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OpenNews: Systemd в Debian остался без мэйнтейнера из-за разногласий с разработчиками systemd
Майкл Библь (Michael Biebl), участвующий в разработке Debian с 2004 года и один из основных участников перевода дистрибутива на системный менеджер systemd, демонстративно ушёл с поста мэйнтейрнера пакетов systemd в Debian, назвав сложившуюся ситуацию с исправлением ошибок в systemd глупостью и безумством, а также пообещав больше не отправлять разработчикам systemd отчёты об ошибках.

Конфликт возник из-за появления в выпуске systemd 240 регрессивного изменения, приводящего к изменению поведения при обработке существующих правил udev и проблемам у пользователей Debian с изменением логики переименования сетевых интерфейсов - несмотря на использование опции NAME для привязки имени сетевого интерфейса к MAC-адресу после перехода на udev из состава systemd 240 сетевые интерфейсы адаптеров Ethernet поменяли свои имена с фиксированных на автоматически сгенерированные (ранее замена производилась только один раз, а начиная с версии 240 может применяться несколько замен).

Майкл Библь попросил разработчиков systemd вернуть прежнее поведение, когда заданная в настройках ручная привязка имени является более приоритетной, но разработчики systemd не посчитали данное регрессивное изменение проблемой, так как внесённые в systemd 240 изменения не нарушали документированное поведение, а в скриптах, в которых проявлялась проблема, использовались недокументированные особенности udev, работа которых не гарантировалась.
linux  systemd  fail 
2 hours ago by some_hren
Snap's CFO The Latest Executive To Leave |
Snap, the struggling maker of the disappearing app Snapchat, saw its stock take a big hit after announcing its chief financial officer Tim Stone, who came on board in May, is resigning.
According to a report in The Financial Times citing a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Snap said Stone is leaving the company to “pursue other opportunities.” In after-hours trading Tuesday (January 15) the stock lost 8 percent as investors digested the news, according to the report.
snapchat  fail 
5 hours ago by dancall
Bytedance hits lower-end of 2018 revenue target
Bytedance hit the lower-end of its 2018 revenue target after a sharper-than-projected slowdown in China advertising growth, said people familiar with the matter. The company told investors to expect revenue of US$7.4 billion to US$8.1 billion during its most recent fundraising. This is the first time in years that the owner of short-video app TikTok hasn’t beaten its forecast – due to delayed monetization and dampened ad spending.
tiktok  advertising  fail 
5 hours ago by dancall
Scooter startup Bird tried to silence a journalist. It did not go well. | TechCrunch
The whole debacle started after Doctorow wrote about how Bird’s many abandoned scooters can be easily converted into a “personal scooter” by swapping out its innards with a plug-and-play converter kit. Citing an initial write-up by Hackaday, these scooters can have “all recovery and payment components permanently disabled” using the converter kit, available for purchase from China on eBay for about $30.

In fact, Doctorow’s blog post was only two paragraphs long and, though didn’t link to the eBay listing directly, did cite the hacker who wrote about it in the first place — bringing interesting things to the masses in bite-size form in true Boing Boing fashion.

Bird didn’t like this much, and senior counsel Linda Kwak sent the letter — which the EFF published today — claiming that Doctorow’s blog post was “promoting the sale/use of an illegal product that is solely designed to circumvent the copyright protections of Bird’s proprietary technology, as described in greater detail below, as well as promoting illegal activity in general by encouraging the vandalism and misappropriation of Bird property.” The letter also falsely stated that Doctorow’s blog post “provides links to a website where such Infringing Product may be purchased,” given that the post at no point links to the purchasable eBay converter kit.
bikes  fail  legal  blog 
5 hours ago by dancall
CES 2019’s Kitchen Tech and Gadgets: Who Really Needs This Stuff? - Eater
The kitchen of the future is here, and it’s one that no one asked for. CES 2019, this year’s iteration of the annual Consumer Electronics Show, just opened in Las Vegas, and as per usual, the gadgets unveiled so far reveal a unique perspective on the everyday lifestyle problems that consumers apparently want solved. The problems? Too much privacy in kitchens! And not enough things that can be solved by app! As Rose Elveth wrote for Eater in 2015, “Engineers... operate on the premise that people don’t know what they need until it’s built for them... the result is an array of potential futures that are strangely both unaware of the culture from which they spring, and at the same time constrained by it. The kitchen of the future is a one-size-fits all, ahistorical, acultural room, one that serves no one well.”
ces  technology  fail 
yesterday by dancall
Дневник НКВДиста из блокадного Ленинграда, 1942 год | История | Блог Толкователя
НКВДист Фёдор Бобров, находясь в блокадном Ленинграде, вёл весь 1942 год дневник. Он отвечал за «особый режим» на военном заводе. Из дневника совсем не видно блокадных тягот: НКВДист день за днём пишет, как он хорошо пообедал или поужинал с колбасой, водкой и икрой, сколько денег отправил мамочке и иногда ругается на работников завода.
russian  war  history  fail 
yesterday by some_hren
What our Numbers Don't Show: the Story of Data Misinterpretation - Mathura
introduction to key concepts of data analysis such as correlation vs. causation, bias, overfitting, and statistical anomalies.
Design  Data  Inspiration  Reference  statistics  Fail  Fun  introduction  project 
yesterday by rasagy
Serverless Computing: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Speaker Deck
So much agreement with this slide deck, particularly the list of limitations of current FaaS:
15 min lifetimes; I/O bottlenecks; no inbound network comms; no specialized hardware; and the general horribleness of using DynamoDB or S3 state as a platform for distributed computing protocols.
faas  lambda  serverless  fail  slides  architecture  aws  dynamodb  s3  cloud 
2 days ago by jm
T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T Are Selling Customers' Real-Time Location Data, And It's Falling Into the Wrong Hands
Whereas it’s common knowledge that law enforcement agencies can track phones with a warrant to service providers, IMSI catchers, or until recently via other companies that sell location data such as one called Securus, at least one company, called Microbilt, is selling phone geolocation services with little oversight to a spread of different private industries, ranging from car salesmen and property managers to bail bondsmen and bounty hunters, according to sources familiar with the company’s products and company documents obtained by Motherboard. Compounding that already highly questionable business practice, this spying capability is also being resold to others on the black market who are not licensed by the company to use it, including me, seemingly without Microbilt’s knowledge.
mobile  privacy  fail  location 
2 days ago by dancall
Ford’s on-demand bus service Chariot is going out of business - The Verge
But private microtransit was never an easy sell, especially with the ubiquity of ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. And Chariot’s closure is the latest in a string of failures. Bridj, another on-demand bus service supported by Ford, went belly up in May 2017 after failing to close a deal with an unnamed car company.

Chariot had been struggling for a while, especially in New York City, according to data viewed by Streetsblog. Many of the vans, it seemed, were driving around mostly empty:
cities  taxi  fail  automotive 
2 days ago by dancall
Oh come on! Is removing spaces so damn hard?
form  fail  from twitter
2 days ago by adrianh
It's Nice That | An egg beats Kylie Jenner to become the most liked Instagram photo... ever
The work of an account called @_world_record_egg, the disarmingly simple image is now the most liked in Instagram history, having displaced the previous paragon of popularity, Kylie Jenner, who’d held the top spot since 6 February 2018 with a photo of her daughter, Stormi Webster.

Buzzfeed has attempted to crack – sorry, honestly, sorry – the mystery behind the post to little avail. As to why the post has garnered such a staggering amount of likes, ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation_ notes that the account has tagged “some of the world’s biggest viral websites, including LADbible and Buzzfeed, as well as shouting out to The Ellen Show and late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon,” which is certainly one possible explanation.
instagram  fail  viral 
3 days ago by dancall
idioms are hard - Поклонник деепричастий
Окей, что еще надо упомянуть? Во-первых, это наблюдение не мое, эту любопытную ошибку заметил писатель и профессор-славист Рид Джонсон в статье в Нью-Йоркере в 2013-м "If Holden Caulfield Spoke Russian". Хорошая статья. Во-вторых, в недавнем новом русском переводе Максима Немцова ("Ловец на хлебном поле"), эта ошибка, увы, присутствует в том же виде: "... а делал он в свободное время вот что – он баб дубинкой охаживал. Первостатейный подонок и всяко-разно, но баб с ног сшибал будь здоров."

На этом можно было бы закончить. Или, может, пройтись под конец в очередной раз по адресу "советской школы перевода", и на этом закончить. Но моя дотошность настойчиво порекомендовала мне проверить еще какие-то переводы, и я взялся за французские.

И что же вы думаете? "The Catcher in the Rye" существует в двух переводах на французский. Старый, из 50-х, переводчик Жан-Батист Росси, и новый, из 90-х, переводчица Анни Сомон. Оба из них допускают ту же ошибку, что и русские переводы, в отношении фразы "beat women off with a club" (со второй фразой у них выходит лучше).
russian  english  translation  funny  fail 
5 days ago by some_hren
Writing on the Wall: Report Suggests Border Project Is Off-Track and Over Budget >
According to the GAO, the results of the test were less than satisfactory. All four concrete prototypes would present “extensive” construction challenges, two of the others would present “substantial” challenges, and the last two would present only “moderate” challenges. Six of the prototypes would need “substantial” or “extensive” design changes to accommodate surface drainage, and the same number would require “substantial” or “extensive” changes to accommodate Border Patrol’s gates.

Only four of the prototypes could be built on 45-degree slopes, while three of them would not be constructible on any slope over 15 percent. One of the prototypes could not be constructed on any slope without a redesign. This is a particular challenge on the U.S. southern border, where much of the terrain is difficult or mountainous. While the original GAO report included data on the susceptibility of the walls to scaling and breaching, CBP asked that the GAO not make that information public out of security concerns.
Trump  wall  engineering  fail  GAO  report  politics  immigration 
5 days ago by Quercki
договор: mi3ch
25 лет назад Украина отказалась от третьего по численности боезарядов ядерного арсенала в мире. После распада СССР страна унаследовала 175 ракет дальнего радиуса действия и 1800 боеголовок. Украина согласилась уничтожить ядерное оружие на своей территории в обмен на то, что Россия (как и другие державы) будет уважать ее суверенитет и территориальную целостность.
russian  ukraine  war  crime  politics  fail 
5 days ago by some_hren

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