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“Unbury the Future”: Martha Wells’ Full Speech from the 2017 World Fantasy Awards |
Book burning draws too much attention. In science fiction and fantasy, in comics, in media fandom, everybody was always here, but we have been disappeared over and over again. We stumble on ourselves in old books and magazines and fanzines, fading print, grainy black and white photos, 16 millimeter film, archives of abandoned GeoCities web sites. We remember again that we were here, they were here, I saw them, I knew them.
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7 days ago by alasen
“Unbury the Future”: Martha Wells’ Full Speech from the 2017 World Fantasy Awards |
Weird Tales had women poets, a woman editor named Dorothy McIlwraith, women readers who had their letters printed in the magazine. There were women writing for other pulps, for the earlier Dime Novels, lots of them. Including African American Pauline Hopkins, whose fantasy adventure novel appeared in a magazine in 1903.

These women were there, they existed. Everybody knew that, up until somehow they didn’t. We know there were LGBT and non-binary pulp writers, too, but their identities are hidden by time and the protective anonymity of pseudonyms.
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7 days ago by esther_a
Fandom for Robots - Uncanny Magazine
Computron feels no emotion towards the animated television show titled Hyperdimension Warp Record (超次元 ワープ レコード). After all, Computron does not have any emotion circuits installed, and is thus constitutionally incapable of experiencing “excitement,” “hatred,” or “frustration.” It is completely impossible for Computron to experience emotions such as “excitement about the seventh episode of HyperWarp,” “hatred of the anime’s short episode length” or “frustration that Friday is so far away.”
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11 days ago by partofthewhole
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“It wasn’t that friendship needed to be sexualized, it was that erotica needed to be … friendship-ized.”

"It’s a genre of sexual subjectification: the very opposite of objectification. It’s benefits with friendship."
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13 days ago by jedusor
Bestsellery - Elhoffer Design
Polski sklep ze Star Wars Star Trek itd.
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16 days ago by Harpijka
Till Death Do Us Part: Why People Marry Sports Teams
“In sports stadiums, there are changes in what is socially acceptable,” said Alan Pringle, a University of Nottingham professor who has focused on the positive impact that sports fandom has on mental health. “At football stadiums, fans dress in team colors, sing offensive songs, goad opposing fans, and believe in their own invincibility. But what is displayed there is usually left at the ground, by people who return to their normal lives having discharged huge amounts of emotion in a safe environment.”

Once inside the stadium, my back-row seat gave me a full view of the disciples (us) and the usurpers (them). A full-throated chorus of “We are Tottenham! Mighty Tottenham! We are Tottenham, from the Lane!” ripped through the crowd like an electrical current. Almost everyone I spoke to ahead of the match referred to Tottenham as “we” and “us.” I did it too.

Psychologists have found that fans actually trick their brains into losing the distinction between themselves and their teams

The old trope about a team being “part of my DNA”? That’s actually true. Psychologists have found that fans actually trick their brains into losing the distinction between themselves and their teams. We allow our identities to be shaped, to varying extent, by the identity of our team. An example is Spurs fans, whose team has a history of playing with flair but faltering at the worst moments. This history has created a humble, self-deprecating, but strangely positive and ambitious fan base.

“It’s not necessarily conscious, not something you sit down and think about,” Eric Simons, author of “The Secret Lives of Sports Fans,” told me. “The more ways you align your identity with a team — through your hobbies, your friends, your family — the stronger that connection becomes. When you connect to other people, fellow fans, they protect and expand that identity.”
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18 days ago by thegrandnarrative

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