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Carrie, The Pythons and The Stones (and The Beatle(s)) |
As a fan of both Star Wars and Monty Python for the vast majority of my 40 years, I was surprised and delighted to read, back in the mid 2000’s in Michael Palin’s diaries 1969-1979, that those two worlds of the famous collided on more than one occasion.
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yesterday by Weaverbird
[Spoilers E65] Liam O'Brien AMA : criticalrole
I also want to touch on the chatter I see now and again claiming Vax leads Gilmore on. While I understand the audience’s love of their relationship, and I am just as fond of Matt’s performance as Gilmore as the rest of you are, I simply don’t agree.

I have seen people online say “Vax is always doing stuff like kissing him after ending things, or flying him into the air. As far as I can tell, those are the ONLY two things to point to. That’s it. There is never any other example. And while those are both bitter sweet moments in the story, I have my reasons for both.

The kiss. When closing the book on a possible romantic relationship with Gilmore, it was very important to Vax that the man know he was never faking anything, and that his affections were real. The kiss was meant to prove that, as well as say goodbye to what might have been. Again, maybe you disagree, but for Vax, very important.

Now. The flying. Everyone fixates on what Vax did, but no one pays much attention to what Gilmore did. When Vax went with the armor asking questions, Gilmore didn’t offer a simple explanation and tell him he could use the Deathwalker’s Ward to fly. If that had happened, that moment would never have occurred. But it didn’t. Vax got shoved off a cliff.

Go on a little thought experiment with me here. If someone pushed you off a cliff (not your D&D character, YOU), and you plummeted 500, 1000, 1500 feet to certain death, you mind screaming in terror in a span of 3 seconds…. And 50 feet from smashing into the ground, you sprouted a pair of wings, and then flew 1000, 1500, 3000 feet in the air- full of relief, adrenaline, dopamine(?), hysteria, and the sheer wonder of flight… do you honestly think it makes no sense to fly toward the person who knowingly caused that 8 seconds of insanity and impulsively snatch them into the sky?

Ideal? Probably not. But I would argue its understandable, given the circumstances. It’s nothing Vax would have ever calmly decided to do. But after Gilmore's shock and awe flying lesson?

Afterward, Vax was very aware of how Gilmore took it. And has been careful with his friend.

The reason I spent so much time on this one, is because I am very fond of the threads of story between Gilmore and Vax, and the moments Matt and I have improvised together. I love that this relationship exists in our game of dice and fantasy. And it is as important to me as it is to the audience, if not more so.
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2 days ago by StJohnBosco
A Step in Line - Dexterous_Sinistrous - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek felt flustered. “I’m sure Derek Hale would be interested still, despite his reclusiveness,” he added.

Stiles looked at Derek like there was something funny about him. “You’re pretty adamant about that,” he commented.

Derek sighed some, “I just think someone like you would be a refreshing face and perspective for someone like Derek Hale to meet.”

Stiles softly smiled at that. “Thanks,” he uttered. “But enough about me, what about you?”

Derek felt flustered—again. He wasn’t sure if he should reveal it all there or wait it out. He liked the time he was spending with Stiles, but he was terrified of what would happen once Stiles knew the truth about him.
Or, the one where Derek meets one of his biggest fans, but Stiles doesn't know who he is.
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3 days ago by faeriecourt
Sally Field Wasn't Sure She'd Have The Guts To Publish Her New Memoir : NPR
Emmy- and Oscar-winning actress Sally Field could have written a famous-people-I've-known memoir. But her new book, In Pieces, is instead an intensely personal, vulnerable accounting of her life and career.
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10 days ago by Weaverbird
An Alphabetically Ordered List of Every Fictional Character That Comes Up When You Google “little lion man livejournal fanmix 2010” – The Niche
You already know. It’s seared in your memory. You hear this banjocore shitstorm in your dreams. That opening guitar riff hits and it sends you reeling back to the days when you thought the two white men on the TV show were going to fuck, and then they had the audacity to not fuck.
11 days ago by ofjustimagine

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