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Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will end untraceable political ads - The Verge
In an announcement on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said the company would make changes to ensure political ads on its platform are more transparent. via Pocket
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Facebook agrees to give Congress ads linked to Russian election interference - The Verge
In a major reversal, Facebook agreed today to share with Congress more than 3,000 ads linked to a Kremlin-linked group believed to attempted to influence the US political election. via Pocket
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The term just doesn't cut it according to Kelly McBride of
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Losers are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, study finds
“Conspiracy theories are for losers,” Uscinski told PsyPost. “People who are on the outside, people who lost, people who lack control, tend to believe in conspiracy theories.”
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Telling. Interesting choice to confirm 's reports of enthusiasm for Ed are on the day of…
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Assessing the Effect of 'Disputed' Warnings and Source Salience on Perceptions of Fake News Accuracy by Gordon Pennycook, David G. Rand :: SSRN
What are effective techniques for combating belief in fake news? Tagging fake articles with “Disputed by 3rd party fact-checkers” warnings and making articles’
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