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A Guide to Fanfiction for People Who Can’t Stop Getting It Wrong
well written article about writing about fanfic for journalists.
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yesterday by Pslasher
I’ve mentioned “romantic fantasy” in a few recent posts...
Fascinating history of a slice of fandom, that predates me by ~a decade. As a result, I know the latter half of this very well (the dynamics of English-speaking anime fandom, the set of YA books that overtook romantic fantasy), and "older" members of fandoms that I used to follow would occasionally name-check romantic fantasy books. But this is a side of fandom that is rarely talked about, with most focusing on star trek and sci-fi fandoms.
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3 days ago by uminohikari
A Journey Into The Dark Heart Of Celebrity Relationship Conspiracy Theories
"Building up a version of a person you don’t know as a role model or hero is both completely understandable and very precarious. This is especially true when you’re tying them to an intimate part of your identity, like sexual orientation. It can be hopeful to believe that a celebrity — a seemingly mythic, larger-than-life creature — can understand your most vulnerable self. But that willingness to be tender can also cause deep, lasting wounds if the celebrity doesn’t comply with your version of the story. And conspiracy theorists are very, very attached to their version of the story."
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4 days ago by programmedradly
Eddie Brock's Body: An Artistic Overview of the Venom Symbiote
Yes, Tom Hardy is hot, but that doesn’t mean people are also attracted to his movie characters to the degree we’re seeing now. And while teratophilia is an incredibly valid sexual expression, it puts the onus of Venom’s magnetism solely on the imaginations of fans. Both theories totally erase the hopes and dreams of multiple comic creators responsible for Venom’s sexually charged reputation.

So let’s celebrate some of those brave creators whose work has helped usher in this latest instance of monsterfucker madness. Consider this an artistic overview of Venom’s most iconic aesthetic developments, a quick and dirty introduction to the Eddie Brock/symbiote OTP that has ensnarled the CBM community this month.
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7 days ago by elise.grey
Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
I want to talk about a pattern I've seen over and over again in social software that supports large and long-lived groups. And that pattern is the pattern described in the title of this talk: "A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy."
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7 days ago by kadymae
Star Trek Script Search - Search through Star Trek Transcripts
This search tool looks for your entered words in the transcripts of all Star Trek episodes and movies on
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11 days ago by sineala
A 50-year Trekkie bestows Star Trek history upon the next generation: How fandom and fanfiction sparked the galaxy’s most controversial romance - Alissa Smith
Loved this story about an original generation Trek fan and fic writer, who was still in fandom in her 70s.

Her tumblr post: "An open Tumblr letter to younger fans, from a 77-year-old TOS fangirl"
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15 days ago by littlerhymes

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