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gryvon: The Politics of Sex
For Cardassians, sex is a game of politics, one Bashir has no chances of winning.
fandom:ds9  pairing:julian/garak  genre:PWP  rating:R  author:gryvon  !slash 
april 2013 by Miscella
Three and a Half Days - prairiecrow - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Sabotage leads to a quarantine, and Garak is trapped on the Promenade for three long days — but the situation might have an unexpected upside.
fandom:ds9  pairing:garak/bashir 
june 2012 by Jayme
The Dawn, with silver-sandalled feet - Vid: Not A Pretty Girl (DS9, Kira character study)
Title: Not A Pretty Girl
Fandom: DS9
Characters/Ship: Kira, Dukat, Ziyal, others.
Song: "Not A Pretty Girl" by Ani diFranco.
Summary: Kira as feminist icon.
Warnings: the patriarchy as embodied in Gul Dukat, oppression of different kinds and struggling against it
Spoilers: not any major plot spoilers, as far as I can tell, but it does deal with Kira's relationships to other characters and how they change over the course of the series.
Fandom:StarTrek  Fandom:DS9  Character:KiraNerys  Type:Vid  Author:Silver_sandals  genre:gen  genre:WomenAreAwesome  Rating:PG 
april 2012 by themadramblings
prairiecrow: Soltice Equinox
While the balance of light and darkness changes, below as above, Bashir takes advantage of a Cardassian seasonal festival to make a proposal. (Rating will likely change in later chapters.)
author:prairiecrow  ao3  pairing:julian/garak  trope:marriage  character:benjamin_sisko  character:jadzia  trope:culture_gap  series  fandom:ds9  trope:holiday  wip  !slash 
april 2012 by Miscella
prairiecrow: When the Farsei Blooms - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Stranded on a remote Cardassian colony, Bashir and Garak must seek out a transmitter which is their only hope of rescue. In the process they enter a new stage in their relationship, one that is not meant to last.
wip  trope:slavery  trope:first!time  pairing:julian/garak  character:oc  epic_fic  AO3  fandom:ds9  long  series  author:prairiecrow  !slash 
april 2012 by Miscella
Going Native by Regann
DS9, Garak/Bashir. "An AU take on Season 5's Doctor Bashir, I Presume. With no recourse but to resign from the service, Bashir takes a chance that he couldn't have contemplated as a Starfleet officer. Meanwhile, the crew looks for a creative solution that will keep their doctor on the station. ~14,000 words." // It's a bit clumsily written, but I shared the author's concerns about the resolution of that episode, and her solution seems workable. The G/B is tossed in on the side and sex-free (cut away).
fanfic  DS9  slash  gen  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:ep-related  ref:fixit  ref:first-time  ref:angst  ref:miscommunication  via:scorpionvoices  au:regann  fandom:DS9 
april 2012 by zhena
O Captain, My Captain: A Look Back at Deep Space Nine's Ben Sisko | Racialicious
DS9, Ben Sisko post of love, covering many of the good points about the series. :D
blog  meta  DS9  Sisko  fandom:StarTrek  fandom:DS9 
march 2012 by zhena
[Star Trek DS9] The Jeu-Parti Trilogy by Macedon
Jake Sisko falls in love with a Vulcan castrato. One of my all-time favorite stories in any fandom. I fell in love with the OMC, and the stories have a nice treatment of gender issues.
fandom:DS9  pairing:Jake/OMC  author:Macedon  series 
november 2011 by Piscaria
Condemnation by Elizabeth Helena
DS9, Garak/Bashir. Garak POV, angsty. Garak's past as a Order torturer and Tain's control over him in the present, manipulating Julian and the resulting hookup, and the inevitable ensuing blowup. // Olde skool angst wallow, with kid mutilation to boot. Some epithets. Non-HEA. (Longish.)
fanfic  DS9  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:angst  ref:torture  ref:bio  au:Elizabeth-Helena  fandom:StarTrek  fandom:DS9 
november 2011 by zhena
Especially the Lies by Kathryn Ramage
DS9, Garak/Bashir (gen-ish). Garak tells Bashir alternative versions of the epic tale of the great unrequited love of his life. Bashir begins to detect a common thread. // Olde skool, nonpurple, nonporn, preslash, rather clever. (Wayback archive) Followup, "Thread of Truth," here:
fanfic  DS9  slash  gen  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:preslash  ref:oldschool  au:kathryn-ramage  fandom:StarTrek  fandom:DS9 
november 2011 by zhena
Cardassia Sutra by arcady
DS9, Garak/Bashir. Bashir has a friend writing an interspecies sex treatise, and he'd like Garak to provide information on Cardassians. Garak advises that he consult the Book of Amara. // Not as purple as most olde skool, has some features bio-diff plus sneakiness.
fanfic  DS9  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:humor  ref:xeno  ref:oldschool  au:arcady  fandom:StarTrek  fandom:DS9 
november 2011 by zhena
Better Judgment by salienne
DS9, Garak/Bashir. Lunches turn to dinners turn to sex. A first-time hookup fic, basically. // Garak neither confirms nor denies, but does insist on the downlow for ... practical reasons.
fanfic  DS9  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:pwp  au:salienne  ref:first-time  fandom:StarTrek  fandom:DS9 
november 2011 by zhena
Supply and Demand by crowdog
DS9, Garak/Bashir. An argument in the medical bay results in supply closet sex. Based on this scene:
// It's a bit clunky, but the notion of arguing as foreplay always makes me happy. 3K.
fanfic  DS9  slash  Garak/Bashir  ref:pwp  ref:episode  au:crowdog  fandom:StarTrek  fandom:DS9 
november 2011 by zhena
Opacity of Paradise - thehoyden - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
"So essentially, we have terrible secrets, we're lonely, let's get hitched?" Julian summarizes, trying to keep a smile off his face.

"I'm sure I put it much more elegantly," Garak huffs.

fandom:ds9  pairing:garak/bashir 
september 2011 by madecunningly

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