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kink_bingo | Ramp-Up Essay: Erotic Focus
That kink bingo essay about what counts as erotic, which pretty much explains sex and fanfiction.
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22 hours ago by tei
longlivefeedback - Now Presenting the LLF Comment Builder (beta) - Now Presenting the LLF Comment Builder (beta)
The @longlivefeedback comment builder is a tool created to help fanfiction readers respond to stories and communicate with authors. We recognize that commenting is a learned skill, and that there are many reasons why an individual may find commenting particularly difficult or daunting. 

The LLF Comment Builder is designed to help users learn to comment using instructional scaffolding, as well as to remove other barriers to leaving feedback such as dysexecutive syndrome, anxiety, mobility issues that make typing long reviews difficult (particularly on mobile), language fluency, and mobile commenting functionality in general… or maybe you just aren’t sure what to say. 
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3 days ago by zedille

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