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GDC Vault - The Ray + Raster Era Begins - an R&D Roadmap for the Game Industry (Presented by NVIDIA)
Morgan McGuire hyping up Hybrid rendering (in a good way!)
Details on how RTX works and what they are doing
Talk about Falcor
GDC18  NVidia  RTX  RayTracing  Falcor 
april 2018 by MemoryStomp
The same goes for and . And every other technology that “replaces” .
GraphQL  Falcor  REST  from twitter
august 2017 by asbjornu
5 web trends for 2017 - O'Reilly Media
What's coming with PWAs, Angular, React, and Vue; the rising tide of functional reactive; looking beyond REST to GraphQL and Falcor; and the future of artificial intelligence on the web.
trends  falcor  rest  vue  functional  angular  graphql  react  pwa 
january 2017 by joshuawood
10 Tips for Better Redux Architecture – JavaScript Scene – Medium
"When your view render is isolated from network I/O and state updates, you can achieve a deterministic view render, meaning: given the same state, the view will always render the same output. It eliminates the possibility of problems such as race conditions from asynchronous stuff randomly wiping out bits of your view, or mutilating bits of your state as your view is in the process of rendering."
Falcor  Flux  Redux  mobx  Relay  GraphQl  Javascript  react 
january 2017 by colin.jack
The Future of Web Development - React, Falcor, and ES6 | Widen Engineering
Java on the server, AngularJS for all of our browser-related code (within the last few years), Jersey for REST API support, and a whole host of other various libraries such as jQuery, underscore, lodash, jQuery UI, and Bootstrap. When designing the underlying sample web application, which I will be discussing shortly, I had four specific goals in mind:
javascript  react  es6  falcor 
december 2016 by luislobo

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