can try and only partially succeed, but that that partial success is still worth something, is completely lost on many young fans. either its irredeemable garbage or its the literal messiah, there’s no in-between.
meta  fandom  tv 
3 days ago by kadymae
A 50-year Trekkie bestows Star Trek history upon the next generation: How fandom and fanfiction sparked the galaxy’s most controversial romance | Cover Story | Colorado Springs | Colorado Springs Independent
n 1966, my friend, who I’ll call “Dee,” was 26 years old, living in Oregon with two other young women, both in their early twenties. Dee’s family considered her a “spinster,” as she should have been married with kids by then, but Dee had no interest in finding a husband. She wanted a career in the medical field, to attend grad school and, more than anything, to write.
st:tos  fandomhistory  fandom 
5 days ago by timberwolfoz
The Building of the House
So this is the story of how Peter finds and loses his father, sort of.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  gen/friendship  humour  angst  marvel:xmen  firstclass 
6 days ago by jennayra
Frolic in the Autumn Mists
"Is that..." Matt started to say, closed his mouth, opened it again, and shook his head.

Colleen, sitting on the couch, put her face in her hands. She looked tired.

Matt tried again. "I'm assuming that my senses are letting me down right now and that is not, in fact, a dragon?"

"It's totally a dragon!" Danny said, beaming up at them. The green, slinky thing in his lap stretched and yawned like a cat before burping out a puff of fire. "Isn't it awesome?"

"Sweet Christmas," Luke said.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  marvel:defenders  gen/friendship  humour  fluff 
6 days ago by jennayra
A Shot In The Dark Aimed Right At My Throat
In which Vimes is Vetinari's bulldog, Vetinari is Vimes' headache, and they're both of them Lady Sybil's boys.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  discworld  ot3  sybilsamvetinari  humour  romance 
6 days ago by jennayra
Star Princesses of Long Ago and Far Away
Long, long ago, and far, far away, princesses held their own.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  disney  starwars  crossover/fusion  action 
6 days ago by jennayra
They were reunited a few days later in a hallway in SHIELD headquarters, outside an otherwise nondescript door that said Philip J. Coulson.
fanfic  fandom  ao3  marvel:avengers  gen/friendship  angst  movieverse 
6 days ago by jennayra
Why Stop At The Moon?
The one where Canton Everett Delaware III and Nick Fury are Phil's fathers.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  doctorwho/torchwood  marvel:avengers  crossover/fusion  slash  cantonfury 
6 days ago by jennayra
Seven for a Secret
Seven Happily Ever Afters that weren't. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Disney.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  discworld  au  gen/friendship 
6 days ago by jennayra
Any Other Way
Sister, daughter, mother, teacher... five ways in which Keladry of Mindelan is loved.
fandom  fanfic  ao3  tortall  het  tamorapierce  keldom  humour  romance 
6 days ago by jennayra
A Week in the Life
Kel would prefer to say they made some new friends and joined a picnic. Toby and Neal would like to point out picnics aren’t usually life threatening.
fanfic  fandom  ao3  tortall  tamorapierce  gen/friendship  humour  fluff 
6 days ago by jennayra

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