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The Recipe, Or What you don't know about LJ/DW
There's a recipe. It's a recipe for maximally useful-for-engendering-virtual-community-LJ/DW-style. I'm not sure I have it exactly down yet -- this is the alpha version -- but I'm pretty sure that, contrary to a lot of LJ/DW users think, it goes something like this:

Recommended Minimum Weekly Posts by Type:
0.5 diary entry
3 pointers
0.5 bleg
0.25 op ed


"Diary entry" -- any posts the topic of which is you or something you made. Photos from your trips or of your artwork goes here.

"Pointer" -- any post which is a "look at this cool/interesting/upsetting thing I found out on the internet": links, video embeds, reposts of interesting content.

"Bleg" -- a question put to your readership, such as "what computer should I buy?" or "where should I go when I visit Ulan Blaator?" or "what did you think of the ending of the Sopranos?"

"Op ed" -- "Opinion Editorial": original content by you, but not about you, expressing an opinion you have on something. Reviews and fanfic "meta" fit here, as do more standard opinion pieces.

Original creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, recipes, and other art, as wonderful as they are, are not part of these requirements. They are welcome additions, but have no minimum quantity necessary, and do not count toward this recipe.

Likewise announcements of upcoming events, invitations, offers of stuff, and other coordinative posts are no minimum quantity necessary, and do not count toward this recipe.

So: A minimum of three pointer posts per week. A diary post (no minimum length) every other week. A bleg every other week. And an op ed once every four weeks. If you do this, you will be pumping blood through your little patch of LJ/DW's tissue.
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8 hours ago by ribbonknight
Letter of Recommendation: Sleep, ‘Dopesmoker’ - The New York Times
Was this music designed to be sacred someday? The essence of heavy metal is discipline in service of the preposterous. At its best, the genre solemnizes the impulses of adolescence. Couple this with the stoner’s habit of uncovering deep truths in whatever’s at hand and you might understand why Sleep’s magnum dopus can actually feel profound. For an atheist who misses the liturgical solemnity and theological strangeness of High Church, ‘‘Dopesmoker’’ delivers the next best thing. It reminds me of the heaviness of purpose required to chase the feather-light glee of the sacred.
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3 days ago by StJohnBosco
On ‘canon’ in fandom
“Do you know when ‘canon,’ like as a concept, became like a standard nerd thing?”
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3 days ago by djwudi
Most Serious World Fandom Discussion at Viikinsaari
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5 days ago by tero
Traditional train coffee on the way to Tampere for the picnic.
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5 days ago by tero
Reminisce With Me - Fanlore
These are the collected memories of Nancy Kippax, recorded on LJ in February - September of 2008, the last year of her life.
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9 days ago by timberwolfoz
Inside the extreme Facebook fandom for old rental VHS tapes
Featuring a £360 Jaws tape, four rooms full of 10,000 videos, and a man known only as “The Mayor”. On a sunny September day in 2016, Scott Bates stood in a Doncaster parking lot, waiting for a delivery of 1,250 VHS tapes. via Pocket
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11 days ago by laurajnash

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