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The language around guns in America.
Slate / Trumpcast, Guns & America editor A.C. Valdez mentions (at about 14:30) Eric Madfis's work (describes him as "a professor at University of Washington Tacoma")
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2 days ago by uwtacoma
Seattle-area internet firm decides not to host extremist 8chan website linked to El Paso shootings
by Paul Roberts, The Seattle Times - quotes Chris Demaske on balancing of commercial imperatives and democratic/civic processes.
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3 days ago by uwtacoma
Many Mass Shooters Share A Common Bond: Male Grievance Culture
by Leigh Paterson, Guns & America/KUNC, Eric Madfis, Guns & America is a reporting partnership of 10 public radio stations.
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3 days ago by uwtacoma
Column: What role does ‘toxic masculinity’ play in mass shootings?
by Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune, cites and quotes Eric Madfis's 2014 'Men and Masculinities" paper.
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3 days ago by uwtacoma
Professor Stein: Queens County's Role in LGBT History, Politics Often Overlooked
NYU PRESS, FROM THE SQUARE -- Marc Stein is the Jamie and Phyllis Pasker Professor of History at San Francisco State University. His most recent book is “The Stonewall Riots: A Documentary History,” now available from NYU Press.

According to the 1970 Census, Queens was home to two million people, well above Manhattan’s 1.5 million, but it was significantly less diverse — 85 percent white, as opposed to Manhattan’s 71 percent. In 1969, when I turned 6 years old, Queens displayed little of the bohemian cosmopolitanism, left politics or sexual diversity that I would later come to associate with Manhattan.

And yet in the summer of 1969, sexual repression and resistance in Queens received far more media attention than did the Stonewall Riots in Manhattan.

Could that possibly be true? In June, the world marked the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, justifiably understood as a momentous turning point in LGBT history. But as many commentators have noted, it was only later — and especially when the riots were commemorated with marches, protests, and parades on their anniversary — that the Stonewall uprising became central to the ways that we imagine and narrate LGBT history.
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10 days ago by sfstatelca
Professor De Robertis Signs Letter Calling for End to Inhumane Conditions at Border
GOOD MEN PROJECT -- Dozens of immigrant/refugee authors — novelists, narrators, poets, memoirists, Pulitzer Prize winners, Oprah’s Book Club selections, and bestsellers from five continents — urge Congress to address the atrocities happening on America’s southern border.

Carolina De Robertis, translator and professor, San Francisco State University
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12 days ago by sfstatelca
SF State Shutters Popular Chinese Cultural Program Under Pressure from Feds
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Charles Egan, a professor of Chinese and director of the government’s Flagship Program at San Francisco State, said it was “truly a shame that the law did not allow” the programs to coexist.

“It is undeniable that they are an instrument of Chinese ‘soft power,’” he said of the Confucius Institutes. “That is potentially a concern, yet neither I nor any of my colleagues in the Chinese program here ever noted even a trace of the actions and behaviors” ascribed to them.

Instead, he said, the institute “did fine work, had a positive impact, and will be missed.”
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13 days ago by sfstatelca
Lecturer Robb Godshaw Joins Protests against Immigration and Customs Enforcement
KQED-FM (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Robb Godshaw, an adjunct professor at San Francisco State University, decided to come out and join them after hearing about it through friends. He’s now planning on coming every weekday in August.

“The presence of racist and unsanitary concentration camps is deeply disturbing to me,” he said, noting some members of his family was persecuted during the Holocaust.

Godshaw brought three co-workers to join him as a way to channel frustrated energy.

“There are so many atrocities brewing, so much outrage on a daily basis, that it kind of fosters this sense of helplessness where people feel extremely disempowered,” he said.
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13 days ago by sfstatelca
Professor Belkin Says Democrats Not Aggressive Enough on Courts
THE HILL -- “The fact that we're not seeing aggressive judicial reform plans from the candidates is a very worrisome sign that the candidates don't understand that democracy is on fire,” said Aaron Belkin, director of the progressive group Take Back the Court.

“Democracy cannot function when the Supreme Court is stolen, democracy cannot function when the lower courts are stolen,” added Belkin, a professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University. “In other words, you can't have a functioning democracy if only one political party gets to fill judicial vacancies.”
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17 days ago by sfstatelca
Alum Kim Shuck, SF Poet Laureate, Wants to Write Better Narrative for Her City
EL TECOLOTE (SAN FRANCISCO) -- An author, weaver, and bead-work artist, Shuck finds inspiration in Southeastern Native American culture and tradition, intertwining contemporary urban Indian life with her experience as an Ani Yun Wiya (Cherokee) and Polish-American born and raised in the Bay Area. Her poetry collections include “Clouds Running In,” “Rabbit Stories,” “Smuggling Cherokee,” and most recently, “Deer Trails,” published by City Lights Books as part of the San Francisco Poet Laureate Series.

As a fifth-generation San Francisco resident and a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma — one of 573 federally recognized tribes in the United States — Shuck acknowledges the vast realities people endure each day. Her voice, she notes, is not the rule nor is it representative of all Indigenous people or San Franciscans.

Shuck, a former instructor at San Francisco State University and California College of Arts, is one of 13 recipients of the Academy of American Poets inaugural Poets Laureate Fellowships, a program that promotes creative and civic projects around the country like podcasts, poetry readings and writing workshops.
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17 days ago by sfstatelca
Lecturer Andrew Speight to Perform at Lansing JazzFest
CITY PULSE (LANSING, MICHIGAN) -- It’s been nearly 20 years since Speight left Michigan State University to teach at San Francisco State University and be closer to his native Australia. Since then, the pioneering co-builder of MSU’s jazz studies program has built up another academic beachhead on the Pacific and runs a busy schedule of gigs, usually for appreciative dot-commers in the Bay Area’s humming jazz scene.

Speight is a master of many styles, but is best known as an acolyte of bebop icon Charlie “Bird” Parker, whose blindingly fast, micro-melodic artistry is still being unpacked by generations of alto players.

“I love listening to it and playing it,” Speight said. “It’s just infectious.”
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17 days ago by sfstatelca
Professor Pahnke: Farmers Need More Than Trump has Done
HAWAII TRIBUNE-HERALD (HILO)/THE PROGRESSIVE/TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE -- Anthony Pahnke is vice president of the group Family Farm Defenders and an assistant professor of International Relations at San Francisco State University in San Francisco. This column was produced for the Progressive Media Project, which is run by The Progressive magazine, and distributed by Tribune News Service.

“This dismal reality in rural America calls for innovative leadership. That has not come from Trump. Instead, he has, on two occasions, provided bailouts to farmers, mostly to make up for losses that he caused,” Pahnke wrote. “Many small and medium-sized farms have received one-time payments of $10,000, which do little to offset the years of declining income and increasing debt. Meanwhile, four large national operators have each received handouts in excess of $1 million.”
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18 days ago by sfstatelca
Professor Crabtree Discusses Differences between Puritans, Pilgrims
HISTORY -- Sarah Crabtree, a historian at San Francisco State University, admits that she gets frustrated by the “slippage” between the Pilgrims and the Puritans.

“It contributes to the myth that ‘the first Thanksgiving’ and ‘religious freedom’ are part and parcel of America’s origin story,” writes Crabtree in an email. “The Puritans and their ‘City on a Hill’ explicitly rejected religious freedom and never attempted to adopt the Pilgrims’ initial, fleeting cooperation with American Indian peoples.”
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18 days ago by sfstatelca
Professor Belkin: 'You Cannot Have a Democracy When One Side Is Stealing Courts'
USA TODAY -- The clash over courts has taken a back seat to other issues, from the economy and health care to immigration and climate change. But liberal activists argue that a failure to counter Trump’s drive to create a conservative judiciary could doom the entire liberal agenda.

“You cannot have a democracy when one side is stealing courts,” says Aaron Belkin, a Political Science professor at San Francisco State University whose brainchild, Take Back the Court, advocates adding four justices to the high court's nine-seat bench.

His solution also calls for expanding the size of federal circuit and district courts to compensate for seats Republicans blocked Obama from filling. To achieve any of it, Democrats first would need to win the White House and majorities in Congress — “a very steep lift,” Belkin admits.
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19 days ago by sfstatelca
Professor McDaniel: Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Has Across-Aisle Appeal
USA TODAY -- Critically for Harris’s presidential bid, which soon will test her across-the-aisle appeal, San Francisco demands that its politicians develop both a thick skin as well as deft political instincts, says Jason McDaniel, associate professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University.

“If you can get elected here, it is a product of your talent because it means you’ve succeeded in winning over the support of a wide range of people concerned about a wide range of issues,” he says.

McDaniel says broad coalition building is a hallmark of successful Bay Area politicians, as is the ability to connect directly with voters.

“If she can do well in Iowa, she’ll be formidable,” he says. “In San Francisco and later in California more broadly, she showed she has the ability to appeal to both a multiracial group but also, though her prosecutorial experience, with those who are look for that strength of character. She’s the real deal.”
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24 days ago by sfstatelca
Professor Millet Named Editor of Comparative Jewish Literatures Book Series
J. (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Kitty Millet, chair of the Department of Jewish Studies at San Francisco State University, has been named the editor of “Comparative Jewish Literatures,” a new academic book series from Bloomsbury.

“We are interested in analyses that frame Jewish texts in relation to other national traditions, extending the notion of a Jewish literary tradition to encompass writers in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Israel and the Middle East, Australia [and] Asia,” reads the call for book proposals.
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24 days ago by sfstatelca

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