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The winner’s wisdom of Silicon Valley Stoics
MAY 31, 2019 | Financial Times | Janan Ganesh.

An idea that works for an established winner can be utterly ruinous for a mere aspirant.....In common parlance, Stoicism used to mean nothing more specific than a kind of grin-and-bear-it fortitude......The new Stoicism calls for — and here I paraphrase — a virtuous rather than joy-centred life. It often takes the guise of self-denial.............the worst of it is the deception of those who are just starting out in life. Unless “22 Stoic Truth-Bombs From Marcus Aurelius That Will Make You Unf***withable” is pitched at retirees, the internet crawls with bad Stoic advice for the young. The premise is that what answers to the needs of those in the 99th percentile of wealth and power is at all relevant to those trying to break out of, say, the 50th.
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22 days ago by jerryking
Tristan Walker acquisition by Procter & Gamble
The truth is, Walker has only in recent years begun eschewing the label of “tech startup.” He turned a few heads at Recode‘s Code Commerce conference in March of last year when he told Kara Swisher, “When I started, I said we’re a tech company. That’s bullshit.”
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december 2018 by ramitsethi
How to wake up early? Don't — Quartz at Work

Worse still, the early-rising canon doesn’t seem to question the fact that the primary motivator for maximizing our mornings is to make more room in the day for work. As the demands of employers extend far beyond what’s possible in the eight-hour workday, early-rising advocates recommend not cutting back on work, but simply finding creative new ways to accommodate it. That’s because the waking up early isn’t really particularly good for you: It’s good for capitalism. As Nicholas Lezard writes in his review of Jonathan Crary’s 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep, “Today we are willing connivers in our own sleeplessness … as far as late capitalism is concerned, we are nothing more than ultimately disposable units for keeping economies running.”
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october 2018 by po
The Inside Story Behind the Rapid Rise of the Fidget Spinner Trend | Inc.com
Tales about the creation of fidget spinners (circa 2015) by engineers and high school students, using titanium and 3-D printers. Challenges the idea that Hettinger was the inventor.
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september 2018 by jeromekatz
Chatbots were the next big thing: what happened?
Chatbots weren’t the first technological development to be talked up in grandiose terms and then slump spectacularly.

The age-old hype cycle unfolded in familiar fashion…

Reverential TechCrunch articles were written.
Prophetic thought leaders like Chris Messina chimed in.
Silicon Valley salivated at the prospect of talking to smart automation.
Messenger began to overflow with bots.
Slack went through exponential growth and even launched a fund for bot investment.
Expectations built, built, and then….. It all kind of fizzled out.

The predicted paradim shift didn’t materialize.
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june 2018 by ramitsethi

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