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Versleten riedel en . Geen enkele staatssecretaris sloot ooit meer internationale terugnameakkoorden op zu…
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2 days ago by gelerobbie
Purveyors of flying the Russian flag in Paris this weekend.
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3 days ago by kexrex
Blame Fox, not Facebook, for fake news - The Washington Post
Two media landscapes: far right and center + left. Fox news is more responsible for the right's disassociation from reality than social media.
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3 days ago by mcherm
White House shares doctored video to support punishment of journalist Jim Acosta - The Washington Post
The Trump White House spokesman releases a video which was altered (not by them) to mislead viewers about the incident.
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3 days ago by mcherm
: "Hauer will gar nicht für stimmen — der frühere /CSU-Fraktionschef stehe bei ihm „klar auf Pla…
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6 days ago by schmitz
RT : This is in real-time.

Read the headline and then article.

GEN Flynn clearly commited no crime.

And the…
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8 days ago by mikekellogg
The Digital Maginot Line
There is a war happening. We are immersed in an evolving, ongoing conflict: an Information World War in which state actors, terrorists, and ideological extremists leverage the social infrastructure underpinning everyday life to sow discord and erode shared reality. via Pocket
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8 days ago by traggett
Special Report: How Iran spreads disinformation around the world | Reuters
Website Nile Net Online promises Egyptians "true news" from its offices in the heart of Cairo's Tahrir Square, "to expand the scope of freedom of expression in the Arab world."
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9 days ago by longfried
Fake Twitter Account Fooled More Than A Dozen Major News Outlets Since 2013
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11 days ago by andriak

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