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Meet Fluppy - The Fluffy Dog I've ever have with Lola
Meet Fluppy - The Fluffy Dog I've ever have. Shawn introducing his new member in his channel.
Meet  Fluppy  Fake  dog  Lola  Children  video  Toys  Toy  Kids  kid  Review  Shawn  Kelly  Family  Fun 
22 hours ago by ChoCho12
Philip K. Dick and the Fake Humans | Boston Review
the bombardment of pseudo-realities begins to produce inauthentic humans very quickly, spurious humans—as fake as the data pressing at them from all sides. My two topics are really one topic; they unite at this point. Fake realities will create fake humans. Or, fake humans will generate fake realities and then sell them to other humans, turning them, eventually, into forgeries of themselves. So we wind up with fake humans inventing fake realities and then peddling them to other fake humans.
scifi  real  fake  from instapaper
2 days ago by max_read
fic_promptly | Friday: Free-For-All
Any, any, pets are best for helping you unwind
2018/01  AuthorsChoice  Fake  Filled 
6 days ago by fic_promptly
fic_promptly | Thursday, January 11th, 2018 - Summer!
Author's choice, author's choice, there's nothing like ice cream on a hot summer's day (or night)
2018/01  AuthorsChoice  Fake  Filled 
6 days ago by fic_promptly
Trolls on Twitter: How Mainstream and Local News Outlets Were Used to Drive a Polarized News Agenda
Trolls are using real news — and in particular local news — to drive reactionary news coverage, set the daily news agenda, and target local journalists and community influencers to follow certain stories.
polarization  news  journalism  fake  politics  ira  russia 
6 days ago by alexleavitt
What Mueller’s indictment reveals about Russia’s Internet Research Agency • New Yorker
Adrian Chen:
<p>The indictment names thirteen Russians, twelve of whom worked for a shadowy, Kremlin-connected outfit called the Internet Research Agency. The Agency has been linked to a campaign of online disinformation that included the creation of hundreds of fake political pages on Facebook and accounts on Twitter that were presented as belonging to everyday Americans; during the election, according to the indictment, this disinformation campaign was aimed at boosting Donald Trump, undermining Hillary Clinton, and sowing general “political discord” in the United States by supporting radical causes on both sides. It was sort of like a cutting-edge social-media marketing operation run, as the indictment alleges, by a St. Petersburg-based oligarch named Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Much of the information in the indictment isn’t new. The Agency was first noticed by Russian media outlets in 2014, when it was dedicated mainly to spreading online propaganda in support of pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine conflict. In the spring of 2015, when the idea of a President Donald Trump was still a laughable fantasy, I travelled to St. Petersburg <a href="https://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/07/magazine/the-agency.html">to investigate the Agency</a>, which had recently started experimenting with targeting audiences outside Russia. As I conducted my reporting, I was myself the target of an elaborate smear campaign to label me a neo-Nazi sympathizer and U.S. intelligence agent—an early use of the kind of bizarre tactics that have been documented by numerous investigations in both the Russian and Western media, and by the internal investigations of social-media companies.

Yet the new indictment offers the most complete look yet at the Agency’s internal workings. Mueller’s investigators discovered that the Agency used a network of shell companies— entities with names like MediaSintez LLC, GlavSet LLC, and MixInfo LLC—to hide its activities and funding. The indictment alleges that the Agency employed hundreds of workers, and that by September, 2016, it had a monthly budget of more than $1.25m. The document details how the Agency’s “specialists” worked in day and night shifts, and the way they were constantly trying to measure the effect of their efforts. The employees ran fake conservative Twitter and Facebook accounts, and even planned (sparsely attended) real-life rallies.</p>
Russia  propaganda  fake 
7 days ago by charlesarthur
Lotame Purges Its Data Exchange After Identifying 400 Million User Profiles as Bots
Lotame, one of the world’s largest exchanges for digital third-party data, announced that it has purged 10 percent of its over 4 billion profiles after identifying them as bots or otherwise fraudulent accounts.
advertising  fraud  adtech  bots  users  fake  accounts  ad  exchange 
8 days ago by markhgn
The Publisher of Newsweek And The International Business Times Has Been Buying Traffic And Engaging In Ad Fraud
Several of Newsweek Media Group’s business websites are buying and manipulating traffic that originates on pirated video streaming sites. The company acknowledged buying traffic, but denies engaging in ad fraud.
advertising  fraud  traffic  fake 
8 days ago by markhgn
Uncovering 2017’s Largest Malvertising Operation
The Zirconium group successfully created and operated 28 fake ad agencies to distribute malvertising campaigns through 2017, buying an estimate of 1 billion ad views throughout the year, and reaching 62% of ad-monetized websites on a weekly basis.
adtech  advertising  fraud  network  fake  agency 
8 days ago by markhgn
The Follower Factory - The New York Times
Everyone wants to be popular online.
Some even pay for it.
Inside social media’s black market.
social  media  bots  facebook  followers  fake  accounts  fraud 
9 days ago by markhgn

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