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Not surprisingly, given the vast array of ideas and storylines conveyed by literature, some of those works have in turn inspired musicians to craft musical works covering the same themes, and when metal musicians do it you get what I’d call a veritable orgy of humanity’s greatest creations – metal meets literature, all getting off over each other. That’s what I’m talking about! But what I’m going to cover here is taking this one step further – not just metal albums inspired by literature, but albums/songs/bands that have in turn inspired me to go back to the source and read the inspirational literature in question.

Now, a few caveats – when I say “inspired me to read the works in question”, obviously some of the books I’ll cover here are pretty famous, and it might be an exaggeration to say the music was the sole reason I read them – they may have been on a list in the back of my mind of “I should really read that someday”, but a band releasing an album or song was the catalyst that finally got my ass into gear to actually get my hands on the book. To give this blurb some structure I’ve also tried to keep this in roughly chronological order from the release date of the metal involved.
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3 days ago by StJohnBosco
TLC Finally Making Good on the $430,255 They Took from Fans... MAYBE.
Is TLC finally giving their dedicated fans something for that $430,000 they took from them two years ago? Maybe, but then again… maybe not.

TLC fans are “tentatively” about to see some light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. This week, the manager of the famed 90s girl group, Bill Diggins, broke an 8 month silence to let Kickstarter backers know that album they ponied up money for in 2015 finally has a release month… sort of.
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6 days ago by dk33per
Inside the Cult of 'Carol,' the Internet’s Most Unlikely Fandom | WIRED
But I saw something else at play: Carol boosters (Carolinians? #catepeople?) exhibit the kind of devotion typically reserved for subreddits devoted to Dredd. These are the kinds of fans who start an in-joke about something a fan overheard an older woman telling her male companion during a screening (“Harold, they’re lesbians”). This is fandom of the sort you see with any under-appreciated futuristic sci-fi movie, but with a meditative queer drama set in the 1950s. It is, essentially, internet obsession for grownups.
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8 days ago by StJohnBosco
7 Carol GIFs That Represent My Feelings on This Carol Fan Trend Piece
Look, I have no idea what’s going in this Wired piece about the “cult of Carol.” Its writer, Angela Watercutter, approaches the 2015 film’s fandom with the gentle bewilderment of Jane Goodall the first time she observed a pack of chimpanzees.
“I found a fandom I never would have imagined,” Watercutter writes. “Like the film it adores, the Carol community is open and painfully earnest.” Aren’t most genuine fandoms?
She continues:
"And by coalescing around Todd Haynes’ critically acclaimed film about two women and their secret affair in the 1950s, it rebuts many of the expectations people hold about the nature of fandom itself."
Do you see what I mean? Though there is something unique about Carol in the pantheon of queer cinema, its fandom is far from “unlikely.” ...
Additionally, the fandom (as described in Watercutter’s piece) is as by-the-numbers as the ones for any cult classic. People who love Carol see it on the big screen when they can. They create fan art of Carol and Therese in their spare time. They tweet memes. They find themselves especially active on dates mentioned in the film. They post about it on Deadspin when given the publishing access on April Fools’ Day. This. Is. Normal.
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