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Not Now, I'm Reading Fanfic on AO3
This week we're doing something a little different. We'll be discussing our current favorite reads, as per usual, but we're also going to give you an introduction to AO3/Archive of Our Own, our favorite fanfiction/fanworks archive. We'll share our tips and tricks for finding the perfect fics for you and how to get the most out of the user interface. It's a lot more fun that it sounds!
nonfic  fandom 
yesterday by blissfire
Revisions To A 'Dear Writer' Letter, Yuletide 2035.
To whoever matched me on NASA RPF and didn't just now default, you are my hero.
fic  meta  the.martian  outsider.perspective  fandom 
yesterday by Beatrice_Otter
How the tech sector could move in One Direction
Fantastic talk on fandom, inclusivity, and One Direction.
diversity  equality  business  fandom 
2 days ago by garrettc
Searching For Avril Lavigne on the Internet Could Be Risky, Study Suggests
McAfee explains in its report that, “Cybercriminals continue to use the fascination of consumers with celebrity culture to drive unsuspecting users to potentially malicious websites that can be used to install malware, steal personal information and even passwords.”

According to the report, Lavigne’s name carries a 14% risk of leading curious fans to suspicious sites, and that number climbs to 22% for those who search the words “Avril Lavigne free mp3.”
celebrity  fandom  internet  malware  cybercrime  pop 
3 days ago by StJohnBosco
5 Things I Learned Studying Fandom – 5 Things I Learned – Medium
Psst... this story is available in audio. Upgrade to listen.5 Things I Learned Studying FandomBy Elizabeth Minkel, co-host of Fansplaining, and writer on fan culture for New Statesman, The Millions, The Guardian, and The New Yorker. via Pocket
pocket  culture  fandom  story 
8 days ago by jburkunk
Blue Ruiner — a few notes on the past 10 years, and so on
That is what making art is: the exploding of our human condition, so we can stick our hands in and squelch around inside.
fandom  meta 
11 days ago by dineru
Perhaps Unsurprisingly, 2017's Newest Gay Icon Is Pennywise The Clown From "It"
But gird your loins, because we've got a new queer icon on our hands — Pennywise the clown from It. He's so terrifying, so gay, he literally will scare you straight (JK, that's not possible).
Twitter user @starkrhodey posited the claim that Pennywise is an LGBT ally...
...which SEEMINGLY led a Republican Twitter user to freak out at the claim. You know how the saying goes — where there's smoke, there's fire. And by fire, I mean a gay-friendly murderous clown.
They were shook.
But upon further investigation, it would seem Pennywise's reign as a queer icon has actually been a long time in the making.
lgbt  queer  queer/geek  gothic  horror  social-media  fandom  twitter  homophobia  film 
12 days ago by StJohnBosco
Transcript of the 10th Anniversary Chat with Lev Grossman
"I guess one of the most exciting things for me has been watching a new generation encounter fanfiction and fanworks in general

I’ve always been conscious of coming to them as kind of an outsider — speaking them as a second language but for my daughter, who’s 13, fanworks are where she lives. that’s how she discovers new things that she loves — they’re not really that separate from the works they’re derived from — it’s just a natural thing for her
I’ve always felt like our culture/marketplace kind of fetishizes the idea of originality — if you have an idea, or you can claim an idea, it’s your property, no one else can touch it — her ideas of originality are so much more fluid and complex characters and stories just flow from creator to creator, medium to medium … it’s cool"
levgrossman  writing  fandom  fanfiction 
13 days ago by littlerhymes

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