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The circular menu
nice circular pie chart style css popout menu. Uses border-radius and clip-path
webdesign  web  design  css  menu  pop-out  slide-out  circular  fan  nav 
8 days ago by piperh
Liu Cixin’s War of the Worlds | Jiayang Fan
A leading sci-fi writer takes stock of China’s global rise.
24th  june  2019  new  yorker  jiayang  fan  liu  cixin  literature  profile  sci-fi 
8 days ago by pnjman
The Legend of Korra Series Finale (Korrasami) Reaction Compilation - YouTube
when I found out about the new Avatar series i had flipped! and then I found out that the next Avatar was a girl I almost lost my mind, but then I saw Mako enter the picture and I felt like my heart went down the drain. We finally have a woman Avatar a woman strong and confident only to have her fall in love with a guy (and a guy that can't even get his own shit straight) anyway. I felt down because of that. then a few episodes later I see Asami another beautiful confident woman. and I thought here we go a cliche love triangle, But then! as I saw her I thought "huh, what if Asami and Korra got together" and I started shipping them in my head I watched the entire thing for Asami and Korra two women that are badass and beautiful. I craved for their interactions. I hated that they had to be with a guy. You can see from the tiny interactions that they could work. they were friends first. when season 3 rolled in I was floored there was so much Korra and Asami Interactions. I'm gay and in the closet from my family but when I see them I feel better and I keep saying in my head "I hope they get together, Please B
the  legend  of  korra  fan  reaction 
4 weeks ago by ralcus Vornado VFAN Sr. Vintage Air Circulator Fan, Green: Home & Kitchen
Buy Vornado VFAN Sr. Vintage Air Circulator Fan, Green: Table Fans - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
fan  vornado 
5 weeks ago by mifepba

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