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Sonic/Antoine Forever – ZEAL – Medium
From On Camp, Susan Sontag writes “the Camp sensibility is one that is alive to a double sense in which some things can be taken.” Grade-school me saw this deep admiration Tails had for Sonic as romantic in the same way I crushed on my straight friends.
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Fan fiction site AO3 is dealing with a free speech debate of its own - The Verge
In 2007, a group of fans — many of whom were lawyers, academics, or professional writers in their day jobs — founded the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), a nonprofit that would preserve fanworks and protect the interests of fans in a rapidly shifting digital landscape.
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Fan fiction site AO3 is dealing with a free speech debate of its own - The Verge
"What should an individual be allowed to publish online? It’s a complicated question in 2018 and within the wider conversation across the web about the limits of speech, from privately owned social media platforms to entities explicitly protected by the First Amendment. Yet, despite similarities between the AO3 debate and conversations about speech on Twitter or Reddit, the subversive nature of fan fiction — as well as the actual functionality of AO3 as an archive rather than a social media platform — means that in the fan-fic world, the discussion gets even more complicated. Where many social media free speech debates have been about literal speech, fandom’s version involves creative work, which exists within the contexts of both fannish history and the longer history of how sensitive topics are handled in fiction overall."
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The three generations of fanfic - Fanlore
Also important to include webrings and Geocities

Fandom tends to be a bit hyberbolic in its own retelling of its history, framing things in terms of several seismic, dramatically named events.
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In 2018, Tumblr Is A Joyless Black Hole
In 2007, LiveJournal was sold to Russian media company SUP Media. In the leadup to this sale LiveJournal banned many blogs featuring sexual content, some of which were fanfiction and fanart journals and communities.

Fandoms flocked to Tumblr, and it soon became a warm collection of LiveJournal refugees who were all eager to make new friends. Most people I spoke to said that the early 2010s on Tumblr were affirming, even fun.

“Due to living in a tiny-ass small town in the early days of internet, fandom was already my gateway into the idea of being queer,” Danielle said, “but when Tumblr happened and pushed the personality-driven blog style, I do feel like we all learned a lot about other people’s experiences

While their openness initially invited new users in, tags also mean that in order to follow a fandom, you have to follow the tag. When you do, you see everything in that tag, including things you disagree with. Tumblr users I spoke to said they feel that Tumblr staff doesn’t care about any abuse or harassment that goes on in the community.

Some Tumblr users have tried to combat problems in their communities. “The community began policing itself, which in some ways was good but in many ways was not, and I think that this is a result of Tumblr’s lack of privacy options,” Baritz said.
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How Archive of Our Own Revolutionized Fandom – FAN/FIC Magazine
By and large, in those days [2007] fandom was split between two major places: and was the only major centralized archive, and had become a social media platform because of the way blog follows, entries, and linkable archives could be organized by tags.

Responses to the invitations [From Fanlib] were mostly of wary distrust. Well-known fans spread the word about the Terms of Service, warning writers that it amounted to a loss of control of their fanfiction. The legality of fanfiction was still murky and untried, and FanLib was known to be a for-profit site beholden to advertisers. Fans were largely concerned that this was an attempt to monetize fanfiction and place it in the control of the original content creators—a death knell for then-controversial fiction such as slash, explicit, or RPF.

a prominent fanfiction writer and fandom organizer Astolat proposed a fan-run, fan-operated central fanfiction archiv

On the morning of May 29th, hundreds of LiveJournal users woke up to find that their personal journals, fan communities, or writing journals had been suspended and deleted without warning.

The event became known to fandom as Strikethrough ’07, in reference to the strikethrough placed over the names of deleted journals.

LJ’s abuse team discovered that they had been the target of a crusade by a religious watchdog group known as Warriors for Innocence.

nitial reactions to the OTW and AO3 were mixed. Fandom had become used to their fragmented, individualized spaces and questioned the need for both a central archive and a formal organization.

Throughout the rest of 2007, into the closed beta in 2008, and all the way up to the public beta launch of the archive in December of 2009 (coinciding with Yuletide ’09), fans continued to debate whether the OTW and AO3 were necessary, whether they would be welcomed, or whether they would succeed at all.

For many though, AO3 was the advent of fandom coming together to defend their hobby and preserve their history, a place where the principles of fannish creativity would outweigh watchdog and advertiser concerns about controversial content. Six years and over a million fan works later, they’re still going strong.

Our story begins in the world of fanfiction, which by way of a caveat, is prone to dramatic retellings of its own history and lofty names. Bearing that in mind, we have to flash back to Strikethrough '07.
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An Archive Of One's Own - astolat's livejournal
But even if they were, which I doubt is going to happen, because hey, they have people and money, we're still left with this problem: we are sitting quietly by the fireside, creating piles and piles of content around us, and other people are going to look at that and see an opportunity. And they are going to end up creating the front doors that new fanfic writers walk through, unless we stand up and build our OWN front door.

We need a central archive of our own

But I know we have project managers in our community -- and coders and designers -- can't we do this? Seriously -- we can come up with a site that would be miles better and more attractive to fanfic writers/readers than anything else out there, guys, because we actually USE the stuff.
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FanFiction.Net vs. Archive of Our Own | HobbyLark
FanFiction.Net (FFN) was launched October 15, 1998 by Los Angeles computer programmer Xing Li. Xing Li was not himself heavily involved in fandom, but hosted the site on a server connected to his place of employment where it was considered a test of the server's functionality.

Eventually the website needed to employ advertising in order to keep the server running due to increasing demand and use. However, registered members could pay for a premium account if they did not want to see ads and have access to other special functions. This function was not heavily embraced by users and eventually abandoned in favor of advertising support only.

In 2002, NC-17 rated stories were no longer allowed (although enforcement of this policy is up to users reporting stories; there are still many explicit-content fictions to be found on the site.) Real person/celebrity fiction was disallowed in 2003.

n 2012 there was a widespread purge of adult content from the site, which had widespread impact throughout fanfiction communities online.

Archive of Our Own (AO3) first launched in beta-testing on November 14, 2009. The archive is a project of the Organization for Transformative Works, a non-profit organization which promotes the legitimate and transformative nature of fan works including fan fiction, fan vids and fan art.

AO3 has grown slowly, as one requires an invite code to join (if you request one, it can take anywhere from a month to upwards of 5-6 months to receive one, according to recent reports.)

> AO3 includes lots of features to make it safer for users to post without being spotted if they choose

Story about safety without censorship

Here's an idea. Make it exclusive.
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A brief history of fandom, for the teenagers on here who somehow think tumblr invented fandom - Fanlore
In 1998, was launched to compete with the hundreds of independent, fandom-oriented fanfiction archives. More democratization, although fanfiction was marketed on how many reviews one had. You had to, like today, “break into the market.”

In 2007, Archive of Our Own is launched to further democratize fandom in response to’s new stringent rules, offering writers a cleaner format, kudos, hit counters, and bookmarks. However, many older fandoms have not made the move.
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13 Struggles Of Living The Fandom Life
It first appeared in print as a noun, meaning “a visionary; an unreasoning enthusiast,” in 1644. In the second half of the 17th century, the English used “fanatic” as an insult, referring to Nonconformists

wasn’t until the late-19th century, however, that “fan” began to be used in relation to sports enthusiasts (especially baseball devotees), separating the term from its original religious connotation.

Fandom” finally makes an appearance in 1903, when the Cincinnati Enquirer printed, “Fandom puzzled over Johnsonian statements.” The OED reports that Publisher’s Weekly mentioned “baseball fandom” in 1928.

The word fandom appeared as early as the 20th century, mostly in relation to sports fans, and the etymology of the word “fan” in regular use dates back all the way to the 17th century
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